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Research | StackOverflow Salary Survey: Have a computer degree = high salary? It doesn't exist.

Anyone but God must use the data to speak. ” I'm working on an article that discusses the correlation between professionalism and pay in the software industry. And I've got a guess as to why professionalism affects pay, how it affects pay, and how professionalism produces preferences. Next, the only thing I need to do is to use data statistics to demonstrate. First, I got a 2017-year stack Overflow survey data (

Survey report on salary satisfaction of professionals in 2015

Survey report on salary satisfaction of professionals in 2015 Do you want to know how many people's wages have risen after this year? Do you want to know how big the salary expectations are in the range of business acceptance? Want to know what your salary level is, "hug your thighs" or "drag your hind legs"? Let's

Salary Survey Report of recent graduates in Shanghai

New college graduates have entered a critical period of employment contract signing. Who will receive more "three-five fights" in salary this year? Recently, this journal has gone deep into colleges and universities in this city to make a survey, hoping to provide some inspiration and help for new graduates who have not yet signed contracts with these visualized cases, rather than boring statistics, at the

Salary Survey of Android Developers

Salary Survey of Android Developers You can leave a message and add your own service life !!! Background: Don't be discouraged. I'm glad to see that there are many other brothers who say that they are engaged in development at least 10 KB. At least I think if I work hard, I will certainly be able to achieve this level. The Android bus will surely accompany you through every hard time.

Latest Programmer Salary Survey report

By the Programmer Inn United Rare Earth Nuggets through the Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other 28 provinces, municipalities and the Special Administrative Region of the 10w+ outstanding developers to conduct a survey. The survey report provides a statistical analysis of the age composition, gender ratio, computer language, working hours, and salary

. Net programmer salary survey

I remember reading an ASP ProgramAccording to the salary survey, many ASP programmers responded in a timely manner, but the overall salary level is indeed somewhat chilling. I don't know how much RMB some. Net programmers seem to earn every month. I hope interested programmers will participate. Of course, I hope you can describe your work location and a brief de

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