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How to block network traffic in Linux based on country location

How to block network traffic in Linux based on country location As a system administrator who maintains a Linux production server, you may encounter the following situations: You need to selectively block or allow network traffic to pass through

7 commonly used. htaccess code to organize IP access for a country

htAccess files (hypertext Access file) is a very powerful configuration file for Apache Web servers, and for this file, Apache has a bunch of parameters that allow you to configure almost any function you want.Use. htaccess block search engine

Shell script with Iptables shields IP access from a country _linux shell

One of our clients was attacked in Saturday, our network monitoring shows a 6 consecutive hours of huge abnormal traffic, we immediately contacted the customer, did not get a response, we modify and limit the customer's VPS, so that individual VPS

How to change your Apple ID country or region

The swap operation is actually very simple and the benefits are obvious.Need to know1. Change of proposed area to Hong Kong, USA2. The area can be replaced again without worrying3. If you want to purchase the app, you need to fill in the local

How to block domestic IP access to our website in some way!

As enterprises independently operate their own foreign trade website, the rise of foreign trade website, more and more heard a voice: how to block Chinese IP address? Operating foreign trade business-to-business, foreign Trade website company, all

JavaScript-How does the Foreign Trade website block the mainland IP?

Foreign trade station do not want to let China visit, want to use JavaScript to detect browser language is the Chinese are blocked, but will be hurt to a lot of overseas Chinese, and from the statistics on the website overseas Chinese accounted for

The micro-consultation innovation model of the question and answer website

The next competition market in Chinese Internet is the question and answer website, it will be difficult to do a large-scale question and answer site, but to do a market segmentation of the question and answer site is full of opportunities, such as

The stability of the server determines the ranking of the website, you konw?

The stability of the server determines the ranking of the website, youkonw?With the development of the Society, Network technology, online transactions, online exchanges more and more, then involved in the construction of the station, then the site

Nginx rejects the configuration of a specified IP address to access the website

Nginx rejects access from a specified IP address is actually very simple. Let's look at the simple configuration.In the following example, all connections are rejected:Location /{# The Error 403 will always be output here.Deny all;# These commands

JS converts simplified and traditional Chinese characters of a website

First, save the following JS Code for simplified and traditional conversion as the name of the simp_trad.js file. Function window. onload (){ VaR S = "and ugly professional Cong Dong Si lost two Yan Feng Lin Li Ju Yiwu leqiao Xi Xiang book shopping

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