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Direct selling to repel and oppose all is superfluous!

attitude and today is diametrically opposed. At that time, the "one-size-fits-all" ban on the direct sales of all enterprises, indicating that the direct sales are not standardized, the industry is not mature.after more than 10 years of development, today, direct marketing enterprises continue to self-regulation, research and development and production of high-q

Leave the house selling time to the real estate company for a maximum of five months

don't have to buy a house at a high level, why have we been forced to buy a house after so many years? Cheap houses will be everywhere in the future. Don't be jealous of the so-called profit of real estate speculation. It's just a digital game. They are definitely not rich people. They are just a group of crazy speculators. After the crash, they may be the poorest people, and they may be responsible for it, it makes yourself or your family so anxious that they can even jump out of the building!

UWP apps get all kinds of systems, user information (2)-Store authorization information, retail demo mode information, ad ID, EAS device information, hardware identification information, mobile network information

Original: UWP apps get all kinds of systems, user information (2)-Store authorization information, retail demo mode information, ad ID, EAS device information, hardware identification information, mobile network informationIn application development, developers often need to obtain some system, user information for data statistics telemetry, problem feedback, user identification and other functions. This ar

UWP apps get all kinds of systems, user information (1)-basic information about devices and systems, app package information, user data account information, and user account information

. Findaccountsasync returns the collection of accounts in the user data account store based on the specified access type. Getaccountasync gets the specified user data account. Here we call to FindAccountsAsync get all the user data accounts and do the next step. See the sample code on Github for a specific demonstration.Get System User InformationIn Windows 8 apps, we use Windows.System.UserPro

Apple requires that all new apps and version updates must support iOS 8 SDK and 64-bit, ios64-bit

Apple requires that all new apps and version updates must support iOS 8 SDK and 64-bit, ios64-bit On September 6, October 20, 2014, Apple officially published a piece of news, the content of which is as follows: Starting February 1, 2015, new iOS apps uploaded to the App Store must include 64-bit support and be built with the iOS 8 SDK, embedded ded in Xcode 6 or

Start-up 3.5, do 8 apps all flutter Street, turn to do the public number 5 months, 0 cost suction 120,000 also took the million Angel wheel

planning, the wheat field said it will be mainly used for public promotion and Platform (e-commerce + parent-child service) to improve the function. The wheat field believes that the public dividend decline will play a role in the screening of the marketing number, in fact, the golden age of the development of high-quality content platform, he is confident that in the next 2.5 months time to reach 500,000 fans.Original address:

Decrypt internal logic in all apps ' running process

Add: 0x01 Preface These days, APK is all encrypted ah, Shell Ah, anti-debugging Ah, the small partners said that they have been unable to play happily. Static analysis is more and more unreliable, Apktool, Apkide, JD GUI, Dex2jar, etc. have been unable to meet the needs of everyone. So the question is, what do the little friends really need? All right, let's shout ou

command line information about all apps for Apple IOS MAC IPAD

---------------Apple is a simple to print information, after adding-a, will print a more comprehensive information. This is the basic usage. If there is

[PWA] Keynote:progressive Web Apps across all frameworks

Pwa:add to Home screen Angular Universal Server side rendering:for achieving better proference on init loading Angular 2 CLI ng New MyApp--mobile Sw-precache:with Webpack: Sw-toolbox:run Time Caching ANGULAR2 Material Design: *shellrender and *shellnorender *shellrender:work as App Shell, happen before Angular 2 Component get rendered*shellnorender:angular2 Component take placeGO PROGRESS

Build real-time Web apps with HTML5 WebSocket

, including client and server implementations. The client initiates a request to the chat server through the browser, and the server-side resolves the handshake request from the client and generates the reply message back to the client to establish a connection channel between the client and the server. The server supports the broadcast function, the information sent by each chat user is sent to all users in real

Time selector for scheduled SMS apps (1) and SMS app Selector

Time selector for scheduled SMS apps (1) and SMS app SelectorDatePicker class diagram Main Method public void init(int year, int monthOfYear, int dayOfMonth, DatePicker.OnDateChangedListener onDateChangedListener)Class TimePicker class diagram setOnTimeChangedListenerpublic void setOnTimeChangedListener(TimePicker.OnTimeChangedListener onTimeChangedListener

The most all-time GitHub use: Getting Started with GitHub to mastering--backup

"First knowledge of GitHub"First, let's all shout "Hello Github" together. That's yeah!.Git is a distributed version control system that was originally written by Linus Torvalds and used as the management of Linux kernel code. Since its launch, Git has also been a big success in other projects, especially in the Ruby community. Currently, many well-known projects, including Rubinius and Merb, use Git. Git can also be used by deployment tools such as C

Qt with OpenGL and without the difference, QT5 is a great framework, there will be no substitute at all in a short period of time

toolkit,opengl just rules. Complete cross-platform even to the mobile side of the GUI framework, now only QT, in the commercial market is faced with a lot of obstacles, but ultimately the goods carry the next generation of standards is output. This series is the QT Chinese circle (especially qt5, especially the cutting edge sex) is unique, so thanks.Reference: have a

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