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Xu Zheng Teacher "leadership and team building in project management"

Leadership and team building in project managementCourse Background:Understand the importance of leadership in the project environment;Describe the benefits and challenges of working together as a project team;Understand the characteristics of the High Performance project team;Create a

UK building game UK building app custom development system

English building game UK Building app Custom development system (micro or electric 158.1500.1390 Small van team) UK building system development, UK building model development, UK building

In the entrance season, we talk about the team building of software research and development.

Half a month ago, the Bull game columnist has a "good talking Li" and raised a question: "A question: is the programmer a Fumiomi or a warlord?" ” There are a few answers, but I would like to answer the majority of the "generals".There are three reasons: The majority of programmers are more straight, normative and disciplined and military-like. The programmer's work is groundbreaking, not 0 or 1. Programmers are generall

Some Opinions on building a Team Leader

Some Opinions on building a Team Leader 1. Establish good communication and communication mechanismsA good communication and communication mechanism can eliminate the gap between players, make an active atmosphere, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the team, and facilitate the growth of the team members. We

The most complete Test team building method in history

after the expansion of the business). Also, these 5-6 individuals are not all satisfied with the above conditions (it is too difficult to recruit the right teammates, only to look back slowly).Team goal : The next thing to do is how to get the team to work as expected. No matter what you do, you need to have a goal, the team is the same, first of all to understa

Team building: rights and obligations

another company, some people reported that there were too few activities in the company, so I threw the problem to everyone via email:Some people have proposed to strengthen Team building. Do you have any good ideas? As a result, I expressed my own opinions. After full discussion, democracy was then concentrated, and I decided to play the game,After the solution

Software Engineering-building method team Work (iii) analysis of project-related issues

dissemination function and information collection function, and then add our reliable index, this is the greater success, if the potential user needs to meet, We think we can start a small company and run the project. Because of the constant change in demand, our software needs to constantly adapt to the new needs in the change, if the project has been able to operate is the biggest winner.5, the basic framework to do a good job, we put the basic functions to achieve, and then conquer the techn

20151031 Thoughts on Team building

Today's team building, I feel very big. Work for a whole year, before also participated in similar sharing activities, is in the first company, Huaqiang North Mall, now think of each company in fact every place of people are very good, bad is just self-ADO. Now the mood is depressed, can not find their own bad reasons, to say the reason, the estimate is to say that the

Against the sample attack and defense, Tsinghua University Tsail team again won the Caad attack game first

Recently, on DEF CON 2018, a prestigious event in the field of global security, GeekPwn Las Vegas Station held the CAAD CTF Invitational, and six teams of top AI scholars and research institutes from home and abroad explored the CTF with a view to combating training as a means of attack. Tsail team Pang Tianyu, Du Su as a representative to win the competition, the key members of the competition include Dong Yinpong, Wessing, etc., Tsail

Problems in mobile game team collaboration

Zookeeper I have experienced several mobile game projects, including standalone games and online games. My company is not large, and my team size ranges from several to more than a dozen. I have encountered many team collaboration problems during this period, and I believe it can also represent most of the domestic teams. I would like to make a simple comment.

Chess game AI algorithm of chess and board source building tutorial

Chess game client implementation using Flash 9 development, the service side uses WIN32+VC6 development (based on IOCP), the database gateway using WIN32+VC6 development (based on IOCP,MYSQL5 implementation of the processing thread pool and database connection pool). Although the server was completed last year, But the corresponding robot AI algorithm has not been able to achieve. Get it on the blog today and hope to have the opportunity to explore wi

[Game development Log] Cocos2d-x 3.14 Environment Building under windows

General IntroductionOur team uses Cocos2d-x's game development engine, so we need to build the environment for the engine before all the development work.Building processDownload and installation of VS2013vs just as a development environment, simply to knock the code, all Chinese, it is very simple, I do not introduceFigure 1:You can go to the latest version of Cocos2d-x on the Cocos2d-x website and use vs

Unity3d Game Production (iv)--asset server Building

user, you can click "New user" to build.8. After filling in the information, you can create a new user, as shown in:9, the above operation on the server set up a new empty project, as well as new users, the following describes how to import the existing project resources into the empty project. Right click on the project AA, select "Connection", the following interface will appear:10, enter the server IP, the server input "localhost", the user name and password, click "Show Projects" can see th

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