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SEO Latest Black Hat technology tutorials

future.Second: internal optimization of common means. Content, content, or content. Pseudo-Original, anchor text is indispensable.Third: The common means of external optimization. Outside the chain, outside the chain, or outside the chain. Hair outside the chain, you are a blog, forum Baidu Encyclopedia or know, as long as can leave the traces of the site is victory.Four: between the internal and external is the choice of keywords and primary and secondary distribution, the key words can be int

Python Black Hat programming 1.1 virtual machine installation and configuration Kali Linux 2016

tutorial. Question discussion please add QQ Group: Hacking (1 group): 303242737 Hacking (2 group): 147098303.Figure 1 xuanhun521 Subscription number0.2 PrefaceAbout Virtual machine installation Kali Linux has been a cliché, my previous blog post (Kali Linux penetration test 1.2 environment installation and initialization) and video tutorials (Kali Linux web pene

Python Black Hat programming 4.1 SNIFFER (Sniffer) data capture--supplemental

parsing.The last three lines of code are specific applications where we use pcapy for data capture.pcap = pcapy.open_live(dev, 1500, 0, 100)Open_live method The first parameter is the device to be opened, the second parameter is the size of the capture packet, whether the third parameter turns on promiscuous mode, the fourth parameter is the delay time to wait for the packet, and the method returns a Pcapy object.pcap.setfilter(filter)Call the SetFilter method to set the filter.pcap.loop(0, han

Black hat SEO strong technical outline

The white hat SEO technology has always been the bottom of all the seoer press boxes. What is published on the internet is scattered, vague, and has no practical use or clear essence. Countless new players who dream of becoming masters are still studying hard and are still telling themselves "A za a za fighting !", Unfortunately, Seo is essentially a long-term, slow technology that does not fundamentally solve the problem. All technologies can be call

Strengthen site security defense against black Hat SEO victim

small hackers do this business, but also quite prosperous. And for the personal station This is a more headache, because there is no effective way to solve this activity. Now the best way is to improve the security of your site. At present, like through the invasion of the server hanging black chain is relatively small, after all, the service provider's defense capacity is still available, so many small hackers from the Web site vulnerabilities, suc

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