bicubic interpolation example

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Algorithm encapsulation of bilinear and bicubic

By chuckgao 2009 Recently, we have studied bilinear and bicubic algorithms for image scaling during video stream playback. Here is an algorithm that doubles the image in the latest project. For algorithm optimization, you can consider using the

The commonly used interpolation algorithm in image geometric transformation (scaling, rotation)

In the process of image geometric transformation, the commonly used interpolation methods are nearest neighbor interpolation (near sampling method), bilinear interpolation and three convolution method. nearest neighbor interpolation: This is one of

Overview of image enlargement Methods

In the field of film and television production, the problem of enlarging low-resolution images to high-resolution images is often involved, and sometimes the issue of adjusting non-square pixels to square pixels is also involved. This chapter

Create Image size (jpg)

Imagecopyresized (PHP3, PHP44.0.0) imagecopyresized -- encode (resourcedst_im, resourcesrc_im, intdstX, intdstY, intsrcX imagecopyresized (PHP 3, PHP 4> = 4.0.0) Imagecopyresized -- Copy and resize part of an image Description Int imagecopyresized (

Filtering and MIP map Introduction

Ping-che Chen Directory:Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 Document Content:[Part 1] In the previous fsaa introduction, the triangular surface distortion (Aliasing) Question. However, in this article, the main method mentioned is to eliminate the aliasing

Python + matplotlib implement the example code of the Box Bar Chart, pythonmatplotlib

Python + matplotlib implement the example code of the Box Bar Chart, pythonmatplotlib Demo result: Complete code: import matplotlib.pyplot as pltimport numpy as npfrom matplotlib.image import BboxImagefrom matplotlib._png import read_pngimport

[Usage of the Matlba]imresize function

Clear;lena=imread (' a1.bmp '); three lines below specify a zoom multiplier of 0.5, that is 0.5 times times the length and width of the original image,% using three interpolation methods, that is, nearest neighbor interpolation (default), bilinear

Image lossless amplification software photozoom split screen preview function, it is easy to use!

Photozoom is a smart zoom picture software, many users in the first use of photozoom, found that the image is located above the area has four different ways of preview options. Because many beginners do not understand the role of these four buttons,

JavaScript-implemented 3D image display space (3 DRoom) _ javascript skills

The normal plane effect can be achieved by changing the horizontal and vertical coordinates. With the addition of depth, 3D effects can be visually produced. The program simulates such a three-dimensional space, and the images in the space are

3D image display space implemented by JavaScript (3 DRoom)

The program simulates such a three-dimensional space, and the images in the space are displayed according to the three-dimensional coordinates. I have seen a 3DRoom effect a long time ago and it is implemented using complex computing. After studying

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