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PHP implements API calls for Baidu, NetEase, and Sina short URL services

1 Comparison of APIs for Google, Baidu, NetEase, and Sina short website servicesThe API interface of Baidu short website is completely open to the outside world. Users do not need to apply for the APPKEY of the open platform or use the OAuth

PHP-FPM configuration and usage summary, php-fpm configuration Summary

PHP-FPM configuration and usage summary, php-fpm configuration Summary Copyright Disclaimer: This article is an original article by the blogger and cannot be reproduced without the permission of the blogger.   PHP-FPM configuration and use

Google API Introduction

For more information about Google's APIs, see here we will introduce them to everyone:) The development demonstration of Google-related APIs will be available in subsequent blogs. Please stay tuned! The following

Collection of API addresses of major blog Systems

What is API?Application Programming InterfaceApplication programming interface. The blog API is of course an application interface based on various blog systems. For example, you can use zoundry or live writer to publish several offline logs and

How to use C to expand PHP (packaged as so) in Linux

: This article mainly introduces how to use C extension PHP (packaged as so) in Linux. For more information about PHP tutorials, see. This article mainly talks about packaging C extension program. so file in Linux and Windows different, detailed

Ngx_lua module API description

: This article mainly introduces the ngx_lua module API description. if you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, refer to it. Ngx_lua module API description # Ngx commands Lua_code_cache on | off; Purpose: enable or disable the Lua code cache and

PHP underlying implementation

PHP underlying implementation? 2. compile PHP in the local environment. required versions: 5.4, 5.5, and 5.6. each version must contain three compiling versions, including /Usr/lib/apache2/modules /Etc/apache2/mod-enabled/ Vim

The settlement of record php5.4 and Php-redis conflict

Recently because of the update of the source of Ubuntu, causing the original Xinyuan and the Local system library some Lib conflict, causing the system desktop display exception, and then only reload, the new installation of php5.4.9, also installed

Php obtains the country, province, city, and surrounding data types based on geographic coordinates.

: This article describes how to use php to obtain data from countries, provinces, cities, and surrounding areas based on geographical coordinates. For more information about PHP tutorials, see. Function: when the App obtains the geographical

Configure ImageMagick and Imagick in PHP under win7

: This article describes how to configure ImageMagick and Imagick in PHP under win7. if you are interested in PHP Tutorial, refer to it. 1. download ImageMagick: you have selected imagemagick-6.9.2-0-q16-x64-dll.exe. Address

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