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I started writing technical books on MySQL performance optimization and architecture design.

for real-time synchronous Replication14.3 use DRBD for real-time synchronization of non-shared storage14.4 other high-availability design solutions14.5 comparison of advantages and disadvantages of various high availability solutionsConclusion 14.615. MySQL Server System Monitoring15.1 Monitoring System Design15.2 running status monitoring15.3 Performance Status MonitoringConclusion 15.4AppendixA ,? Set up an experiment and test environmentA.1 MySQL Server installation overviewA.2 set up the ru

I would like to recommend several classic technical books and classic technical books _ PHP tutorials

I recommend several classic technical books and classic technical books. We recommend several classic technical books, classic technical books

We recommend a few classic technical books, classic technical Books _php tutorial

We recommend a few classic technical books, classic technical books "UNIX Network Programming" Advanced Programming for the UNIX environment The Art of UNIX programming "Programming Language: The Road to Practice" "In-depth understanding of computer systems" "Internet interconnection with TCP/IP" "Dee

Books and technical books unrelated to technology

Books and technical books unrelated to technology This article is from In fact, I seldom buy books and do not know what kind of books I want to read. In this case, I don't know the good books and

Cheng Jie: Thoughts on reading technical books

improve without a teacher. Especially for beginners, it is necessary to study a technology when the system reads good books, it is very likely that the development will not be comprehensive (I do not recommend training schools, because the majority of fraud, it is too difficult for good teachers to find ). the question of what book to read. Now many of my friends have recommended some good books. Most of

NetEase Cloud Community Award-winning quiz Phase II-technical leadership, in-depth distribution, PHP Bible, Linux operations, Unity ... March Hot Books Wait for you to take!

The second issue of the NetEase Cloud Community award-winning quiz began! (The first phase of the event has ended: Artificial intelligence book Lottery!) )Welcome to participate in NetEase Cloud community, discuss issues, exchange ideas. We have prepared a number of technical field of hot books in this issue, to participate in the community of friends, will be sent in the form of a lottery.How to participat

Technical books and Mathematics Education

, we still have a lot of useful work to do. For example, starting with some practical technical books and combining specific applications in these books, I think it may be a good way to improve the quality of mathematics for readers. This is very beneficial. The first is to fully motivate readers. When reading practical techn

PHP_Bibel reading and learning (1) reading books and reading classics, writing text and writing code-tough

PHP_Bibel reading and learning (1) -- reading books and reading classics, writing text and writing code-Ren also quickly looks at it, and then there are new and interesting reading every day. This book is well received by many people, such as 'php and MySQL Web developer', the mechanical industry Publishing House, and the Australian author. if you are interested

Front-end technical books recommended

" + into the class + the ticket + watercress score 8.1 Recommended language: Flying Fish : This book tells a lot of CSS skills, after reading you will be patted the head to say that the original CSS there are so many things you do not know. "HTML5 authoritative guide" + into the class + vote + watercress score 8.9 Recommended language: Chen Junjun : Systematic, comprehensive, no advanced usage, relatively simple, if the application requirements, the knowledge of this book

Write books with great concentration, and update technical articles

Because I recently signed a book publishing contract with the publishing house, the technical articles of my blog will be updated temporarily in the recent period. Of course, the reason is not that technical articles should be written in books, so they will not be made public, but because writing

How to read technical books

kind of books, either do not read, read at least three times. In fact, in reality, there are a lot of people who have read the book is not very willing to read, whether it is technical books or other aspects of the book. This may be related to people to read more than utilitarian, that read the book to read is a waste of time, rather than to read a new book. If

Technical books can also be used

"Reading Chinese books and drinking wine" is a good story for readers ,. Recent studies have proved that people are getting more and more excited by the secretion of Dopamine when playing games. I think su shunqin's reading of the Chinese book is almost the same. In retrospect, there are not many books that can be used for drinking for so many years, which makes me unable to read these

What are the professional books you read or the technical websites you visit?

design and implementation GNU/Linux Programming Guide (version 2) Complete Linux kernel Annotation Linux Kernel analysis and programming Network Programming TCP/IP details 3-volume UNIX Network Programming Compilation principles Compilation principles (by Alfred v. Aho) Basics of compilation principles (Liu Jian) Software Engineering Design Pattern-Basis for reusable Object-Oriented Software Big talk Desig

How to read technical books

How to read technical books For the students without foundation, we strongly recommend the introduction of video, but when you have a certain foundation, especially if you want to check a specific point of knowledge, positioning video is often less than turn books or Google convenience. But even a good book, the wrong way of reading, does not produce good resul

Recently read two books, very good, recommended technical direction of the staff to see

Business is your boat (company was your ship) Job-hopping is better than a recumbent (not job-hopping is better than job-hopping)Everyone has the opportunity to read it, very valuable, especially suitable for technical personnel, read the two books, technical staff will be quiet under the heart, work hard, and why recommend this two book, because the former ha

Recommend some classic technical books to big guys

We recommend several classic technical books, UNIX network programming, UNIX environment advanced programming, UNIX Programming art, and programming language: the path to practice, in-depth understanding of computer systems, Internet with TCPIP, deep exploration of C ++ object models, and nbsp; several classic technical books

On Japanese technical books

Recently reading "C Program performance optimization---20 experiments and talent skills", it was an eye-opener. I can't help but think of several Japanese technical books that I have read recently.The first thing I have to say is that this book is very much like a book called "The beauty of short Code ", which is very similar to the one I saw earlier. The previous book is about how to analyze the execution

How to read technical books

Long time no serious read a book, now to share the personal reading.Since I joined the work, 4y+. Now began to pick up books to read books, all kinds of not adapt, look at the beginning of headache, all kinds of wonderful problems, always want to take a shortcut.Work period, are through Baidu, Google these two search artifact, to complete a lot of work.Truth is,Ctrl + C CTRL + V. There are two kinds of oper

Yige (non-technical stream books)

------------------------------ Classic books ------------------------------ 1. Bloody career journey: LITH and the great Qin Empire (read) 2 mysteries of travel to the West (read) 3 Sima Yi eats three kingdoms (read) 4 "great Qin Empire" (read) 5 "events of the Ming Dynasty" 6 "past events of the Earth" (read) 7 "password of the Tibetan land" 8 "ghost blowing lights" (read) 9 tomb stealing notes (read) 10 Sophie's world 11 China's History 12 calendar

Technical requirements for software development and related books and materials

Technical requirements for software development and related books and materials For web technologies, HTML, XML, and ASP. net, C #, Java, JavaScript, Ajax, WebService, CSS, website reconstruction, SQL Server, Oracle, IIS server, server security, and other related technologies cover a wide range. How can we master so many technologies? Our practical work experience tells us that we must have a deep understan

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