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Eaccelerator binaries for PHP 5.x (Windows builds)

Eaccelerator binaries for PHP 5.x (Windows builds) Http:// Submitted by Chris on April 26, 2006-01:39. PHP Accelerators | Downloads | PHP Featured Updated:eaccelerator

Memcached for Win32

Memcached for Win32 This is a port of memcached to the Win32 architecture by kronuz The Win32 version of memcached can be run both as a NT Service or from the command line.To install memcached as a service, follow the next steps: Unzip

Java implementation inserts Mysql binaries, blob types, problems encountered and solutions _mysql

The first is the database establishment to be prepared: We're going to set the drop binary field to a BLOB type, select the appropriate BLOB type based on the size of the file, and the size of the binaries that each BLOB type can hold. Four types of

Libnet for Win32

Http:// Title = how_to_compile_libnet_under_cygwin Contents[Hide] 1 resources 2 usingCygwin (but I highly suggest to use mingw) 2.1 Requirements 2.2 compilingLibnet 1

Search 1 hours without a result what's the difference between Apache 2.4 binaries VC14 and Apache 2.4 modules VC14

I am small white. I used to use the integration pack. Now I want to go a little deeper. I would like to download Apache separately, most people recommend it. Apachelounge download here, because the version will follow the PHP update. But it still

Installation and configuration of Apache2.4-win32 under Win7

  In order to learn PHP need to build Apache server on their own PC. PC environment is Win7, because on the official website of Apache found the latest version is Apache httpd 2.3.10 released version. Slag English looking for a long while did not

windows7+eclipse-jee-luna-sr1a-win32-x86_64+hadoop2.6 Environment Configuration

First, the Hadoop cluster environment configurationSee also: "Hadoop2.6 cluster environment Construction (HDFS Ha+yarn) original 4G memory can be capricious once."WIN7 Environment:Login Username: Hadoop, unified with the Linux environment users in

Win32 use AJP to consolidate Tomcat 4.0.4 and Apache 1.3.26

Apache Preparatory work: Download: Apache 1.2.26 Http:// Tomcat 4.0.4

Nginx Win32 version static file test (Windows environment) _win Server

Downloaded the official version of Nginx for Win32 Nginx 0.7.53 A trial and stress test was conducted. Installation is easy to use, directly affixed to the official way: Win32 Binaries As of 0.7.52, Nginx is now available as a official Windows

How iis5 and tomcat5 integrate with JK2 in Win32 Environment

This article assumes that iis5 and tomcat5are installed.JK2: Http:// It containsInstall4iis. jsGenerally, it is not easy to

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