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What is the disease of Lin Daiyu: four famous books, four famous books in the eyes of a clinical doctor with profound literary skills: many medical records. Recommended by Samsung

The author is a doctor in a large hospital. I can see that the author's literary skills are not bad. At least I like to read four famous books. The author tries to speculate on the diseases of the four famous books from the simple text description. It is not logically rigorous and can be used as a popular science of medical knowledge. The author also introduces

Three of the seven soft skills necessary to become a top freelancer: the way to self-recharge

Before we talked about how freelancers communicate with customers and how to manage time while working, let's dive into the basic skill level of freelancing, and let's see how a freelancer can quickly develop self-learning skills.In the third chapter, we will talk about various ways to improve your learning skills. Today's article focuses on the ability to acquire new concepts and expand your knowledge reserves, to turn knowledge into your competitive

SEO optimization site In the soft text editing skills to share

I think as long as you know SEO, whether the Webmaster class or rookie level, more or less know the soft text in the station in the proportion of SEO is more and more important, according to data statistics show that at present a high-quality soft text in the site's proportion has more than 60%, From this, it seems that high-quality soft text in the SEO optimizat

One of the top 7 soft skills necessary for a leading freelancer: communication

English Original: 7 Soft Skills Freelance Web Designer must have PT1 freelance, it is between "work" and "entrepreneurship" between a middle form. Now with the increasingly mature remote working conditions, more and more people choose to take the fate of their own hands, but how to truly become the industry's top freelancer? How to effectively build your own personal brand? In addition to your own c

The necessary soft skills for testers

In addition to completing test tasks independently, testers need to collaborate with different stakeholders in the software development lifecycle, including project managers, developers, or users. The tester needs to provide feedback to the project Manager/Test Manager on the progress of the test, the quality of the product, and the progress and status of the project from the project Manager/Test Manager, for example: changes to the content or schedule of the project. In the testing process, whe

Skills and Strategies for writing soft texts

writing, there is a general character that never changes, and it can be accessible. As long as the above points are met, the greatest gains will be made at the minimum cost. In addition, soft text cannot simply achieve the effect of website promotion, but also to promote themselves, write more articles, it is easier for more people to know you, is conducive to the future cooperation between websites. Soft

Analyze the skills of website SEO optimization through soft text

The role of the soft text has a lot of, which help the site SEO optimization role is only one of many functions, soft paper, but also need to know how to do, even if it is written a very good soft, if the corresponding operation method is not correct, it will greatly weaken the function of soft, then want to improve th

Each programmer should have 6 amazing soft skills to master

The article from the user reprint click to read the originalIf you want to start a career as a web developer, you need to involve more than just knowing how to write code.There are some common soft skills that can be used in almost every field-including the technology industry.Becoming a software developer involves more than just writing code. Since I started my first job as a software developer, I soon lea

Soft text marketing skills should be targeted

As a form of word-of-mouth marketing, soft-text marketing has become increasingly popular in recent years. it is favored by marketers from all walks of life with low cost and good marketing effect. As the name suggests, soft text marketing is to write articles that eliminate customers' conflicts with advertisements, As a form of word-of-mouth marketing, soft-tex

Web front-end engineers should have 9 soft skills

As a web front- End engineer (, we tend to focus only on practicing our own internal strength and neglecting soft skills. Hard skills determine whether you can get a job, and soft skills can indicate whether you are fit for the job and

My opinion on the writing skills of soft text

The soft text is not very easy to write, unlike the composition we wrote at school, that some can be said to be in the record chronological, simple to understand, want to express all in the inside, and soft wen is not the same, such as pushing a shop brand clothing, you have to let others can not see you are deliberately marketing this shop, Also have to let others are interested in this shop, to this point

Soft exam (2) review skills

basic knowledge involves the content of computer hardware, multimedia knowledge, and language knowledge. This is a matter of accumulation and a qualitative leap is finally achieved. (2) Data Structure Section. This is the first time to learn linear tables, arrays, generalized tables, trees, graphs, search algorithms, sorting, and algorithm analysis. In this part of learning, we need to thoroughly understand the theory, increase the number of exercises, and better combine them with computers to

SEO Soft skills based on Chinese word segmentation three: To find the source of words

Through (Chinese word segmentation based on SEO soft skills One: punctuation) and (based on Chinese participle of SEO soft skills Two: control words and core words) two tutorials, I believe that we have a Chinese word based on the soft s

Practical Skills: Build a soft route in Linux

Users who are studying Linux have learned many skills in Engineering. For example, do you know how to build a soft route in Linux? It doesn't matter if you don't understand it. This article teaches you how to build a soft route in Linux. I hope to increase your knowledge about Linux. IP address translation is also known as IP address disguise or IP address spoofi

New Skills for beginners to create a unique soft focus effect

The first issue of the class again, we come together to learn, to help beginners. Let us have a good learning environment to master effective learning methods and extraction of various skills, we can learn better. Expect my tutorials to be a stepping stone in your photography path. Before many students asked me the effect of soft virtual how to make, there are many kinds of methods,

Soft route application skills: build cross-network access bridges (1)

Soft route application skills background description In the LAN, to prevent private file transfers between departments, the IP addresses of different departments are usually set to differentNetwork Segment. After this setting, because the assigned IP address is not in a CIDR Block and cannot access each other, data exchange is unlikely. However, if the organization wants to send a notification online, diffe

Master three skills to make your submission of soft text all the first page

the title of this article: "Master three skills to make you contribute to the first page of the soft text" If it is written "How to create a good soft wen?" Compared to the latter, the number of positive people reading the former is more than why so said, first from the webmaster Friends of the psychological analysis, we are very much want to let their own artic

Website content optimization and soft writing skills

Website content optimization is one of the necessary steps in website promotion, content for the king, Good article content, not only improve the search engine rankings to improve traffic, then how to optimize the site content? Before I introduce soft writing skills to tell you what is "soft wen", soft wen, we can give

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