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Curl Operations OpenStack Object storage REST API details _openstack

Due to the recent work need to use OpenStack, use Curl Operation OpenStack Object storage Rest API, this is I found a lot of information, here, recorded. Using OpenStack, use curl to manipulate the rest API for OpenStack object storage

Openstack Object Storage developer Guide/official swift API documentation-translation (1)

) Client Authentication is provided by the get method of the rest interface and is usedV1.0As the path. In addition, there are two headers that must provide:X-auth-userAndX-auth-KeyAnd their values are the user name and API access key respectively. Each rest request accessing the openstack Object Storage System must contain a specific header in the HTTP heade

Openstack Object Storage developer Guide/official swift API documentation-translation (5)

the next example. Swift post-m'Web-Listings: True'Container Example 3.41: Set the CSS style for the file list Set a style for the file list. Swift post-m'Web-listings-CSS: listings.css'Container 3.3.2. Set error pages for static websites) You may need to set custom error pages for your site. Currently, only 401 (unauthorized) and 404 (not found) errors are supported. To implement custom error pages, you need to set the metadata HeaderX-container-meta-web-Error. The true error pag

"Python" calls the S3 object storage API using Boto

("=========================================================================================================== =========") Sys.exit (-1) elif (len (SYS.ARGV)==4): Type= sys.argv[1] Assert (type=="Upload") Package_type= sys.argv[2] Package_path= sys.argv[3] Package_name=os.path.basename (package_path) s3_storage=s3_storage () print ("UPLOAD Package"+ Package_name +"To S3 START ...") S3_storage.upload_package (Package_type, Package_path) print ("UPLOAD Package SUCCESS ...") elif (len (SYS.ARGV)==5

WordPress Option API (database storage API)

settingsThe update setting uses the update_option () function, which is added or updated regardless of whether the settings are present. Parameters:$option(string) (must) the key name of the setting to update.Default value: None$newvalue(mixed) (must) the value to update, which can be any data type, even Object.Default value: NoneExample: 123456 Update_option (' example_option ', ' Update a Session 2 ');//Update the string update_option (' Example_option2 ', false);//Updat

C + + Persistent object Storage (persistent object Storage for C + +)

c++|object| objects C + + Persistent object Storage (persistent object Storage for C + +) Profile Description Object types allocate and release objects from memory the permanent object

Introduction to the Web API (IV): INDEXEDDB API for client storage

OverviewPrevious: Introduction to the Web API (III): client-side storage of the Web Storage APIClient storage is about the same as a dynamic website in one respect. Dynamic Web sites use the server to store data, while client-side storage uses the client to store the data.In

"Android API Guides (iii)" Data Storage--storage Options

FinalString dictionary_table_create ="CREATE TABLE"+ Dictionary_table_name +" ("+ Key_word +"TEXT,"+ Key_definition +"TEXT);"; Dictionaryopenhelper (Context context) {Super(Context, database_name,NULL, database_version); }@Override Public void onCreate(Sqlitedatabase db) {Db.execsql (dictionary_table_create); }}You can get a Sqliteopenhelper object according to the method you specified, and then call the Getwritabledatabase () and Getreadabled

Revit API extended storage extensible Storage

Revit 2012 API provides extended storage extensible storage to attach data to revit files. The data is appended to the object. For more information, see the projectinfo example attached to the project file. Using System; Using System. Collections. Generic; Using System. LINQ; Using System. text; UsingWi

Android Development-API Guide-data storage

settings = getsharedpreferences (prefs_name,0); One BooleanSilent = Settings.getboolean ("Silentmode",false); A setsilent (silent); - } - the @Override - protectedvoid onStop () { - Super. OnStop (); - + //an Editor object is required to modify the configuration. - //all objects are from Android.context.Context +Sharedpreferences settings = getsharedpreferences (prefs_name,0); ASharedpreferences.editor Editor =Setting

HTTP flood HTML5 Javascript API extension 3-new local storage experience

solution launched by Microsoft in the browser World War in the S. It stores local data with the behaviour attribute of DHTML, allowing each page to store up to 64 K data, and each site can store up to k Data, the disadvantage of userData is obvious. It is not part of the Web standard, unless your program only needs to support IE, it is basically useless.3. Flash cookie. Flash cookies are not the same as HTTP cookies. They may be called "Flash local storage

Android API Guides --- Data Storage

Android API Guides --- Data StorageData StorageStore application data in databases, files, or preferences, internal or removable storage. You can also add a data backup service to enable users to store and recover application and system data.Storage OptionsTrainingSynchronize to cloud This course covers different policies for the application of cloud computing functions. It covers synchronizing data and usi

Dropbox launches cloud storage API

mobile devices do not need to use local files and all files will be synchronized to your PC. Before the release, Dropbox has integrated the API with a number of developers, such as air sharing, goodreader andQuickoffice can now directly access your Dropbox account, edit or synchronize files in it. This API currently provides a setClient class libraries written in obj

HTML5_06 drag-and-drop API, Worker thread, Storage, html5_06worker

HTML5_06 drag-and-drop API, Worker thread, Storage, html5_06worker 1. data transmission between the source object and the target object event in the drag-and-drop API:① Create a global variable -- pollute the global object:Var global variable = null;Src. ondragstart = functi

Application of OSS object storage for file storage services-installation of OSS SDK

Application of OSS object storage for file storage services-installation of OSS SDK 1.SDK related information OSS Java SDK is available for JDK version 6 and above. 2.SDK Installation Maven Code Install as Jar packClick to download Jar Pack 3.SDK API documentation Javadoc and source codeJavadoc Address GitHub A

HTML5 Storage API

encrypted, and, on the other hand, network bandwidth is consumed regardless of the data in which the associated Url,cookie is loaded. After the advent of WEB storage, developers can store data that needs to be repeatedly accessed across requests directly in the client's browser (developers can also store data in JavaScript objects, which are saved when the page loads, and are easily accessible). You can also recover data when you open it again long

HTML5 Storage API

risk without encryption. On the other hand, no matter which url is loaded, the data in the cookie consumes network bandwidth. After the emergence of Web Storage, developers can directly store data that requires repeated access across requests in the client browser (developers can also store data in javascript objects, objects are saved during page loading and easy to obtain). You can also restore data when the browser is closed for a long time to red

C ++ permanent Object Storage

C ++ permanent Object Storage (Persistent Object Storage for C ++) Introduction Describes how to use object types to allocate and release objects from memory permanent Object Protocol Memory constructor to enable POST ++ installat

How to characterize IBM FileNet P8 content Query and storage with the Java Security API

This paper is divided into two parts, the first part expounds the security mechanism of FileNet content Engine; The second part illustrates how to use the security-related Java API to set security, which guarantees the security of the stored content. FileNet Content Engine Security mechanism Introduction FileNet content Engine is one of the core modules in FileNet P8 system, which is mainly responsible for contents

Java Learning Lesson 34th (Common Object API)-set FRAME (ii)-list collection and its subclass characteristics

-specificThe API documentation explains: series table iterators, which allow programmers to traverse the list in either direction, modify the list during iteration, and get the current position of the iterator in the list.Listiterator iterators, which are the exception problems that occur when you are dealing with concurrent modifications to iterator iterations and collection operations /p>Import Java.util.arraylist;import java.util.iterator;imp

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