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Processing clob and BLOB fields in MySQL and Oracle

1. How to Deal with clob in MySQL and Oracle databases. BLOB data type (1) cannot be connected to clob in the database. The Blob type is as follows:   MySQL: clob corresponds to text and blob    In DB2/Oracle: clob corresponds to clob and blob(2)

Usage of Varchar2/Blob/Clob in Oracle

The database provides three field types: Varchar2, Blob, and Clob, which are used to store string or binary data. Varchar2 and Clob are used to store string data, while Blob is used to store binary data. Varchar2 is stored in a single byte and has

Use hibernate to read and write data of the Oracle blob/clob type

Environment: eclipse3.1 + hibernate2 + Oracle 10gNote: In this example, eclipse3.1 is used to read and write blob/clob data in Oracle through a Java project.1. Create a new table in the Oracle database named bigdata. The SQL statement is as

CLOB, BLOB, and NLOB in Oracle

Ing of SQL CLOB in JavaTM programming language. SQLCLOB is a built-in type that stores CharacterLargeObject as a column in a row of a database table. By default, the driver uses SQLlocator (CLOB) to implement the Clob object, which means that the

Full Control of Blob clob in Oracle using Java)

  Many Java operations on blob and clob fields in Oracle on the network are not comprehensive, some are inaccurate, and some are even nonsense. The recent project uses this knowledge and summarizes it here.Environment:Database: Oracle 9iAPP server:

Reading, saving, and updating of blob and clob fields in various databases

Some people often talk about reading and writing BLOB fields. I have been writing something recently. I have made some comparisons on the data types and functions of common databases, and I have also written a lot of tests.Code, The following are

How to restore images (such as BLOB fields) stored in Oracle to a pair of images

In Oracle, fields of the lob (large object, large object) type are increasingly used. This type of field has a large capacity (up to 4 GB of data), and a table can have multiple fields of this type, which is flexible, applicable to business areas

Parse the details of using jdbc,hibernate to process Clob/blob fields _java

(1) The types of corresponding clob,blob in different databases:In MySQL: Clob corresponds to a text blob corresponding to a blobcorresponding blob in CLOB corresponding Clob blob in db2/oracle(2) corresponding type in domain:CLOB corresponding

The Blob in Java and the explanation of CLOB

CLOB definitionA type in the database that is used to save the file.Character Large ObjectThe SQL type CLOB the mapping relationship in the JAVATM programming language. SQL CLOB is a built-in type that stores character large objects (Character Large

Introduction to the long raw blob clob type in Oracle, blobclob

Introduction to the long raw blob clob type in Oracle, blobclob Note: RAW: unprocessed type, which can store binary data or byte charactersLONG: variable-length string data. The maximum length is 2 GB. LONG has the VARCHAR2 column feature. It can

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