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Bitmap Source code example in Android development

Bitmap Source code example in Android development Package; Import Java.awt.image.BufferedImage; Import; Import; Import; Import Javax.imageio.ImageIO; Public final class Bitmap extends _original_bitmap { Private BufferedImage mimage; Public Bitmap

Bitmap operations in OpenGL (glreadpixels, gldrawpixels, and glcopypixels application example)

1. A brief introduction to the BMP file format A bmp file is a pixel file that stores all pixels in an image. This file format can save a monochrome bitmap, a 16-or 256-color index mode pixel chart, and a 24-bit real-color image. The size of a single pixel in each mode is 1/8 bytes, 1/2 bytes, respectively, 1 byte and 3 byte. Currently, the most common are 256-color BMP and 24-bit BMP. This file format also defines several methods for storing pixels,

Example analysis of bitmap usage (display, save, zoom, rotate) in Android _android

This example describes the bitmap usage in Android. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: The image formats you can support in the Android SDK are as follows: PNG, JPG, GIF, and BMP. Creation of 1.Bitmap With the help of Bitmapfactory. 1 The picture in the resource Using Bitmapfactory to get bitmaps Copy Code code as follows:

Example analysis of bitmap usage in Android _android

This example describes the bitmap usage in Android. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Generally in the Android program to put the picture file in the Res/drawable directory can be used by the, but in the memory card picture how to reference it? The following features are implemented to introduce the use of bitmap. The proc

Screen Scraping program (bitmap DDB example)

handle, you can get (or set) the various properties of the DC, such as how wide, how high, etc... Implemented by the function GetDeviceCaps (). Excerpt function prototypes are as follows:int GetDeviceCaps ( // device DC int// index entry returned );There is a lot of information on the device DC, so the nindex is especially large. In this example only need to get the width and height of the screen.Cxscreen = GetDeviceCaps (Hdcdesktop, horzres);

ImageView and Bitmap conversion. For example, set the current image to the desktop background,

ImageView and Bitmap conversion. For example, set the current image to the desktop background, ImageView to Bitmap Bitmap bitmap = (BitmapDrawable) img. getDrawable (). getBitmap (); Bitmap

Processing of bitmap image transparency in Android (taking tearing beautiful clothes as an example ),

Processing of bitmap image transparency in Android (taking tearing beautiful clothes as an example ), Principle: place two images with different effects in the same position, and change the transparency of the image. Layout file: MainActivity Package cn. seanlou. stripclothes; import android. app. activity; import android. graphics. bitmap; import android. gra

Example of capturing video frames and converting them to Bitmap by Android

implements OnClickListener { @ Override Public void onClick (View v ){ Switch (v. getId ()){ Case R. id. button: GetBitmapsFromVideo (); Default:Break;} } } Public void getBitmapsFromVideo (){String dataPath = Environment. getExternalStorageDirectory () + "/testVideo.mp4 ";MediaMetadataRetriever retriever = new MediaMetadataRetriever ();Retriever. setDataSource (dataPath );// Obtain the video length (unit: milliseconds)String time = retriever. extractMetadata (MediaMetadataRetriever. METADATA_

Processing of bitmap picture transparency in Android (take the example of tearing beautiful clothes)

, the picture formatted in ARGB format. Imgblank =Bitmap.createbitmap (Imgtop.getwidth (), Imgtop.getheight (), Bitmap.Config.ARGB_4444); //Create the Imgblank as a canvas. Canvas Canvas =NewCanvas (Imgblank); //Paint the Imgtop on the canvasCanvas.drawbitmap (imgtop, 0, 0,NULL); Ivtop.setimagebitmap (Imgblank); Ivbottom.setimagebitmap (Imgbottom); Ivtop.setontouchlistener (NewMyontouchlistener ()); } Private voidFindview () {ivtop=(ImageView) Findviewbyid (; Ivbotto

Bitmap Sort Example

/int_bits); // automatically initialized to, if not C + +, can be self-defined as list;void set(int i){//i>>shift_bit equivalent to I/int_bits,i MASK equivalent to I%mask, the denominator of the remainder is generally ^n-1Bitmap[i>>shift_bit] |= 1 // current bit, set to 1, then perform or operate}// Get line I, column JBOOL get(int i,int J){//return (Bitmap[i>>shift_bit] 1return (bitmap[i] 1J MASK));}

Example of Symbian display bitmap

The key to this example is that the preparation of resource files is not very troublesome: The placement of the image is as follows: Create a picture folder at the same level as the group. In the folder, create a file named image1.bmp, which contains three BMP files: image1.bmp image2.bmp image2_mask.bmp. I. Add the command to package the image file at the end of the MMP file: Start bitmap testsvg_bmp .mbmH

Example of how to set bitmap filling background color for panel in flex 4

The following example demonstrates how to use bitmapfill and lineargradient In Flex 4 to set bitmap to fill the background color for the panel. The following is main. mxml: Main. mxml: XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8" ?> S : Application Name = "Spark_panel_fill_bitmapfill_test" Xmlns : FX = Http://" Xmlns : S = "Library: //

Example of a transparent bitmap class

Classes can be inserted into any program. It provides a unified interface. The interface function receives three parameters: resource index number, length, and width of the image. Of course, you can also add a pointer parameter of the parent window to determine the Create behavior of the class object, so that you can specify the parent window that the image represents should be attached. To compile this class, you must be familiar with the use of the CRgn class. For

Quad Tree lossy bitmap Compression Handler example _c language

A quad tree lesson Set Program, you can compress the 24-bit graph, applied to the Windows platform. Main.c Copy Code code as follows: #include "Bmp.h" int main (){Bitmapfileheader Fileheader;Bitmapinfoheader Infoheader;file* pfin1 =fopen ("Test.bmp", "RB");file* pfout1 = fopen ("Test1.dat", "WB");file* pfout2 = fopen ("Test2.bmp", "WB");file* pfin2 =fopen ("Test1.dat", "RB");quadtree_t T=null;Read the Bitmap file header;Fread (filehead

Example of a transparent bitmap class

Write a simple transparent bitmap class, sometimes for the program to Polish a lot of the following is a program I wrote the UI, personally feel quite interesting. Figure One appearance This class can be inserted into any program, it provides a unified interface, the interface function to receive the image of the resource index number, long, wide 3 parameters. Of course, you can also add a pointer parameter to the parent window to determine the obje

Rotating bitmap Bitmap bitmap of Android learning notes

Bitmap rotation can also be achieved through matrix or canvas. The postrotate method is used to set the rotation angle. Then, the createbitmap method is used to create a bitmap object that has been rotated. Finally, the drawbitmap method is used to draw the object to the screen. Therefore, the rotation operation is implemented. In the following example, both the

Database usage-oracle bitmap index,-oracle bitmap Index

Database usage-oracle bitmap index,-oracle bitmap Index Currently, a large number of indexes are mainly B * Tree indexes. The index structure stores the rowids of key values and key values, which correspond one to one. Bitmap indexes are mainly created for a large number of Columns with the same value (for example, cat

Dib (device-independent Bitmap) device-independent bitmap

Bitmap has two types: Device-related Bitmap (DDB) and device-independent Bitmap (DIB ). DDB bitmap is common in earlier Windows systems (before Windows 3.0). In fact, it is unique. However, with the development of the display manufacturing technology and the diversity of display devices, some inherent problems of DDB

Bitmap bitmap file reading, saving, and screenshots

image. You can set it to 0 DWORD biclrimportant; // specify the number of important colors of the image. It can be set to 0, indicating that all colors are important .} Bitmapinfoheader, * pbitmapinfoheader;The following figure shows the bitmap data:The bitmap is stored by row. The bitmap width is not equal to the number of row bytes of the

[Android training-09] efficiently displaying bitmap images [Lesson 3-two cached bitmap methods]

) needs a larger cache to hold the same number of images. What is the size and configuration of bitmap, and how much memory will be consumed? How often are images accessed? Are some of them more frequently accessed than others? If yes, you may want to save those most frequently accessed to the memory, or set multiple bitmaps (grouped by Access Frequency) for different groups.LruCacheObject. Can you balance quality and quantity? Sometimes it i

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