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About security before the Conference

Like all conferences (such as the Olympics and Expo), security is an important topic before the cloud computing conference. Unlike other conferences, the focus on security is not only to ensure the success of the Conference, but also to ensure that

Forecast for 2018 machine learning conferences and 200 machine learning conferences worth attention in 200

Forecast for 2018 machine learning conferences and 200 machine learning conferences worth attention in 200 2017 is about to pass. How is your harvest this year? In the process of learning, it is equally important to study independently and to

BDTC2014 China Big Data Technology conference minutes

1, landing, cross-border, efficiency, leadership meet to talk about big data;2, big Data become the mainstream industry needs 5-10 years;3, the data is the appearance, the essence is the question;4, Doug Cutting:fuel for Change:data, EDH, Style

BDTC2014 China Big Data Technology Conference meeting records, bdtc2014 meeting records

BDTC2014 China Big Data Technology Conference meeting records, bdtc2014 meeting records1. Implementation, cross-border, efficiency, and big data when leaders meet each other;2. It takes 5 to 10 years for big data to become a mainstream industry;3.

2017 Hangzhou Yun-Habitat conference Experience _ Cloud Habitat Conference

Click to have a surprise Fortunate to have been invited to participate in this year's cloud habitat, from the October 10 TI conference, until October 14, the last day of the exhibition, a complete experience of the entire exhibition process. The

2015ESRI Global User Conference Top10 QA

1. What are the important plans for the development of ArcGIS? What is the long-term roadmap?The ArcGIS platform continues to improve in several ways. Key points are as follows:First, we are working on a new concept-geoanalytics. Geoanalytics uses a

Microsoft. Net Community Virtual Conference-first day Focus (dotnetconf 2016)

June 7-9th, three days of Microsoft. NET Community Virtual Conference was formally held on Channel9.At Scott Hunter, Miguel de Icaza (Xamarin CTO), Scotthanselman and other big God-gathered conferences, including the Microsoft product team and

Rosenberger 2014 modern data center conference-Jinan Station

At present, China is on the journey of building a well-off society in an all-round way. The tasks of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, and agricultural modernization are very heavy. It develops the modern information technology

Shanghai Fifth Spark Meetup Conference data sharing

Conference AddressShanghai Spark Meetup Fourth party will be held on July 18, 2015 in the Tai Library Technology Entrepreneurship Development Co., Ltd., the address of Shanghai Pudong New Area Road 2889 Lane 3rd, Changtai Plaza, Block C, 12 floor,

Apicloud at the China Communications Industry IoT Conference to help move the business quickly

According to Gartner, total spending on the internet of Things will reach $3.011 trillion by 2020. With the rapid development of low-power technology in recent years, the unprecedented scale and development speed of the IoT industry.April 12, 2018

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