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Satellite orbit and two rows of data tle

Recently, because of the relationship between Sino-2 and Beidou, many netizens posted the Tle data indicating the orbit of the satellite. Here is a brief introduction to the satellite orbital parameters and the format of the tle. Although no one actually reads the TLE data directly, it is the use of software to obtain satellite orbit and location information, but

HDU 3572 "Max Stream + array open small meeting tle"

Test instructions: There are M machines, there are n tasks. Each task must be done in SI or later, completed before EI or, the completion task must process the PI time unit. where each task can work on any (idle) machine, each machine can only work one task at a time, and each task can only be worked by one machine at a time, and the task is half-interrupted and taken to other machines. Can you finish the task within the stipulated time?The map is simply classic. Just beginning to see is also a

"Binary Map Matching primer 1" n-special Fish hdu3395 "km algorithm" "Spring Breeze ten miles, are inferior to tle~~~"

tle,tle,tle,tle ... Oh, another 1wrong, really test my patience, and even more I put the end of the wrong condition, variable name mixed, define the global and define local variables.This time again the problem of initialization, say, why the diagram initialized to-inf to timeout, initialized to 0 a.Test instructions:

HDU 5313 bipartite graph (binary graph coloring, DP) TLE!!!

Test instructions: Soda has a $n$ point $m$ side of the dichotomy, he wants to add edge to make this graph into a number of sides of the most complete binary graph. So he wanted to know how many new edges he could add. Note that heavy edges are not allowed.Idea: Two-figure coloring this simple, mainly DP, there is a time limit. I think it should be to find out all the connected components, the number of points on each side of the connected component is stored, followed by a unified DP. But!! Tim

Solution to the tle problem caused by violent swap

B. Pasha and StringThe topic is simple, that is, the string from one position to another position between the fragments in reverse order, the basic idea is to use swap 22 exchange. At this point the problem is the time limit exceeded, 22 exchange too time-consuming, because there is exchange in the past and exchange back to the equivalent of no change in exchange wasted time, there is no better way? Because the upside is the middle number, so you can count the number of times each letter in the

Pku21_square (also TLE .....................)

);}}Else{Solution (sticks, ++ St, long1, long2 );}}Else if (ST {Solution (sticks, ++ St, long1, long2 );}} Int main (void){Int testcase;Cin> testcase;Int number2;Stick TMP;Int sum = 0;While (testcase> 0){Testcase --;Cin> number2;Vector For (INT I = 0; I {Cin> TMP. value;TMP. Sign = 0;Sum = sum + TMP. value;Sticks. push_back (TMP );}Sort (sticks. Begin (), sticks. End (), CMP );If (sum % 4 = 0 (* (sticks. Begin (). value {Solution (sticks, 0, sum/4, sum/4 );}If (flag = true){Cout }Else{Cout }Su

Using TLE data to determine satellite orbits

determine the shape of the track, whether it is an ellipse or a circle, and how large the ellipse is. The two quantities of 3 and 4 determine the position of the satellite orbital plane in space, but in which position the orbit in the orbital plane is uncertain. 5 This value combines the orbital shape and the orbital plane to determine the position of the track in the orbital plane. 6 determines the position of the satellite at some point in time, so that a complete orbit is determined.2.

Using TLE data to determine satellite orbit (2)-SGP4 model implementation

1, the Tle Rail report:Next, the significance of the contents of the Tle Rail report is as follows:2. SGP4 Model:The SGP4/SDP4 model developed by NORAD is needed for the calculation of satellite orbits in the tle orbit, and the SGP4 model was developed by Ken Cranford in 1970 for the Near Earth satellite, which is a broad solution to Lane and Cranford (1969). Ana

BZOJ-2743: [HEOI2012] Picking flowers (tree array or tle MO team)

does not pick; Inquiry [1, 2]: color 1 and color 2 flowers are only one, the princess does not pick;Inquiry [2, 2]: color 2 flower Only one flower, the princess does not pick;Inquiry [2, 3]: Because the color 2 flower has two flower, the princess picked the color 2 flower;Inquiry [3, 5]: Color 1, 2, 3 flowers each, the princess does not pick.HINT"Data Range"For 100% of data, 1≤n≤10^6,c≤n,m≤10^6.SourceSee the topic at the first glance ... MMP it's not a stupid team. So anger godless a MO team up

about using the Arrays.sort () method in Java tle

Recently has been practicing with the Java writing problem (link), today did not want to find a very simple two-part problem, I started is directly open int[] array call Arrays.sort () to sort, did not think of Tle, originally because the JDK for int[] sort is the use of fast sorting, The relevant call source code in JDK is as follows1 Public Static void sort (int[] a) {2 null, 0, 0); 3 }View CodeAnd the test data just has the anti-fa

Bzoj 2589 spoj 10707 Count on a tree II force online MO Team Algorithm (TLE)

Topic: Given a tree, each node has a color, many times asked the number of colors on a path, forcing onlinePositive solution is a block array, forcing the online Mo team will be tle to die, want to ac this problem don't lookIt's not hard to run a tree on the plain--but force onlineSo we can consider forcing the online Mo team algorithmDivide the tree into O (N^1/3) blocks, each block size O (N^2/3)Record the answers between each of the two pieces, the

Hangdian 1003 Max sum TLE

This question requires the largest sum of consecutive subsequences. So when I see the question, I think of listing all the situations and comparing the two, taking the maximum value (that is, the meaning of updating the maximum value), this idea is very simple, but it will time out, the time complexity is O (n ^ 3), because there are three for statements # Include Hangdian 1003 Max sum TLE

Poj 3744 scout yyf I probability DP matrix was initially considered wrong TLE

# Include Incorrect at first, TLE

SDUT3298 Little Xin kills Monsters scroll array anti-tle

left behind by all defense tower attacks.InputThe input contains multiple groups. the first line of each group is an integerN (0 , representing a total of N squares on the road . The second line is an integer m (0 ,represents the number of the defensive towers owned by Xiao Xin. next M line ,Each line consists of three integers Li, ri, di (1 ,represents the attack range of the Tower of defense.[L, R] and the damage value of the tower. Next an integer K (0 , representing the number of monsters.

ACMOJ-UESTC1008, unfinished, in TLE

UESTC 1008 (kill) It's always TLE ...... Tomorrow #include

ZOJ-1654 place the robots split row split column diagram + binary matching or maximum independent point set + TLE

Given a square, each point in the grid is composed of an open space, lawn, and a wall. A robot can be placed in each blank space, and each robot can scan the laser in four directions, therefore, a solution should be given to place enough robots on the board. The laser can pass through the lawn but cannot pass through the wall. Solution: in fact, this is a classic binary match diagram. The practice is to split rows and columns, that is, if a row contains a wall, when the front and back of the wal

Ultraviolet A 12657-boxes in a line (what is the difference between AC and TLE? Why is STL slow ..)

Written using the list in STL, TLE #include AC code, simulate the linked list with Arrays: #include STL is convenient, but it is indeed much slower. Be cautious when using it...

hihocoder#1050: The longest road in the tree (the longest path algorithm in the tree two times BFS Find root node for maximum +bfs Mark route length +bfs not easy to time out, with Dfs do Tle)

describes a stick, wherein the I+1 Act Two integer Ai,bi, which represents the number of two balls connected by the root of the I stick.For 20% of data, meet nFor 50% of data, meet nFor 100% of data, meet NLittle hi Tip: Those with array storage tree edge remember to open twice times the size Oh!OutputFor each set of test data, output an integer ans, which indicates the distance between the two nodes farthest from the given tree. Sample input 81 21 31 44 53 66 77

Educational Codeforces Round (rated for Div. 2) B. Segment occurrences (array prefix and anti-tle)

Title Link: Http:// two string s,t, and then give an interval of s, asking how many substrings exist in the substring that are the same as TIf a lookup is timed out, you only need to prefix and subtract#include using namespacestd;intn,m,q;strings,t;intL,r;inthay[10000],shay[10000];intMain () {Ios::sync_with_stdio (false); CIN>>n>>m>>Q; CIN>>s>>T; S=" "+s; T=" "+T; for(intI=1; i1; i++) {Hay[i]=1; for(intj=0; j) { if(s[i+j]!=t[1+J]) {Hay

[Leetcode] use the wildcard matching wildcard to implement the Tle

The leetcode question is quite interesting. It implements wildcards ,'? 'Match any character, '*' match any length string. Try it at night. The question is as follows:   Implement wildcard pattern matching with support‘?‘And‘*‘. ‘?‘ Matches any

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