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Php blank pages: Reasons for php blank pages and solutions; php blank pages _ PHP tutorials

The reason for the php blank page in the php Tutorial and the solution are as follows. Php blank pages in the php Tutorial: causes and solutions; reasons for blank pages in php and solutions. many programmers have encountered the reason and solution

3 tips to help you design a good blank page

Today's translation of this article, the author from the first contact with the product, there is no content/data/friends situation to start, analysis and summary of a number of blank page design ideas, should be able to bring inspiration to your

How to design a blank page, experience better!

In the design project that I went through, all the project members would require the designer to make the so-called "typical page", which is the product's homepage and the detail page.A blank page, or a default data page (for example, no contacts

_ Does the new blank window meet the standard ?, _ Blank new window

_ Does the new blank window meet the standard ?, _ Blank new window The common practice for opening a link in a new window is to add target = "_ blank" behind the link, and we use a transitional DOCTYPE (xh tml1-transitional. dtd), but when we use a

The idea of Web page blank Space design

Blank, in the Web page mainly refers to the space other than the graphics & text content. Although the white space in the Web page is not as romantic as "white as black" in landscape painting, he is crucial in guiding the user's vision and creating

Anti-virus: four tips: remove the Trojans on the IE blank page

Today, due to IE hijacking, it is common to modify the default browsing page. Therefore, it is no stranger to everyone. In addition, the restoration method can be reversed: you only need to reset the IE homepage, you can change the default browser

Interactive design: Please don't ignore the blank state

This article is reproduced from Desiringclicks, the original text titled "Blank State can also play a role." The author talks about the "blank state" that has been overlooked in many products. The Blank state (Blank Slate), which appears in the

Through the IFRAME in a Site page embedded blank page, cross-domain to get the data of B site back to a site!

The following code is just to demonstrate how the method is actually operating, and the actual meaning is not very significant.In fact, this method can also solve many aspects of cross-domain operations, the following two points for my work

IOS protocol-oriented encapsulation of blank page functionality

In order to have a good interactive experience, I believe that everyone in the treatment of ScrollView no data when the prompt page will use some third-party to customize, the most typical is the use of dznemptydataset. But it is not so good to

Common causes and solutions for PHP blank pages

Compiling PHP will inevitably lead to errors. In fact, it is not difficult to solve the problem. The most difficult solution is to have a blank page. Let's think about it. if an error occurs when you write PHP, you can correct it according to the

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