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Redmine installation details, redmine details

Redmine installation details, redmine details 1. Linux: centos6.4 (32-bit)2. Gcc compiling environment. Use the make command to edit the file.Yum install gcc-c ++3. PCREPCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) is a Perl library, including a perl-Compatible Regular Expression Library. The http module of nginx uses pcre to parse regular expressions. Therefore, you need to install the pcre Library on linux.Y

Upgrade Redmine 2.4 to Redmine 3.2:import database

After install Redmine 3.2, your may import the data from old version redmine to Redmine 3.2.1) Create A new clean database sudo mysql-u root-pdrop database redmine CREATE DATABASE redmine character SET UTF8; CREATE user ' redmine

How to install Redmine on centos-install Redmine on CentOS

Redmine depends on several packages. Mysql-current 5.7.17 ruby-current 2.8.18 Redmine-3.3.2 1. How to install and setup MySQL if MySQL exist, remove and upgrade it. Rpm-qa | grep MySQL rpm-e create MySQL group and user groupadd MySQL useradd-r-g MySQL mysql (R bec Ause MySQL is a system user, not a login user install MySQL wget

Installing the agile plug-in for redmine (redmine burndown chart plugin for Agile Development)

N install redmine Install redmine on Linux platform (centos) CD to redmine root directory N install redmine plugins Http:// Follow the process above, and install the following plugins: Http:// Http://

Redmine email notification configuration tutorial, redmine email notification

Redmine email notification configuration tutorial, redmine email notificationServer-side configuration email notification Delivery method has four main methods: Smtp Sendmail (used in this example) Async_smtp Async_sendmail My project uses the sendmail configuration method, that is, the server uses the sendmail service to send emails.Delivery_method: Modify the redmine

Integration with redmine and integration with redmine

Integration with redmine and integration with redmine Redmine version 2.3.01. Open the rest web service2. jar dependency 3. Code Public class test {public static void main (String [] args) {// TODO Auto-generated method stub RedmineManager mgr = new RedmineManager ("http: // xxxxxx/redmine ", "kongxianghao", "12345678

Installation Process of open-source project management tools redmine and ezfaq plug-ins

RedmineIt is a defect management system developed based on Apache, MySQL, and Ruby on Rails.Bitnami redmineStack isBitnamiOne member of the stack series organized for development and maintenance can simplify redmine installation and configuration. [Installation steps] 1. Slave Http:// Download Bitnami redmineWget Http://

Centos6.5 redmine installation configuration, centos6.5redmine

Centos6.5 redmine installation configuration, centos6.5redmine First, we will introduce Baidu redmine: Redmine is a web-based project management software developed using Ruby. It is a cross-platform project management system developed using the ROR framework. It is said that it comes from the ror version of Basecamp and supports multiple databases, it has many un

REDMINE_DMSF Summary of installing plugins in Linux under Bitnami-redmine

Installation Plugin REDMINE_DMSF Summary Background Environment Linux system version Redmine version DMSF plugin Version installation process Installing Redmine Installing the DMSF Plugin Using full-text search in Redmine Principles behind DMSF Basic knowledge o

Use Bitnami to build Redmine

Environment: CentOS 6.4: Https:// Build a mail server in your intranet (SendMail is used here)Insufficient: I feel uncomfortable that only using Apache as a Web serverTo start the installation:[[emailprotected]software]#chmoda+x[[emailprotected]software]#./ bitnami-redmine

Install redmine on centos6

Author: JinData: 20140827System: centos release 6.5 (final) Refer:Http:// I. Preparations1. Update the systemYum updateReboot 2. Install the dependencies packagesYum-y install Vim zip unzip libyaml-devel zlib-devel curl-devel OpenSSL-devel httpd-devel Apr-util-devel mysql-devel

Redmine database Backup and move

The backup of Bitnami Redmine is divided into 2 different ways:1. Export the database2. Entire Catalog moveNo matter what kind of want to stop the service, Redmine related services have the following 5: Redmineapache Redminemysql Redminesubversion RedmineThin1 RedmineThin2 You can open the Windows Services Control Panel and then stop the top 5 services, or go to Bitnami Redmine

Local upgrade and remote migration upgrade of redmine

Recently, the Director gave me a task asking me to migrate the redmine version 1.2.1 to another server and upgrade it to the latest version 2.3.1 redmine. If you have this requirement, you can view the document online. I am reading the document at At that time, I thought it was about migration. I didn't

The way to integrate Redmine and SVN into Nginx in a Linux system _nginx

Redmine: is a web-based project management software developed in Ruby. is based on the ROR framework development of a Cross-platform project management system, is the project management system of the Up-and-coming, is said to originate from the Ror version of Basecamp, supporting a variety of databases, in addition to and Dotproject functions roughly equivalent, there are many of their own unique functions, such as providing wikis, News stations, time

Installing Redmine on Linux

/wrappers/RubyRestart Apache Servicesudo service httpd restartCreate a database for RedmineLog in to MySQL# mysql-u Root-pMaking the relevant database configurationmysql> CREATE database redmine_db character set UTF8; ' Redmine '@'localhost'your_new_password'; ' Redmine '@'localhost';Installing RedmineDownload Redmine# cd/var/wwwwget

One-click installation of Redmine in RHEL6.4

Install Redmine with one click under RHEL6.4. One-click installation of redmine saves a lot of unnecessary time. Download: Bytes Install Redmine with one click under RHEL6.4. One-click installation of redmine saves a lot of un

Bitnami Redmine All Services lost repair method

A period of time in order to facilitate project management, in their own company's server set up a Bitnami Redmine, and then take a week off travel, come back but found Redmine not used!!!So immediately began to locate the problem, first, open the manager, found manage servers inside all the services are gone, and then check Apache, MySQL, and so on, confirm that the directory structure is not damaged, the

Use Gitlab+redmine+jenkins under Centos7

Gitlab is better than SVN, ready to use Gitlab+redmine and move the code to Gitlab.Machine IP CentOS 7.1 one. Gitlab installation This time using the Yum installation method, the compilation and installation has not been attempted. installation Steps Official document close Selinux,postfix can be used without Yum install-y vim Unzip Curl curl-devel wget gcc gcc-c++

Set up the redmine environment, mail service configuration, and LDAP configuration in centos5

'20140901'; // where *. * The preceding "*" is the database name, followed by "*" is the table name, and "" is the IP address of the remotely accessed host. If you change the IP address to "%", it indicates that all machines are authorized, '123' indicates the Database Password flush privileges; If you find that remote access is still not available, it may be caused by the firewall. I am suffering from this problem for a long time. Run the following command: service iptables stop

Quick deployment guide for Redmine and Zentao on the same machine, redminezentao deployment

Quick deployment guide for Redmine and Zentao on the same machine, redminezentao deploymentQuick deployment guide for Redmine and Zentao on the same machine 1. Environment System: CentOS 7x64Software: Redmine 3.0, Zentao 7.2 Source Redmine 3.0 is first installed, directory/opt/redm

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