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Unreal Engine 4 Master of Art-blueprint II Chinese version

This article is written by Cartzhang, reproduced please indicate the source. All rights reserved.Article Link:, everyone.Some time ago, I was involved in translating a book written by a foreigner to UE4 's blueprint.In the efforts of everyone, finally translated finished.Hope everyone to buy and reference. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact!Directory of the BookDirectoryChapter #1

Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint Custom Events

to the right-click, add Event-in the blueprint. Custom events can specify input parameters, and can also specify whether the event can be synchronized on the client and server side.Replication has four options, which are not replicated by default, can be selected for multiplexing, run on the server, run on the client to which it belongs, and can be selected if the event needs to be routed over the network.Enter a value column to add parameters, the s

"UNREAL ENGINE game development" begins with the UE4 Blueprint (Blueprint) and C + + (new children's shoes must SEE)

group of administrators are more than 2 years of Unreal Engine development veteran!"Unreal Engine" 191452043650) this.width=650; "class=" Alignnone size-medium wp-image-2165 "src=" 2016/04/1-300x217.png "alt=" 1 "width=" "height=" 217 "style=" margin:0px;padding:1px;border:1px solid RGB ( 97,146,140); font-style:inherit;font-variant:inherit;font-weight:inherit;fo

From Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4 released for a long time, until recently had time to look carefully.Timsweeney eldest brother a word "IF you love SOMETHING, SET IT free", originally need hundreds of thousands of authorization jinn can get the thing, from $19, to become freeware, and open source. As an international top engine, to get out of this step, for me and other ordinary developers is really the gospel. Such a bull x

[Unreal] UE4 Unreal 4 C + + Project Complile failed problem Solving method

This problem is because the machine is missing a compiler, just configure the location of the compiler itself.The first step: you create a new Bin folder under any folder, and a AMD64 folderStep Two: Open the \vc\tools\msvc\14.11.25503\bin\hostx64\x64 directory of your own VS installation address, copy the contents into the Bin folder, and copy the files into the AMD64 file.Step three: Open the RegistryHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE\MICROSOFT\VISUALSTUDIO\SXS\VC7 change the key value of

Unreal 4 Animation System overview

Unreal Engine provides a complete set of animation design system, from basic animation import, to the final character animation control, the process is complete and mature, easy to get started. The following first introduced from the macro-UE4 animation system, and then in-depth introduction of several functional modules.first, the overall introductionThe following image is translated from the official document, which introduces the context of the ani

What do you think about the unreal 4 engine?

Tags: Ar use SP on problem code bs amp to work I downloaded the source code and compiled environment of unreal 4 in the last two days and tried it a little. Without in-depth research, I ran a few samples, looked at the editor environment, and did not even read the C ++ code. Therefore, it is not qualified to fully discuss the world's most advanced game engine. However, I do not intend to continue my in-de

Unreal 4 Property system (reflection) translation

Reflection is the ability of a program to self-test at run time. It is very useful and basic technology in Unreal engine that supports features such as the details panel in the editor, serialization, garbage Collection, network replication, and the blueprint and C + + interaction. However, C + + native does not support any form of reflection, so the Unreal engine

[Ue4] Unreal 4 link independent server

How should I connect to the server if unreal 4 only serves as a client? The official website does not provide blueprint network functions, which are available in C ++. 1. implement it by yourself and provide interfaces for blueprint use. 2. Third-party plug-ins. Plug-in: 1. Yo

Unreal 4 random 6 object and serialization

Label: style blog HTTP Io color OS ar sp As we have said before, some of the main features of unreal 4 are put together by uobject needles. To make it more interesting, uobject will face and avoid problems sooner or later, therefore, you should make sure that uobject is ready for other topics. What does uobject do? PRIVATE: ? Reflection system ? The uobject system builds the core of the entire

In-depth study on the realization principle of Unreal 4 reflection system (I.)

is used in the above code, and this upackage is returned.SummarizeSo far we have made a brief introduction to the support of UE4 in the reflection system, I believe we have a certain understanding, confined to the length, we end this article, we will continue to discuss other ustruct, Uenum, and other implementations, as well as their entire reflection system running flow. As I am not particularly familiar with the UE4, so it may be said that the inaccuracy of the place, if there is a wrong pla

Unreal 4 game development _2_ Trigger

) thanks to those who are dripping spring newspaper! Thank the party, thanks to all kinds of TV.The following records the process of my study, but also to remember.Trigger:Place the following items in the level, control the position, and then clickBoxBodyPlayer Touch Point Light Start Send Floor of the deviceThen, open the Blueprint >> open the Pipe card blueprint:Back to the original project, selectWorld Outline mapIn theTrigger Box,Back to

Using kinect2.0 in Unreal 4

UE4 support for Kinect is not directly integrated into the compiler, it needs to go to the next pluginOn this site, write the link here.Select the appropriate engine version to do so. (There is no support for 4.10, 4.8 of the link is actually 4.9 version, you can first 4.9 version and then the download link in the version to change it)After the decompression is done, put it in the engine's plugins folder.Just this directory. Because the blueprint can

Unreal Engine 4 camera lag (CAMERA latency)

Tags: Unreal Engine character Taking the official Third Person template as an example, the uspringarmcomponent in the character blueprint implements most of the functions such as camera and scene collision and interaction. To implement camera latency, you only need to modify the attributes in the lag column. The first one controls the latency when the camera moves, the second is the latency when the ca

Unreal Engine 4 switch default camera implementation

fpostconstructinitializeproperties PCIP): Super (PCIP){Topdowncameracomponent = PCIP. createdefadefasubobject This-> rootcomponent = topdowncameracomponent;Oldactor = NULL;}Void afreecameraactor: changeviewtarget (){Aactor * pactor = This-> getworld ()-> getfirstplayercontroller ()-> getviewtarget ();If (pactor! = Oldactor){This-> getworld ()-> getfirstplayercontroller ()-> setviewtarget (oldactor );}Else{This-> getworld ()-> getfirstplayercontroller ()-> setviewtarget (this );}}Void afreecame

[Ue4] What kind of games can be developed on the unreal 4 network?

Two methods for developing online games using unreal 4I. Unreal 4 only serves as a client and is independently developed on the server. It is applicable to any online game.2. Use unreal 4 to develop both the client and server (use the built-in servers of

Unreal Engine 4 C ++ creates a Zoom camera (source code) and unrealzoom for the role

Unreal Engine 4 C ++ creates a Zoom camera (source code) and unrealzoom for the role In the game, observing the role's camera can narrow down and pull far is a common requirement, and UE4 is easy to implement. This article uses the TopDown template as an example to explain how to implement a Zoom camera step by step. After creating the C ++ project of the TopDown template, we will get three important classe

Unreal Engine 4 C ++ creates a Zoom camera for the role (source code)

Unreal Engine 4 C ++ creates a Zoom camera for the role (source code) In the game, observing the role's camera can narrow down and pull far is a common requirement, and UE4 is easy to implement. This article uses the TopDown template as an example to explain how to implement a Zoom camera step by step. After creating the C ++ project of the TopDown template, we will get three important classes. AXXXCharacte

Unreal 4 C + + programming experience Summary

functional advantages is obvious.2. Use the Blueprintcallable,blueprintimplementableevent function to debug in the BlueprintAdding blueprintcallable to a function can be easily called in a blueprint, and a function with Blueprintimplementableevent can be implemented in a blueprint, then a variable is plotted, or a debug graphic is drawn. Call the Debugdrawline series function.3, add Ublueprintfunctionlibra

Unreal 4 game development _3_ creating and inheriting materials

created the second one, as long as I inherited it from the first material and then modified the data in the variable interface without moving to other data.Let's take a look at the blueprint for the first created material.For example, I want to create a new material in the future, as long as the color data in the yellow box can be used to achieve the purpose, then we will change this to the parameter mode, not the constant mode.This control of the pa

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