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PC Game Programming (introductory article) (preface is very good)

PC Game Programming (introductory article) chapter I Cornerstone 1. 1 boss Debut--GAF introduction chapter II 2D graphics program first experience 2. L Drink from--the first "game" program 2. 2 Know the reason why 112 D graphic basic 2. 3 Enter the world of graphics key--gafddraw 2. 4 2D The nature of the image-layer s

[Recommendation] test whether the PC configuration meets the requirements of a game.

With the growth of years and years, I have become less and less fond of games. Not to mention the fact that there are not many games that can make me crazy. Remotely thinking about how many excellent domestic RPG games I spent three years in junior high school, xianjian series, xuanyuan sword series, youcheng magic sword series, shenjie, Wolong, and Phoenix ...... Most of today's games are just a few trials, and then they enter the recycle bin. When I talk about this, I sometimes visit some

E3:PS4/PC Shamu 3 Crowdfunding $2 million in 9 hours

The E3 Nintendo has no new handheld (the legendary XDs. hehe) and the pocket of the message, was sprayed very seriously, Sony's FF7 re-Seihan and Shamu 3 is the highlight.and Shamu 3 of the crowdfunding speed is said to record, the player's feelings of victory. The author saw that there were also dozens of players in the country who sponsored the knife. It is said that 2 million dollars is not enough for th

Artificial Intelligence of Chess Game (3)--Game tree optimization

Objective:Chess game of Intelligent algorithm, online data a lot, very similar. However, the book came to the end of the shallow, I know this matter to preach. Combined with their own engineering practice, a simple summary of the next. On the one hand is the classic PC game programming (Man-machine game)>> Expression o

Celadon Qici-h5 mini-game Draw machine 3 effect settings

Now is ready, only owed the East wind, good, we work together, first to Dongfeng East.Fireworks particle effectThe first to implement our fireworks particle effect, click on our particle and configure it in a way. Note that at this point we have added white.png as a particle effect. Here are a few places to watch out for. At the end of the game, I ran the particle effect on my 5-point mobile phone, and it was properly dropped. In terms of optimizat

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