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"Unity Shaders" alpha Test and Alpha Blending

Transferred from: in frontThe question of Alpha has always been a more confusing thing, especially when it comes to translucency, and I don't know why A is blocking B, and B is in front

The amazing usage of blending modes with advanced techniques of toning

Mixed Mode We all have a certain understanding, I have talked about a lot, such as the multiply-stacked mode, color filter mode and the previous phase of the hue blending mode. Mixed mode is a very important function of PS, because PS is based on

Color Blending function in OpenGL (i)

color Blending function in OpenGL (i)        We know that material properties and illumination parameters can greatly increase the fidelity of a graphic, but in addition to this, many of the effects are achieved by blending colors when we model the

Transparency, transpoliccy, and Blending

15.010 what is the difference between transparent, translucent, And blended primitives? A transparent physical material shows objects behind it as unobscured and doesn' t reflect light off its surface. clear glass is a nearly transparent

Detailed analysis of the blending mode principle of Photoshop

If you want to use Photoshop often, then you need to understand a simple but not easy to understand feature of Photoshop--blending mode. This is a very easy to ignore feature in many of Photoshop's cool features, but after reading this article,

FLASH8 Filter and Blending mode (3): A preliminary study of mixed mode

Filter This is the third section of the Flash8 filter and blending mode tutorial, before reading this section, please read: (1): Filter Effect Overview(2): To see the effect of the filter at close range Have you always felt that the images created

The blending in OpenGL

prior to the use of mixed in the project, but the research is not in-depth, the recent art of a need to make me determined to re-delve into the mix and its cocos2d-x in the use of, here to share to everyone. Blending ( Blend , some translation

Depth sorting and alpha blending "go"

Translation: Li HunminLast modified: 2012-07-03Original: Depth sorting Alpha blended objectsFirst off, I wanted to answer a common question on the Creators Club forum, but I didn't get a satisfying answer on the Internet.The problem itself is simple,

Depth sorting and alpha blending

Original: Li HunminLast modified: 2012-07-03"Why are my transparent objects drawn in the wrong order, or why are some of their parts missing?" ”When

Photoshop's Blending mode

1, brightness is a color of the relative brightness, saturation refers to the purity of a color (color contains how much gray)2. Mixed ModeThe color pixels of the lower picture are called "basic Colors"; The selected is called a "blend" color, and

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