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Product Design Experience (7024) 6 books on Interactive Design

understanding of technology, do not tangle with the product implementation methods. ØEncourage storytelling:Stories are the best way to help designers understand users. ØAvoid induced problems:Typical induction problem: Will you use this function? In general, the user will give a meaningless positive answer. I borrowed this book from Zhe tu, but I found that《About face 2.0"And, of courseChinese TranslationAlso, I borrowed a copy of it. I have never r

Mobile Internet Engineering--design and implementation of audio books and product planning

, software experience easy to learn, more suitable for children of low age  2). Sticky good, let students learn quickly, and impressiveThese are basic things, but it is very difficult to actually achieve them.Current work done:  1). Introduce the left and right sliding effect, the interaction of finger swipe is more suitable for mobile phone application  2). Identify each speech block area and display a small horn to indicate that this is the appropriate voice areaNot enough, feel the user exper

Product design PM Design Product Management: 9-step method of product design

Article Description: product Design "Nine steps". Many pm have a dream: To change the world with their own design products, while earning a pot full, but 10 years unchanged entry-level salary, but let people touch the reality is bone. If you are a PM, are following a Montana, it proves that you are not only a lucky person, but also in

(Experience) books that can be read by Internet product managers

, and share freely and with others.Ii. Theoretical knowledge reserves:Product Manager: Read 《Everyone is a product managerMaster the theoretical knowledge of product managers on demand management, project management, and team coordination. This book provides a good overview of the basic work of the product manager. Reading this book can give you a comprehensive

12. Product Manager to read books-it software staff book series articles

Product managers are the main leaders in software products. Unlike the project manager, the product manager is responsible for the product, more responsible for product design stereotypes, while the project manager is responsible for the project, more responsible for the imp

Product management, product planning, product design

Product management, product planning, product design At, I really couldn't sit down. Zhou Yang went out to work, and I got up and said hello to Liang Zi: "Liang Zi, I am going to meet someone !" After that, I grabbed the notepad on the desk and quickly left the office. The bright girl was puzzled: "What about 20 minu

Books recommended by Internet product managers

Books recommended by Internet product managers Highly recommended for Website DesignWeb Information Architecture-"Elements of user experience" -- does not read you certainly have no futureThe road to Interactive Design --'t make me think -- h

Mysql subversion Practice Notes (4) -- product system design (1): Product master table design and mysql System Design

Mysql subversion Practice Notes (4) -- product system design (1): Product master table design and mysql System DesignCopyright statement: the note organizer loves freedom and advocates sharing. However, this note is sourced from (where programmers are at ), instructor Shen Yi's "practical course on web-

Product Design: Product integration and product planning

Article Description: mature products, integration, just a day-to-day work. Go down the market and the user line. Product integration and get through not only Tencent, Shanda, Sina such a multiple product line of large companies will encounter, the large companies will face a number of small product line between the reunification, small and medium-size

Stage Three: 3. Web-side Product design: 5. Product Design-visual design

Visual design is mainly in the presentation layer.A color Psychology product manager can also be mastered. The choice of what color is justified.Information clarity.For example: When the user is in trouble, Google will give the problem and give a solution.Visual animals.2/8 distribution principle. Users tend to see only a few key things.At most, the user can remember 7 things than each line is 7 function mo

Internet product Design: Clarifying the misunderstanding of product design

Article Description: Internet Product Design: Clarify the misunderstanding of product design. Content outline: 1. PM Basic Objective Responsibility 2. Clarify the misunderstanding of product design 3, SEO optimizatio

Product Review Design: The design of a product review

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: the design of the product review of the electric business. A few days ago in the Robin club to share the design of the product reviews, feel that the addiction, here blog record. Before we start the product analysis

Special topic in Data product design (2)-framework system of data product design methodology

First, preface Data product design and business product design differences or relatively large, based on past experience, the introduction of 5w+1h analysis method, the formation of data product design thinking framework, to solve

Internet Product design: Product design documentation (PDD)

Traditionally, the practice of writing product requirements documents (PRD) is to put use cases, flowcharts, and Web page prototypes into a Word document. Generally a product contains dozens of or even hundreds of use cases, each use case has its own flowchart, each flow chart contains a few more than a few more than dozens of of the Web page prototype, the result is the

Product Design Suggestion: The analysis suggestion to the bean sauce guessing product

the first page of the larger picture, and the introduction of these contents into the mouse tips. The analogy with the bookstore scene is as follows: Books such as audio-visual publications, often have a very professional and tailored cover design. First by the cover to attract, and then browse the content, but also more in line with people in real life cognitive habits. But for the community and activi

[Market product department] Vice Minister of MP Department (Chen Xiaohui): product concept design group-catering company design task completed successfully

Date: 2011.10.24 Design and production personnel: MP Department Chen Xiaohui Design and Production Project: Catering Group logo Requirements of the other Party on lgog: ① logo of a catering company; ② Refer to the Baisheng logo design; ③ Company name: "casual catering group" Design and production software: Photos

Product design trends and product design attitude approach

Article Description: There is no way to do things, but the right way helps us to be less detours. Products Every week there are a lot of products that deserve our attention and deserve our discussion. By the end of last year, Twitter-creating people created Branch as a new social-networking platform for Branch to use Twitter accounts to make direct use of the links on Twitter, reduce the cost of a new user relationship and focus on building content, and lately, Branch team has rele

Internet product design: From SMS to look at product design

Article Description: look at product design from mobile short message. Today, I received a mobile short message, which reads as follows: Dear Dynamic Zone Customers, as of March 10, your customer m value is 947 points. PC Login or mobile phone landing free to enjoy the points mall "99 points of value grab" activities; March 31 before 15:00 daily specials 99M val

Product design ideas: Find the character of the product

Article Description: how to find the character of the product in the design. After the publication of the previous article, I received a lot of emails, a little unexpected but in the conjecture that the interactive design industry in these emails far more than the industrial design industry, the internet i

Getting Started product manager how to analyze and design a product

(This article also published in my public number "dotnet daily Essence article", Welcome to the right QR code to pay attention to. ) Preface: Today's content is a brief summary of me, hoping to get a beginner product manager without any experience with a general understanding of product design and demand analysis. Of course, because it is my own experience, so no

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