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Buy 2016 MacBook Pro considerations

2015 has up to 74.9 watts, in the battery capacity, the new battery capacity shrank by 34.4%. Apple's web site usually has a time to measure the product's endurance, and this time, Apple officially claims that the new MacBook Pro can reach a 10-hour wireless network, and that old MBP is the same But in the latter itu

About MacBook Pro buy

Please select the official website top withAbout Warranty Mac is global UNPROFOR afraid of having water this accidental man can buy Apple care+ service after the purchase of the education offer Apple will have a chance to send an email to review the student ID unfortunately found can borrow one (two times a year to use the education offer)website Purchase linkHttp://

Retina MacBook Pro shipping time shortened for the first time

Since Apple released the retina MacBook Pro last month, it is estimated that it was the first time Apple had shortened the delivery time of the retina MacBook Pro for new orders received by Apple's online stores. The first improve

2015 new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro detailed evaluation

Plus price. You can have a Mac that can run Windows. Is it attractive? Yes, it does. Most of the people who buy the MacBook air are working in writing or on the daily business, and may even be buying a family online. As long as you don't like to run a large 3D game, this integrated graphics card can handle most of the work. But, anyway, if you're a professional designer, or a professional game user. Don'

New MacBook Pro and Surface Book which is better

first from Microsoft, although the previous Microsoft has launched the Surface Book, but only the i5 processor version, this time Microsoft formally for surface to add i7 processor version, appears to be a comprehensive performance upgrade. And just after Microsoft released Surface Book i7 one day, Apple also launched 2016 MacBook Pro, and the new

Apple 12-inch MacBook Accessories buy the most money strategy

Apple Watch the debut of the 12-inch MacBook, light thin, really can be called home travel, pick up the necessary x artifact, and there are space ash, silver and tyrants gold three-color optional, and finally changed the MacBook always monotonous color. However, if you are not fully accustomed to wireless life, then, buy 12-inch

What's the quickest way to get started 2016 new MacBook Pro

first, the official Apple Store purchase Apple has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing and other 17 cities to open the official direct shop, the store should now have the new MacBook Pro demo demo machine, but also to be approved by the Ministry of the company before the sale, specific release time netizens can focus on Apple's new

What about 15-inch MacBook Pro?

internet browsing/9-hour video playback/30-day standby time Interface type MagSafe 2 Power Adapter Port/2 Thunderbolt 2 port (rate up to Gbps)/2 USB 3 ports (rate up to 5 Gbps)/HDMI Port/headphone jack/SDXC card slots Audio and video output Thunderbolt Digital Video output/HDMI video output Wireless support 802.11ac Wi-Fi internet connection; compatible with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/nBluetooth 4.0 wireless Tech

How to deal with the problem of Apple MacBook Pro mosaic screen

Affected models 2010 MAC 15.4 Inch, 17 inch. MC371 MC372 MC373 MC024. 2011 MacBook Pro 15.4 Inch, 17 inch. MC721, MC723 MD318 MD322 md103,md104, MC725 MD311 Probably from the second half of 12 began to receive customers to send repair MacBook Pro 15-inch display Kafa machine. At first there is no special attention t

Apple's new MacBook Pro battery lasts 8 hours

need to replace the battery for 5 years. And Apple will also offer a paid replacement battery service. Apple first used this new concept of battery design in the MacBook Air, which began to be used early this year in 17-inch MacBook Pro. This time, it was popularized to the entire 13, 15, 17-inch

2016 new MacBook Pro how about

low. Further squeezing air series living space More portable The new "15-inch MacBook pro" as well as the "13-inch MacBook pro" The overall look is no different, continuing the family's consistent design style. " A face is still very concise, but at present, similar to the "No printing good products" general style i

Macbook Pro starts with one months of experience

Linux, and constantly replaced the various distributions , with a variety of software systems, so toss to toss, slowly familiar with the use of command line, and then also press the LFS document himself from the beginning of the Linux system, also has been on the high-cold Mac OS X is full of curiosity, I believe that many people buy Mac is just for someone else's operating system, like me, haha. Since I've been exposed to Linux before, it's very fas

Apple notebooks How to install Win7 and MacBook Pro

Apple notebooks How to install Win7 and MacBook Pro How does an Apple notebook fit Win7 and MacBook Pro? As we all know, Macbook Pro is an excellent notebook product introduced by Apple, which is beautiful in appearance and excel

2016 new MacBook Pro disassembly diagram

Apple brings a new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro, as well as an entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro, which has no touch bar and touch ID compared to the premium version, and is now shipped. Most surprisingly, the new MacBook Pro

How to install Linux on MacBook Pro Retina

How to install Linux on MacBook Pro Retina MacBook Pros has very powerful configuration, but some people want to strengthen, they want to use the Linux system. Whether you want a more open and personalized operating system or you only want to use some software specific to Linux, you will want to install Linux on your MacBook

Winter Apple notebook MacBook Pro eliminates the static method

other than the ones specified in Startup disk preferences, or if your Mac briefly displays a question mark icon when it starts up, you may need to reset NVRAM.How to reset NVRAMTo reset the NVRAM for your MAC computer, follow these steps.If you are using MacBook Pro (end of 2016), the steps will be slightly different. If you need instructions, skip to the next section. Turn off your Mac. Locat

2016 new MacBook Pro Hong Kong and National Bank price comparison

after the release of Apple hardware we have to look at the Hong Kong Apple's website price, generally there are surprises, but this time by the renminbi exchange rate impact and Apple pricing strategy adjustment, Hong Kong Hong Kong MacBook Pro also has no obvious price advantage. In the new MacBook

What is the read and write speed of Apple 2016 new MacBook Pro hard drive

The most striking feature of the next-generation MacBook Pro is the Touch Bar (Touchbar), which is not the first time we see a similar technique in a laptop manufacturer, but just as the iphone is not a smartphone, the ipad is not a tablet computer, The MacBook Pro with the

Non-retinal MacBook Pro Upgrade Haswell

MacBook Air laptop with retinal technology, because 13-inch MacBook Pro is the most popular in the MacBook lineup. Moreover, there are emerging markets-the optical drive market, the Internet penetration rate is not advanced. Kuo claims that the new model of non-retina MacBook

Running Windows to go on Macbook Pro

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. This year a bite to start the MacBook Pro, operating system for Sierra, others are also satisfied, helpless at that time to save the cost of hard disk configuration only 128G. In general, 128G is sufficient for Internet, entertainment, and programming, but the Visual Studio developm

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