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[Blue Bridge Cup] with fractions

[Blue Bridge Cup] with fractionsPeak memory consumption "Title Description-Problem Description"100 can be expressed as a fractional form: 100 = 3 + 69258/714can also be represented as: 100 = 82 + 3546/197Note features: With fractions, the digital 1~9

Blue Flood CDN Simple Web Refresh Program

Blue Flood CDN Refresh API collection is very convenient, but contains clear text account password, public very uncomfortable.A small station was built in the beginner's python.Baidu a bit, found that Nginx+uwsgi is currently a good production

Realization of the chat room private Message (on) (posted)

Chat room ' Get the speech content and filter the script statements in it Usersays=request.form ("says") If InStr (Usersays, "script") 0 Then Usersays= "" End If ' To judge whether there is a conversation or not to deal with it If Len (usersays) "0

CSS + Div Positioning

CSS + Div Positioning Doctype HTML public"-// W3C // dtd xhtml 0 transitional // en"Http://www.worg/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd" > Html Xmlns = "Http://www.worg/1999/xhtml" > Head > Meta HTTP-equiv = "Content-Type"

HTML5 tag nesting rules-blue ideal for matches

HTML5 tag nesting rules-blue ideal for matches × Directory [1] classification [2] child elements [3] SummaryPrevious In html5, the child element of an element can be a block-level element, which was previously considered non-compliant with the rule.

Python crawler--some poses for cleansing of crawled data (5)

A reptile, of course, uses data. To analyze the data, first clean the data. This cleaning data includes removing useless data columns and dimensions, deleting the same data, and making corrections to the data.From the big different news sites can

Blue Bridge Cup algorithm training ALGO-117 friendly number

Algorithm training friendly number time limit: 1.0s memory limit: 256.0MB The problem description has two integers, and if the approximate sum of each integer is equal to the other (except for itself), we call this logarithm friendly. For example:9

Blue Bridge Cup algorithm training ALGO-116 the biggest formula

Algorithm training maximum calculation time limit: 1.0s memory Limit: 256.0MB Problem description topic is very simple, give n numbers, do not change their relative position, in the middle add K multiplication sign and n-k-1 a plus, (parentheses

Blue Bridge Cup algorithm training ALGO-124 digital triangles

Algorithm training Digital Triangle time limit: 1.0s memory Limit: 256.0MB problem description (Figure 3.1-1) shows a number triangle. Please compile a program to calculate a route from top to bottom somewhere.So that the sum of the numbers passed

Blue Bridge Cup algorithm training ALGO-125 wang, HOU legend

Algorithm training king, After the legend time limit: 1.0s memory limit: 256.0MB problem Description The earth people know, in chess, after the sun, radiant, imposing eight sides, it can control the horizontal, firm, slash Position.The Chinese

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