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LCD1602 Custom Bitmap characters

(); Read Busy signalrs=0; Write command rs=0 write data Rs=1rw=0; Write RW all for 0data=com; Put the data you want to write on the data port.en=0; e a positive pulse to write a data so-called a positive pulse is an e from the 0->1->0 of a low-high transformation so here first pull down en=0En=1;en=0;}void Write_data (Uchar date){Read_sta ();Rs=1; Rs=1 Writing datarw=0;Data=date;en=0; DittoEn=1;en=0;}void Lcd1602_init (){Write_com (0x38);8-bit data port, two-line display, 5*7 lattice characters

24-bit bitmap bmp converted to characters

) $ { - intR =0, G =0, B =0; - for(inti =0; i ) the { - if(i + x >= width)Continue;Wuyi for(intj =0; J ) the { - if(j + Y >= height)Continue; WuRgbquadConst color = pixels[(y + j) * Width + (x +i)]; -R + =color.rgbred; AboutG + =Color.rgbgreen; $B + =Color.rgbblue; - } - } - returnRgbquad{r/(W * h), G/(W * h), b/(W *h)}; A } + CharColortocharacter (RgbquadConstcolor) the { - intBrightness = (color.rgbred + color.rgbgreen + col

QT generates bitmaps based on Chinese characters, which can be called consecutively, resulting in a bitmap that has no clutter.

void MainWindow::d rawtext (int font_size, QString str, int n){Qpainter p;Qsize size (460, font_size); Specifies the image size;qimage* image = new Qimage (size, qimage::format_argb32); Constructs a qimage in ARGB32 format,Image->fill (Qrgba (0,0,0,0));P.begin (image);Qpen pen = P.pen ();Pen.setcolor (qt::red);Qfont font;Font.setfamily (("SimSun"));Font.setpixelsize (64);//Change font sizeP.setpen (pen);P.setfont (font);P.setbackgroundmode (Qt::transparentmode);//qt::opaquemode, TransparentmodeP

Rotating bitmap Bitmap bitmap of Android learning notes

Bitmap rotation can also be achieved through matrix or canvas. The postrotate method is used to set the rotation angle. Then, the createbitmap method is used to create a bitmap object that has been rotated. Finally, the drawbitmap method is used to draw the object to the screen. Therefore, the rotation operation is implemented. In the following example, both the original

Database usage-oracle bitmap index,-oracle bitmap Index

Database usage-oracle bitmap index,-oracle bitmap Index Currently, a large number of indexes are mainly B * Tree indexes. The index structure stores the rowids of key values and key values, which correspond one to one. Bitmap indexes are mainly created for a large number of Columns with the same value (for example, category, operator, department ID, and warehouse

VC + + Image control (picture controls) method for displaying resource bitmap (BMP), file Bitmap (BMP), other format file picture (jpg\png\bmp)

In VC + + MFC programming, we often use the picture control to display images. Below is a brief summary of several different ways of showing:(the instance can be downloaded in my CSDN resource: first, the resource bitmap way to display BMP pictureIf you want to display a BMP bitmap, you can use the resource bitmap

Dib (device-independent Bitmap) device-independent bitmap

Bitmap has two types: Device-related Bitmap (DDB) and device-independent Bitmap (DIB ). DDB bitmap is common in earlier Windows systems (before Windows 3.0). In fact, it is unique. However, with the development of the display manufacturing technology and the diversity of display devices, some inherent problems of DDB

Data structure of the bitmap (bitmap) detailed _c language

1. Overview Bitmap (bitmap) is a very common structure, which is widely used in indexes, data compression and so on. This paper introduces the realization method of bitmap and its application scene. 2. Bitmap implementation (1) RealizeIn the bitmap, each element is "0"

Bitmap bitmap file reading, saving, and screenshots

Although there are already many bitmap reading and saving articles on the Internet, many of which are detailed and provide powerful source code functions, I still need to rewrite a bitmap loading program myself. The main reason is that these articles are too esoteric and the code functions are so powerful that cainiao like me cannot read them. Therefore, I want to be concise. Omit some details, such as the

[Android training-09] efficiently displaying bitmap images [Lesson 3-two cached bitmap methods]

Caching bitmaps [cache bitmap] Loading a single bitmap to the UI is simple and straightforward. However, if you need to load a large number of images at a time, it will become complicated. In most cases (for exampleListView,GridViewOrViewPager),There is usually no limit on the number of images displayed. The sub-view can be used cyclically to suppress memory usage. GC (Garbage Collector) also releases bi

256-color bitmap format and 256-color bitmap programming

The following is a specific analysis of a C + + program (DrawBmp.cpp, Borland C + + Builder 6.0 compile-run) //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- #include #pragma hdrstop#include "DrawBitmap.h"//---------------------------------------------------------------------------#pragma package (smart_init)#pragma resource "*.DFM"TForm1 *form1;typedef enum//define execution result for display bitmap operation{OK,//succ

(GO) database Btree Index, hash index, bitmap bitmap index pros and cons

tested on: MySQL 5.5.25The current version of the test is MySQL 5.5.25 There are only btree and hashes of two index types, default is Btree. There are bitmap indexes (bitmap indexes) in Oracle or other types of databases, which are also provided here as comparisons.Btree IndexBTree (Multi-path search tree, not binary) is a common data structure. Using the BTREE structure can significantly reduce the interme

Crazy Bitmap-a large integer set with 12 GB of Bitmap generated without repeated random orders

The previous article describes how to use bitmap to sort non-duplicate data. The Sorting Algorithm is ready at a moment. I want to test the big data, because small data is quickly ranked in the memory. I. dataset generation requirements 1. The data is an integer in the range of 0--2147483647 (2 ^ 31-1; 2. The dataset contains an integer ranging from 0 to 2 ^ 31-1 of 60%, that is, the number of kicked 40%; 3. No duplicate data in the dataset, that is,

Bitmap font generator bitmap font tool for Cocos2d-x Study Notes

The ". fnt" file was used earlier, but the ". fnt" file was not described... Today, we will use this very useful Bitmap Processing tool to answer the above questions... 1,: 2, create a TXT file, and then enter the text you use, save as UTF-8 encoding txt, this software may not support other encoding import. Above is my input content 3. Understand the bitmap font Ge

Data structure bitmap bitmap

give 4 billion non-repeating unsigned integers, not sequenced. Given an unsigned integer, how can you efficiently determine whether the data is present. The direct idea is that we store these unsigned integers in memory and then make one by one comparisons with the given number. Let's analyze that an unsigned integer is 4 bytes, 4 billion * 4 bytes, 1 billion bytes is probably 4 G, and 4 billion unsigned integers are 16G Computer memory is generally not so big, even if there is such a large, bu

The de-screen bitmap of the Delphi GDI object (offscreen Bitmaps), also known as a memory bitmap

Http:// Off-screen bitmap (offscreen Bitmaps)Off-screen bitmaps, also called memory bitmaps, are commonly used in Windows programming. It makes images in memory and then uses the draw method to display them on the screen. When a user wants to draw an image faster on the screen, the off-screen bitmap helps avoid flickering. The off-screen

Cocos2d-x elementary school (6)-> bitmap font generator bitmap font Tool

Reprinted! Please indicate the source when reprint: The ". fnt" file was used earlier, but the ". fnt" file was not described... Today, we will use this very useful Bitmap Processing tool to answer the above questions... 1,: 2. Create a TXT file and enter the text you need This is the content I entered (Note: There is a mobile app that needs to use UTF-8.

Android parses the image content into a byte array, converts the byte array to a bitmap object called by imageview, scales the image, saves the byte array as a file, and converts bitmap to BYT.

Import java. Io. bufferedoutputstream; 04. Import java. Io. bytearrayoutputstream; 05. Import java. Io. file; 06. Import java. Io. fileoutputstream; 07. Import java. Io. ioexception; 08. Import java. Io. inputstream; 09. 10. Import Android. Graphics. Bitmap; 11. Import Android. Graphics. bitmapfactory; 12. Import Android. Graphics. matrix; 13. 14. Public class imagedispose { 15. 16. 17. 18 ./** 19. * @ Param parses the image content in

Android Official Development Document Training Series Course Chinese version: efficient display of bitmap loading large bitmap

Original address: how to use a conventional means of handling and loading bitmap objects, which in addition to making the user interface responsive, avoids exceeding the memory limit. If you're not careful, the bitmap will quickly deplete those poor memory and cause the program to crash because it will produce a horrible exc

PHP implementation bitmap Bitmap sorting to find the intersection

December 16, 2014 17:15:09Initializes a string of all 0 binary;An array of unordered integers;If the integer x is in this integer array, the x position of the binary string is 1;The binary string is then read sequentially, and the bits of 1 are converted into integers, stored sequentially in the new set, which is ordered.Sort code:1 function Sort()2 {3 //var_dump (Php_int_max, php_int_size);4 //int 92233720368547758075 //int 86 $bitma

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