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Five realms of software product design

this stage, enterprises are at best a hands-on workshop. Some people say that my R D team has hundreds of people. Sorry, do you have much to do with the number of employees at this stage. 2. Industrial realm Knowing that software product design and development is a complex system engineering, many people will try to use some necessary technologies to break do

Demand Analysis of Software Product Development and Design

Excellent product design may be an important opportunity for software enterprises to develop. A good product design may lead enterprises to a sound development path of product serialization, service standardization, and internal m

Product prototype design software balsamiq mockups

Those prototype images that are refined and easy to use are always very attractive to me. However, so far I have not drawn a decent prototype. After I tried Visio and axure, I felt unsatisfied with ease of use. Prototype DesignAs the basis for communication between members of the product team, the diagram should clearly express the intent of the designer. For this purpose, the prototype map produced by a pen and a piece of paper is more original. Howe

Balsamiq mockups, a good product prototype design software

In fact, this software has been used for a long time. The biggest benefit is that it can save a lot of time. It is also easy to see. Very rare! Let's talk about the features and highlights: Many interface elements are pre-fabricated, from simple input boxes, drop-down boxes, main browser elements, to frequently-used navigation bars, calendars, tables, to complex Tag Cloud, cover flow, maps, wyswyg format toolbar, and even iPhone, Facebook and oth

Product design PM Design Product Management: 9-step method of product design

Article Description: product Design "Nine steps". Many pm have a dream: To change the world with their own design products, while earning a pot full, but 10 years unchanged entry-level salary, but let people touch the reality is bone. If you are a PM, are following a Montana, it proves that you are not only a lucky person, but also in

Product management, product planning, product design

contacts. The most work is in Product Planning and prototype design ." I am more satisfied with this. The fact is nothing to say, no concealment, or out of nothing. Some interviewers have done a lot of work to show that they are competent, I always say what I am not good at is good at. I often say what I seldom touch is what I want to do. As a result, I will show up on my work. As a matter of fact, I alrea

Product Line Engineering: Software Product Line-Introduction to large-scale Product Development

After 5 to 10 years of development, what else do we need to learn in addition to caring about technology? The product line is a system. This must be included: basically, no single project or product is used as a product. Currently, most of the products are based on the product line, so how does it adapt to business nee

Mysql subversion Practice Notes (4) -- product system design (1): Product master table design and mysql System Design

Mysql subversion Practice Notes (4) -- product system design (1): Product master table design and mysql System DesignCopyright statement: the note organizer loves freedom and advocates sharing. However, this note is sourced from (where programmers are at ), instructor Shen Yi's "practical course on web-

Stage Three: 3. Web-side Product design: 5. Product Design-visual design

Visual design is mainly in the presentation layer.A color Psychology product manager can also be mastered. The choice of what color is justified.Information clarity.For example: When the user is in trouble, Google will give the problem and give a solution.Visual animals.2/8 distribution principle. Users tend to see only a few key things.At most, the user can remember 7 things than each line is 7 function mo

Product Design: Product integration and product planning

Article Description: mature products, integration, just a day-to-day work. Go down the market and the user line. Product integration and get through not only Tencent, Shanda, Sina such a multiple product line of large companies will encounter, the large companies will face a number of small product line between the reunification, small and medium-size

Product design ideas: Find the character of the product

, that is, we often say that the product to consumers in depth experience, rather than a taste of the plane experience. But the product character is an intangible thing, it is not by the given in advance some language definition words, and then can develop on this, it needs to look for in the design process. Now the mobile s

Product Review Design: The design of a product review

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: the design of the product review of the electric business. A few days ago in the Robin club to share the design of the product reviews, feel that the addiction, here blog record. Before we start the product analysis

Internet product Design: Clarifying the misunderstanding of product design

Article Description: Internet Product Design: Clarify the misunderstanding of product design. Content outline: 1. PM Basic Objective Responsibility 2. Clarify the misunderstanding of product design 3, SEO optimizatio

[Market product department] Vice Minister of MP Department (Chen Xiaohui): product concept design group-catering company design task completed successfully

Date: 2011.10.24 Design and production personnel: MP Department Chen Xiaohui Design and Production Project: Catering Group logo Requirements of the other Party on lgog: ① logo of a catering company; ② Refer to the Baisheng logo design; ③ Company name: "casual catering group" Design and production

Product design trends and product design attitude approach

Article Description: There is no way to do things, but the right way helps us to be less detours. Products Every week there are a lot of products that deserve our attention and deserve our discussion. By the end of last year, Twitter-creating people created Branch as a new social-networking platform for Branch to use Twitter accounts to make direct use of the links on Twitter, reduce the cost of a new user relationship and focus on building content, and lately, Branch team has rele

A mix of gains and losses from product managers who have been working in the software industry for 10 years and a mix of product managers

A mix of gains and losses from product managers who have been working in the software industry for 10 years and a mix of product managers The so-called Time flies, the sun and the moon are like a shuttle, looking back, suddenly found that he has been debut for nearly ten years. Looking back at the roles you have previously held is not complicated. He has worked

Special topic in Data product design (2)-framework system of data product design methodology

First, preface Data product design and business product design differences or relatively large, based on past experience, the introduction of 5w+1h analysis method, the formation of data product design thinking framework, to solve

Internet Product design: Product design documentation (PDD)

Traditionally, the practice of writing product requirements documents (PRD) is to put use cases, flowcharts, and Web page prototypes into a Word document. Generally a product contains dozens of or even hundreds of use cases, each use case has its own flowchart, each flow chart contains a few more than a few more than dozens of of the Web page prototype, the result is the

Differentiated interaction design, product design and user experience design

Article Description: Interactive design, product design and user experience design. Interaction design, product design and user experience

Internet product design: From SMS to look at product design

Article Description: look at product design from mobile short message. Today, I received a mobile short message, which reads as follows: Dear Dynamic Zone Customers, as of March 10, your customer m value is 947 points. PC Login or mobile phone landing free to enjoy the points mall "99 points of value grab" activities; March 31 before 15:00 daily specials 99M val

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