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How to learn Ruby on Rails starting from 0

has a kind of thing called GFW, full name is great Firewall, commonly known as "the Wall". (More on Wikipedia), simply speaking, it leads meThere are no direct access to many websites and services. This wall has seriously affected everyone's life, especially it people, because there are countless good sites, good service has been blocked. And for those who are learning Ruby and Rails, the wall is more dire

Ruby on Rails Tutorial Chapter II User Resources &mvc&rest

Description: User resources include user data models and Web pages related to this model.1. The user data model is as follows:2. Using rails built-in scaffolding to generate user resources, execute the following command:$ rails Generate scaffold User name:string email:string #创建模型$

[Ruby on Rails] Learn from me (10) Data Entry validation

Here simply add a few validations, non-empty, minimum length, uniqueModifying a modelModify the App/models/post.rb file as follows:Class Post At this time to run the service, modify/New model, when nothing is filled, can not be submitted, nor error.What's the reason?Because you didn't show the error message.Modify viewsModify the App/views/posts/new.html.erb file as follows:That is, addFor App/views/posts/edit.html.erb.Running the serviceRails S-b 3000, add a record, do not fil

Ruby on Rails Session 1: How to Build a Ruby on Rails on the Ubuntu., railsubuntu

everything is set up, it is time to install Rails. To start, open terminal and type in: gem install rails This process may take a while, be patient with it. Once it finishes you will have Ruby on Rails installed on your droplet. -- Source to network. For Ruby on

Get out of rails and see Ruby: Understand Ruby before you catch the rails bandwagon

Introduction: Ruby on Rails is just one aspect of making Ruby very powerful, just as EJB is part of the Java Enterprise platform. Andrew Glover reveals what Java developers can do with Ruby. Before I begin this article, I need to clarify a few things. First, it's not an article about

Several programming tips to speed Ruby on Rails _ruby topics

counterintuitive, this technique is similar to how it works. However, it is easy to use this technique to do too much nesting, especially if the architecture is complex. Simple use cases are fine, as shown in Listing 9, but cumbersome nesting can also be problematic. In some cases, too much loading of Ruby objects may be slower than dealing with n+1 problems-especially when each object is not being taken over by the entire tree. In this case, other s

tutorial on using Java code with RJB in Ruby on Rails _ruby topics

and access the methods and variables in your Rail application. This tutorial explains how to configure and use RJB in a Rails application. Goal In this tutorial, you will learn how to: Download, compile, and install RJB Set up RJB to access the shared Java library Load Legacy Java code into a Rails application and acces

Several programming skills for accelerating Ruby on Rails, rubyrails

non-lookup SQL statements ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute "ALTER TABLE some_table CHANGE COLUMN..." Most mode operations, such as adding or deleting columns, can be completed using the built-in Rails method. However, if necessary, you can also use the ability to execute arbitrary SQL code. Conclusion Like all the frameworks, Ruby on Rails may also suffer

Tutorial on using Rails Active resource in Ruby on Rails _ruby topics

Brief introduction Today's applications need to interoperate not only with browser-based clients, but with other applications as well. For interoperability, Web applications typically provide a Web service API. The Web services API provides remote access to applications through a network, such as the Internet. Until recently, the Web services API had also been integrated with heavy, complex, SOAP-based Web services, which had little merit and would take a long time to implement. The

How to Improve Ruby On Rails Performance

-related work. Memory problems are the primary cause of Slow Ruby applications. The 80-20 rule for Rails performance optimization is like this: the 80% increase is due to the memory optimization, and the remaining 20% is another factor. Why is memory consumption so important? Because the more memory you allocate, the more work Ruby GC (Ruby's garbage collection m

Tutorials on using Ruby on Rails to quickly develop Web applications _ruby topics

effort to modify the Rails environment. Again, I can't find a reason not to use the organization that Rails provides, and in most cases it's "fits Your Brain" (as the proponents of Ruby like to say). For example, if you are designing a framework from scratch (at least if you think in Ruby mode), then these directory n

Exploring some approaches to optimizing Ruby on Rails performance _ruby topics

reduced to 2, and the code was optimized. The Rails cache is also easy to implement. The block cache in Rails 4 is pretty good. The Rails documentation is an excellent source of information about caching. However, caching does not become the ultimate solution to performance problems compared with capacity expansion. If your code doesn't work as expected, you'll

Several solutions to improve Ruby on Rails performance: rubyrails

Several solutions to improve Ruby on Rails performance: rubyrails Introduction The Ruby On Rails framework has received wide attention since it was proposed. Under the guidance of ideas such as "do not repeat yourself" and "convention is better than configuration, rails brin

About Ruby Beginners provide some resources for the station

One: Website and its blog: 1. The Ruby on Rails Learning Network is a professional website that communicates to learn about the knowledge of Ruby on Rails. 2. Weekly One question 3.http://www.5iror.

Several solutions to improve Ruby on Rails performance _ruby topics

Brief introduction The Ruby on Rails framework has been widely watched since its inception and, guided by ideas like "Don't repeat Yourself" and "contract is superior to configuration", rails gives Web developers a very high level of development efficiency. ActiveRecord's flexibility allows you to use a very easy-to-use Hibernate without cumbersome configuration

Using Ruby on Rails on bluehost

Using Ruby On Rails on Bluehost: This is intended to be a brief introduction to developing ruby on rails applications on a bluehost account. at the bottom of this article you will find a number of resources to help you learn more

Build a Ruby on Rails native development environment with Ubuntu 12.04

role:apple> enter It again:apple> shall the new role be a superuser? (y/n) n> shall the new role being allowed to create databases? (y/n) n> shall the new role being allowed to create more new roles? (y/n) n> Password:your-postgres-user-passwordThen, create a database user that tests the application as the owner of the database. While we can use Rake to create a database, we want to use PostgreSQL, so let's learn basic PostgreSQL management. Use the

Tutorial on using Ajax in Ruby on Rails _ruby topics

Resource Center, you can quickly find technical reference resources that can help you complete the development of applications associated with Ajax. A bit of a note about Rails So what exactly is Rails? Rails is a WEB application platform built on the Ruby programming lan

Ruby on Rails and J2EE: Can they coexist?

with J2EE be beneficial to rails? Absolutely not. J2EE is a set standard with many fixed implementations, and, most importantly, it is a proven technology. I suggest you download a copy of rails and study it yourself. Many of the available tutorials are introductory. These tutorials allow you to start using rails immediately. Again, I cannot guarantee that you w

Use Ruby on Rails to quickly develop web applications.

Use Ruby on Rails to quickly develop web applications. Ruby on Rails is impacting the entire Web development field. Let's first understand the underlying technologies: Ruby is a free, simple, intuitive, scalable, portable, and interpreted scripting language for fast and simp

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