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Aliyun dual 11 Domain name and construction site introduction

One of the most anticipated days of the year is this day, not one. One of the most regretful missing days of the year, also this day, no one. I believe you have guessed, this day is-- 11.11 This important day this year,

Server Hosting Full Documentary

This is of Chengdu wrote an article, I personally do not agree with his choice of the AMD series to do the server, the current server CPU and motherboard I think still with Intel's mature stable some. Server Hosting Full Documentary Author: of

101 Ways to make your site a great one

This article was originally published in Awesomeblog.I was chatting with an old client last week and she told me, "Nick, I think my site needs to be improved, but I'm not sure what I really need to do."So I went to ask a lot of people around,

How to select servers? Which brand is the best? (Less than 10 thousand RMB)

First, we must understand what a PC server is? The so-called PC Server is an Intel-based server. Unlike some large servers, such as mainframe and UNIX-based servers, most of them run Windows or Linux operating systems and are generally used, the

Uncover the veil of the virtual host provider

A. Space-type 1. How to view the size of space2. Why rent space can not do local online and download3.1G space Friends don't know what you're thinking4. Are our enhancements really unlimited online?5. Hundreds of-dollar space and the difference

Website FAQ: Site is k, the site did not record

Recently in doing web site construction encountered a lot of problems, every item is very tricky things, in fact, not only these days, in fact, this issue has been a lot of these years, today to share, I hope to help. First site by K solution,

The site of the new increase closed advertising function _ this site bulletin

Because of this site a lot of loyal customers to our message, advertising has affected everyone's visit.You can just drag the page down to the bottom to see it.In addition, the sponsor of this site, are some of the more powerful IDC company, the

What to do if the website is attacked

With the development of Internet, more and more people begin to realize the superiority of network propaganda. Large and small sites abound. However, with the increase in the number of sites, the problem has increased greatly. Competition between

The stability of the server determines the ranking of the website, you konw?

The stability of the server determines the ranking of the website, youkonw?With the development of the Society, Network technology, online transactions, online exchanges more and more, then involved in the construction of the station, then the site

The difference between CDN and dual-line server

What is a CDN? The full name of CDN is content Delivery network, that is, contents distribution network. The goal is to add a new layer of network architecture to the existing Internet, publish the content of the Web site to the nearest user's

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