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I want to repeat the Three Kingdoms and the Three Kingdoms

I like the new Three Kingdoms in Anhui and compete for TV every night. After all, I couldn't beat the baby of my family. I couldn't watch TV, so I had to read books. Of course, I just watched some comments about the Three Kingdoms. People said that I didn't watch the redhouse, but I never watched the Three Kingdoms, it makes sense. I have never read the books of

Cocos2d-x Three Kingdoms ACT mobile game "hot blood chopped" complete source code download, hot blood Three Kingdoms mobile game

Cocos2d-x Three Kingdoms ACT mobile game "hot blood chopped" complete source code download, hot blood Three Kingdoms mobile gameCurrent progress: it has been fully compiled with the tutorial documentation. Thanks to the database file provided by the author, you can run it. 11. png (57.76 KB, downloads: 0) Download Attachment Complete source code for ACT mobile games in Three

Three Kingdoms series games, special version of "Three Kingdoms-classic battle edition" released

I. About engines: This game is a new flash script engine developed by Alibaba Cloud.Legendforflashprogramming0.11The engine is completely isolated from the glorious original engine. For how to download and use the legendforflashprogramming0.1 engine, Please see here To simplify game production,Currently, the engine script editor is being created.We hope that the new game will be available for download next time, so the new script syntax fo

Three Kingdoms series games, Part 2 "Three Kingdoms-chaos and heroes" released

New games: Three Kingdoms I. About engines: This game is a new flash script engine developed by Alibaba Cloud.Legend0.12The engine is completely isolated from the glorious original engine. For how to download and use the legend0.1 engine, Please see here Currently, the engine script editor is still being created.We hope that the next time we release a new game, the next engine update will be pr

Where the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and history books do not match

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms (70% true, 30% fictitious), most of the plots are based on the normal history structure, and even a copy of the history book is not missing, and interspersed with some strange gods to attract readers. Because this book is so red, some people regard it as a Bible. [This is not an exaggeration. There are quite a number of military commanders in history who use this book as a template of the law of war, and therefore dom

Unity3d Game development [Three Kingdoms kill legend] single-month dual platform water nearly 50 million

Dog Planing Learning Net report/2014 for every game person, is not an ordinary year, hand-tour market especially so, a few happy few home sorrow. The industry big shuffle time more and more close, there is a saying is, hand swim two years of time to go through the end of the road tour 10 years, with the continuous popularization and upgrading of smartphones, wireless end of the battlefield smoke more and more fierce. in such a full of smoke hand tour market, the winger's card player tour "Three

Download address for Romance of the Three Kingdoms in 1994

Ed2k: // | file | bytes | 238514548 | bytes |/ed2k: // | file | bytes | 263671260 | c81d424c5456fc80914439040b2b4345 |/ed2k: // | file | versions | 259073495 | versions |/ed2k: // | file | example 4.mengde Xiandao .1994.dvdrip.mkv | 258776289 | 3e0c8d7c45cfed1d1_aa3598f22a0ea |/ed2k: // | file | Protocol | 257682098 | 15831d41ee46d77c66536547ca142500 |/ed2k: // | file | Protocol | 259063858 | 585a06aa90e719111ec98d8921_bc3a |/ed2k: // | file | . .1994.dvdrip.mkv | 261743944 | optional |

[Post] An overview of the Three Kingdoms written by Americans

An overview of the Three Kingdoms written by Americans An overview of the Three Kingdoms written by Americans Note: This is a long post I have seen on a foreign Three Kingdoms unparalleled game Forum. The author is novosquare, the stupid. He is an avid player in the Three Kingdoms industry. He has done some

"Bi thing" Microsoft decision Tree algorithm--Find out the characteristics of the Three Kingdoms, dedicated to the broad three enthusiasts

According to the data of the Kingdoms 11, this paper uses decision tree analysis to find out the distribution of the three generals ' characteristics. Variables include command, force, intelligence, politics, charisma, identity.Variable Description:Command: The defensive force of a military commander in the army. The higher the commander, the less the attack and the war of War are.Force: The attacking force of a military commander in the army, the hig

Using JavaScript to develop "kingdoms Cao Chuan"-Open source Lectures (ii)-Let the target people move __java

We talked about how to make static characters dynamic, and today we're going to talk about how to move people, because this is about the last one, so I wrote the last link below: first, picture preparation Today I am going to change a few pictures, this is more fresh. Pic1.png Pic2.png Pic3.png These materials still come from "kingdoms Cao Ch

Zhang commented on the new "Three Kingdoms": "Wolong mourning", which is a pain point for people who want to vomit: When has history become a belief of the Chinese people)

Reprinted order: This article is not because of the comments of the Three Kingdoms. Here we will not discuss how the Three Kingdoms Act. The following attitudes towards history are the places that the streamer shares with me, or even cultural misunderstandings of Chinese people including me. A little less fantasies, a little more at your own heart, with a certain understanding you will have this understandi

The Three kingdoms in the Eastern Han Dynasty: the Master Biography

fish who refuses to swim said that fish is the devil, not because they want to metaphor he is ganxiong, but because, the three Kingdoms period Wei troops will be wide, mighty, and now the outdated a bit similar. People who have just come in contact with the laggards will be thinking, why is it called im286? Why not call it Luowuzhe? So far there have been a lot of speculation, I do not know why, but just feel that this forum, very good. Behind the hi

Development of JavaScript Game "kingdoms Cao Chuan" Parts Development (v) Implementation of mobile map _javascript skills

SetInterval () stop, so, This is the link,!!!. Ha ha. Yes, don't forget to give the pictures to everyone, the picture is a bit big ... SOURCE Download Address Third, the demonstration effectFirst look at the demo Picture: Then it is: Demo Address:Note: After entering the demo, click on the edge of the picture to move the map. I hope we can support you! Thank you! Use JavaScript to develop "Kingdoms Cao Chuan" series of articles almost

One month water 30 million suction tool "Three Kingdoms Kill legend" will be landing iOS

One month 30 million, this number is a very alarming number for any game. Even for a game that has a huge audience and is in the ascendant, this is a remarkable achievement. For new games, this is almost impossible to reach.However, "Three Kingdoms kill legend" but did, "Three Kingdoms Kill" is "three kills" the second generation of light strategy mobile game, and "Three

Nostalgia for Three Kingdoms: Four Barbarian

Nostalgia for Three Kingdoms: Four Barbarian It has been almost two years since playing the "Three Kingdoms" game. The Chinese version has also been released for some time. Although the launch of the "Three Kingdoms 11" game has been controversial and mixed, many players in the Three Kingdoms are still addicted to the

How many characters are depicted in the kingdoms, you know?

Luo Guanzhong in the "kingdoms" in the end describe how many characters? Below I will list a set of numbers, some friends may doubt the accuracy of the numbers. This has no other way, had to ask the suspect's friends to find the "kingdoms" to count, make sure you order a number, and then click again and again or not the same. Oh, or please believe my list of figures it. imgloading Luo Guanzhong (1330-1400)

Section 1st three losers (1) -- Three Kingdoms

countries, and then chaos, Song Liao Xia Jin, desert Yuan Meng, factory Wei mingting, eight flag full Qing, Republic of China, and even today. Generation after generation there are ministers and ministers, and the Chao dynasty has the master of the dark, and left for future generations, there are only a few historical books. History books are written by people, and stories are also edited by people. History is more than just the Three Kingdoms. Will

"Three Kingdoms" reveal the truth of Shuhan five Tiger Generals

Chen Shou "Kingdoms" is indeed the five members of the general in a piece of the kingdoms, in the 36th volume, there is a special "closed Ma Huangzhao biography ."What is the true history of these five generals? First of all, Guan Yu, the history of Guan Yu is indeed a rare tiger generals . Caocao's advisers Cheng Yufan has been called Guan Yu, Zhang Fei for "million Enemy", others call them "Tiger Minister

Top ten talents in the history of the Three Kingdoms should not be buried

Top ten talents in the history of the Three Kingdoms should not be buried On the stage of the Three Kingdoms, there are many things we are familiar with. Of course, they are brilliant. But what's more important is that there are rare historical opportunities in front of them, so that they can take advantage of time and seize the present. However, there are still a lot of people who are not familiar with Jin

Battle in Three Kingdoms

The battle in the Three Kingdoms cannot be controlled, so the player's macro strategy is needed to make up for this shortage. The following is my experience: 1. Military commanders and troops: There are multiple formations available in the Three Kingdoms, each of which has its own characteristics. A single army can include up to five military commanders. My personal suggestions are made up of the combinatio

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