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GitHub is walled, and we have more Git hosting services.

Git's Revision Control software has been very popular in recent years. I also switched from SVN to Git about a year ago. For most of my spare-time projects, Git gives me more advantages than SVN when I operate it by myself. Later, with the rise of

Comparison of PHP, Python, ruby--web scripting languages

Summary In the last few years, scripting languages have become increasingly popular in Web application programming. This paper attempts to find the differences, advantages and disadvantages in today's three most popular languages: PHP, Python, and

Redis beginners (1) -- Understanding Redis and redis beginners

Redis beginners (1) -- Understanding Redis and redis beginners The official Redis website defines Redis as "Redis is an open source, BSD licensed, advanced key-value cache and store". We can see that Redis is a key-value system, it can be used to

Best Tools for C # programming

C # is a widely used programming language in the enterprise, especially those that rely on Microsoft. If you build your application using C #, you are most likely to use visual Studio and have looked for extensions to manage your development.

One of the best php,html5 and CSS frameworks for PHP framework

The development framework is the foundation for developers to quickly design and develop a * * station, with a large number of frameworks being released by developers almost every month to help Web developers develop Web applications more easily and

What version of Python should I choose for beginners?

As a beginner, with little Foundation, Python's Concise tutorials use 2.4.3, and the latest 3x novice tutorials are almost minimal. How should I choose? Reply content:First look at the library you have to use. Unsupported 3, if supported, go

5 books on the best Java object-oriented theory and design patterns

For Java programmers, mastering object-oriented design theory and some design patterns is an essential skill. To start programming without learning a theory is similar to learning a language without studying the alphabet. There's a lot of

Web project management tool selection (top)

Original: Web project management tool selection (top)As emerging technology companies thrive, many Web applications and browser tools are popular among developers, designers, freelancers, and project managers. These tools are evolving and we are

Ado. Net designed for ADO programmers)

Abstract:This article discusses how to use ADO. Net to perform basic database operations and when to use ADO. net instead of ADO. Directory . NET data accessRead dataDataset, datatable, and recordsetConvert existing codeUpdate DataXML extension

Web project management tool selection (bottom)

Original: Web project management tool selection (bottom)In our previous article, we have introduced six tools for code management, task management, payment tools, data logging, Dashboard Analytics, customer support. This article describes the

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