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Lightweight and practical front-end cmd loader based on requirejs+bluebird,50 line code

The first is the GitHub address, you can use the git clone command can also be downloaded directly from the git pageHttps:// downloading the directory structure is like this-package.json-index.js-node_modules--bluebird--jquery--requirejsRequireasync functionThe Requireasync function is a global function defined in Index.js that accepts an infinite number of string arguments, a module name or a module path that

Nodejs HTTP request module written with request and Bluebird

-urlencoded options.form = PostData;Post Data res = Request.postasync (options);Returns the Promise function executed by the generation}else{res = request.getasync (options);} //returns the Promise function performed return res.spread ( function (res, body) {return body; }); } catch (ex) {throw Ex;}}; //visitasync return curl;}) (); module.exports = curl; using: test.jsimport curl = require ( ". Curl "); var tsk = Curl.visitasync (catch () can catch thrown errors, do not know the direct use of

Bluebird-nodejs's Promise

();varGetfileexcerpt = require ('.. /utils/getfileexcerpt ') Router.get (‘/‘,function() {Getfileexcerpt.then (function(fileexcerpt) {Res.json ({message:fileexcerpt}); });}); Module.exports=router;//Utils/getfileexcerpt.jsvarPromise = require (' Bluebird '));varFS = Promise.promisifyall (Require (' FS '))); Module.exports=functionGetpost () {returnFs.readfileasync (file, ' UTF8 '). Then (function(content) {return{excerpt:content.substr (0, 100)

Mongoose and Bluebird Use cases

All calls to Nodejs are almost completely asynchronous, and all IO operations are known by callback functions. If an asynchronous call relies on another asynchronous call, it is possible to fall into the legendary callback hell if there is no promise.Bluebird implements the transformation of asynchronous callbacks into chained notation, and extends the APIs such as catch, finally, bind, and so on, which can help us focus on the error of each query.The information about promise and

Bluebird-core API (iii)

Promise.joinpromise.join ( Promise Any values ..., function--PromiseFor coordinating multiple concurrent discrete promises. .allwhile are good for handling a dynamically sized list of uniform promises, are much easier (and more Promise.join performant) To use when you have a fixed amount of discrete promises, that's want to coordinate concurrently. The final parameter, handler function, 'll be invoked with the result values of all of the fufilled promises. For example:var Promise = require

BLUEBIRD-API Introduction and Demo

varPromise = require ("Bluebird");varFS = require ("FS");//Method of PromisevarReadfileasync =promise.promisify (fs.readfile);//. Spread ([function Fulfilledhandler] [, function Rejectedhandler]), Promise//usage: Splitting the result set//ExamplePromise.delay (0). Then (function () { return[Readfileasync (' 1.txt ', ' utf-8 '), Readfileasync (' 2.txt ', ' utf-8 '), Readfileasync (' 3.txt ', ' utf-8 ') ];}). Spread (function(File1, File2, File3)

Bluebird-core API (i)

would receive the error as an argument. The return result of the predicate would be used determine whether the error handler should is called.Predicates should allow to very fine grained control over caught errors:pattern matching, Error-type sets with set opera tions and many other techniques can is implemented on top of them.Example of using a predicate-based filter:var Promise = require ("Bluebird"); var request = Promise.promisify (Require ("requ

Blue Bird Bluebird Promise Library Introduction

callback writing, in the asynchronous operation, after the execution of a chain call to execute the callback function. You may be dismissive, so the promise is capable. I encapsulate the callback function, and it's not the same for Runasync, like this: function Runasync (callback) { settimeout (function () { console.log (' execution completed '); Callback (' random data '); } Runasync (function (data) { console.log (data); }); The

Fire Shadow _ bluebird _ Chinese-Japanese Roman sound

Feather (は) ばたいたら Ha ba ta i ta ra "If wings." (戻) もどらないといって Mo do re na i to i~ te "I said I wouldn't come back." (Eye point) めざしたのは Me za shi ta no wa "Target is" (Cang) あおい (Cang) あおいあのそら (empty) A o i a o i a no so RA "The blue Blue

JS effect: Picture Carousel, tab, side menu drop-down effect, progress bar effect, slide effect, buddy list check effect, click to select Show Effect

"). InnerHTML = document.getElementById ("List1"). InnerHTML;}:YearsMonthDay fillyear (); fillmonth (); fillday ();    Function Fillyear () { var sj = new Date (); var Nian = Sj.getfullyear ();     var s = ""; for (Var i=nian-5;i { if (I==nian) { S + = "} Else { S + = " } } document.getElementById ("year"). InnerHTML = s; } Function Fillmonth () { var sj = new Date (); var Yue = sj.getmonth () +1;       var s = ""; for (Var i=1;i { if (I==yue) { S + = "} Else { S

Effect of broken window effect of butterfly effect proximate effect frog effect _ Classic Net Pick

The political scientist Wilson and the criminology have put forward a "broken window theory". This theory suggests that if someone breaks the window of a building, and the window is not repaired in time, others may be given some hint of connivance to break more window glass. Over time, these broken windows give people a sense of disorder. As a result, crime breeds and flourishes in this public-insensitive atmosphere. "Broken window theory" is not only applied in social management, but also used

CSS3 Animation: color text effect + image blur effect + border stretch effect, css3 text Effect

CSS3 Animation: color text effect + image blur effect + border stretch effect, css3 text EffectPreface First, layout the html code as follows: As shown above, the first image img is the DOM element that achieves the blur effect of the image. text-gradient implements the DOM element of the colorful text

HTML CSS Note warp effect-transition effect-animation effect

A TransformCSS3 provides an element deformation effect, also called a transform. It enables the ability to rotate, scale, and pan elements. There are two properties: Transform and Transform-origin.For the property value of transform, the following table is specified:Move 200 pixels horizontally and vertically, or you can use percentagesTransform:translate (200px,200px);Pan 200 pixels horizontally, no later 0 can alsoTransform:translate (200px,0); Tran

CSS3 Animation: Flow color text effect + picture blur effect + border stretching effect realization

ObjectiveFirst, the first step is to lay out the HTML code as follows:Divclass= "Wrap"> imgsrc= "Images/1.jpg"class= "Blur"/> Divclass= "Text-gradient">DivineDiv> Divclass= "Border">Div>Div>Above the first picture img is the DOM element that implements the image blur effect,text-gradient implements the DOM element of the streaming color text effect, andborder implements the DOM element of the borde

Butterfly Effect, frog phenomenon, crocodile rule, Catfish Effect, herd effect ....... Do you understand this?

Butterfly Effect, frog phenomenon, crocodile law, Catfish Effect, Herd Effect ...... do you understand this? Butterfly Effect , Crocodile , Frog , Rule , Herd 1. Butterfly Effect: In the 1970s S, a meteorological scientist named Lorenz in the United States explained Air Sys

Windows Interface Programming Article 1 bitmap display effect flying effect and stretching Effect

Reprinted please indicate the source, original address: Welcome to Weibo: For Windows interface programming, the bitmap display special effect series directory is as follows: 1. The ninth part of Windows Interface Programming: bitmap display effect staggered Http:// 2. Windo

(Android Control) ImageView control development effect Summary (border effect, filter effect)

Document directory Preface 1 ImageView add rounded border 2. Set the Image view to have a filter effect. The following example shows the gray effect. Preface This article summarizes the effects used in ImageView development.1 ImageView add rounded border The following is an example Implementation Process description: Step One: Set the Padding of ImageView to a certain width, and set android: adjustVie

Transition effect, animation effect, transform effect

The wording of the transition effect-webkit-transition:all 5s ease-in 0s;How the Animation works:H1 {-WEBKIT-ANIMATION:CC 10s ease-in 0 infinite alternate;}@-webkit-keyframes cc {0% {color:red;}20% {color:green;}50%{color:yellow;}75%{color:gray;}100%{color:purple;} /* Purple */}h1:hover{-webkit-animation-play-state:paused; Put the mouse on the animation stop}Combining animations and transformationsOne:img{-webkit-animation:yy 0.2s ease-in 0s infinite

The text in textview in Android achieves the dynamic effect, with the flashlight effect and flashing effect

I encountered a headache when I was learning Android-how to make the text work out as a drive lamp. At first I wanted to find some information on the Internet, just like everyone else, however, after searching for a few hours on the Internet, I found that the results were very annoying. I did not answer a lot of questions, so I started my own research path, I am an android cainiao character, and I am very fond of it. I gradually learned how to implement the drive-by-lamp

Slide switch effect CSS3 slide switch "Pure CSS3 code Realization Slide Switch effect-CSS3 sliding effect-css3 left and right slide

Today, I saw a blog post about the CSS3 incident, and then I sorted out the relevant information on a whim. Click the button to achieve the sliding effect of the switch.Today, I saw a blog post about the CSS3 incident, and then I sorted out the relevant information on a whim. Click the button to achieve the sliding effect of the switch.Today, I saw a blog post about the CSS3 incident, and then I sorted out

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