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SEO Exclusive disclosure: affect the site down the right to be k seven factors

. For example, a Web page is constructed from multiple div blocks, allowing the X-times of the keywords to appear evenly across the pages of the page.4. Too many dead linksDead link caused by the site down right is very serious, and the reason that the site down right actually the answer is also very simple, a user visited the site after the Discovery Site page content is 404 or invalid link state, will seriously affect the user's browsing experience.

SEO Diagnostics: What are the negative factors that affect the ranking of websites?

For SEO, factors affecting the site rankings are many, webmasters are also racking their brains to improve the site rankings, but not everything is satisfactory, good do bad things often appear, a lot of webmaster will often because of excessive to do optimization, want to improve the site as soon as possible rankings and make some bad things to the site rankings, Below A5 website optimization consultant to talk to you about the impact of the site ran

NET pick whether affect network promotion and SEO

In the network promotion, the net picks the promotion has been as one of the necessary promotion way, any XX promotion encyclopedia must have the net to promote this item, the net picks and the Network collection folder, I let them classify as a kind of bar. This promotion way lasted for several years, so now, the net picks can also affect website promotion and SEO?  First look at "Baidu collection" wheth

Optimization of internal website links is the first element of SEO

Before starting the link structure topic of the website, I will first complain. I am sorry to see that many SEOer are engaged in SEO optimization for the search engine ranking. This consciousness leads to the following behaviors: when a SEOer knows how to obtain a large number of reverse links, or uses a large number of accumulated keywords, jump to a second-level domain name, or create a link group throug

SEO optimization Site External links All Raiders

Everyone good, for a website, the proportion of foreign company is very big, whether it is any one to do SEO will mention the external links about the site, because for a site to optimize the site link is also a long-term project, we say if the SEO is divided into priorities, then I believe that we must be very clear. The construction of external

SEO strategy: For the site to better build a high-quality links

; Pictures links >js links ... Usually, the ancient mind only do text links, if there is to do the picture link, that is purely for the overall appearance of the page, hehe, do picture link when the best plus alt text label description, do not recommend JS class links, this rarely can be crawled by search engines. 6. L

SEO optimization Tutorial: How to optimize internal links?

What is an internal link? Contrary to external links, internal links refers to the same site domain name, including directories, content pages, and other internal links between all the sites. We know that external links in the SEO is very important, reasonable increase in th

Xu Zi rain: SEO diagnostic Report of the site external links analysis

Hello everyone, I am the Phantom of the Rain. In front of me for you to introduce the SEO diagnosis of the six aspects, is the "Xu Zi Rain: SEO Diagnostic report site Positioning analysis" "Xu Zi yu: SEO diagnostic Report of the SITE keyword analysis" "Xu Zi Rain: SEO Diagnostic report Site Layout analysis" "Xu Zi Rain

Nanjing seo: Add seven tips for internal links

  I. Website navigation structure 1, to avoid using flash for navigation, do not use embedded JS files to do site navigation, search engines can not read the contents of the Flash content and JS files; 2, the Site Directory is best not more than three layers, if the content too much, to multi-layer words, enable the two-level domain name; static Web pages are more popular with search engines than dynamic Web pages; 3, the site navigation using the best text

Shao Jun: seo decomposition of hidden links know how many

hidden links and the form of expression. Why do you want to hide the link? Since to put the hidden link is naturally do not want to see the light is seen by people, and hidden links are commonly used in SEO cheating means, can be understood as this is a deceptive user behavior, the user is not visible in the front desk, only to see the source code can be seen,

Links Influence SEO Pattern: Several construction methods of correlation outside chain

"Recently, Baidu Anti-cheating algorithm to update the upgrade again." The Baidu system algorithm upgrade, the main object of the attack is intended to cheat through the chain of the way the site in Baidu search results ranked behavior. These links may affect the quality of Baidu search results so as to harm the user experience, but also hurt a lot of diligent construction site content webmaster interests,

About SEO dead links related knowledge

When you are working on an entire station-optimized project, we need to use the dead link tool to check the site for dead links. Of course, before checking the dead chain, we need to have a good grasp and understanding of the problem related to the dead link. What harm does the dead link have to the website? How do we deal with the dead link problem? All knowledge is the main content of this article. First, the definition of dead link and its impact.

Analysis of links to Seo

Why are so many webmasters busy working on links all day? I believe that everyone must be directed at PR. Many webmasters are so happy to write this post in 30 minutes and give some suggestions to webmasters, of course, I am also a newbie. I don't know about Seo optimization. I just want to talk about my own feelings and shortcomings. Please include them more! To get started, let's talk about the concept

On seo optimization rules of links

A brief discussion on the optimization principle of links SEO Tutorials I. Industry relevance Choose your website industry relevance website for the best. First, do not affect the user experience, for example, you are a home station, if the link to a novel station, to the user's feeling is not a bit irrelevant. Similarly, the search engine ranking algorithm als

Website SEO three elements of the structure, content, links

third is the link, and the inner chain and the external links of the website, including but not limited to: links in the page position, number of times, chain out of the quantity, the density of links, etc. outside the chain contains but not limited to the quality of the link page, chain out the target page quality, the use of anchor text, anchor text and target

SEO Talent Uncover webmaster should know the link form of links

URL that appears in Flash. (16) Those plain text, such as only appear text, but not clickable. (17) need to log in to see the link. (18) The URL left when the domain name is registered. (19) Search engines are trying to parse the link in JS, which found a new page, which URL count is not a link? Can pass the weight? Can these be links that help search engines include new pages? Will it affect

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