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Flex font Bold problem only bold for English fonts

In Flex to label font bold, only the English font bold, and the Chinese can not be bold, the solution is as follows, I hope to help youBy default, when you make a font bold for a label in Flex, only the English font bold, and the Chinese can not be

Walkthrough of the JavaScript Bold method (displaying the specified text as bold) _ Basics

JavaScript Bold Method The LastIndexOf method returns the bold string defined using the HTML b tag. The syntax is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: Str_object.bold () Tip: This method does not conform to the ECMA standard and is not recommended for use. Bold Method Instance Copy Code code as follows: Run th

How to set text bold and italic in Word 2013

Bold and italic are the more common font styles, and in Word2013 documents, users can set the bold and italic style of the text in the following ways. Method 1: Open the Word2013 document window and select the text block you want to set to bold or italic. Click the Bold or Italic button in the Font group in the start

How do I make Word document paragraphs bold in bulk

At the end of the total to collate a number of review materials for students to recite, using Word to arrange the noun interpretation encountered a problem: the collation of a good noun has hundreds of, you need to set the beginning of each paragraph of the noun into bold words to highlight (Figure 1), but one by one set is too troublesome. Ask Dong Master to help think of a good way to set up quickly. Master dong: You find that the noun explanatio

Text italic bold __linux in Linux configuration

To solve the Chinese hollow, increase the bold italic. To beautify the English display. This article is passed on the ubuntu/dapper. Debian/sid 1, upgrade Libxft2,libfreetype6,fontconfig to the latest version. $ sudo apt-get install libxft2 libfreetype6 fontconfig My current version of LIBXFT2 is 2.1.8 Libfreetype6 for 2.1.10 fontconfig for 2.3.2 Almost all distributions now offer the appropriate installation package. If the d

JS uses regular expressions to implement keyword substitution and bold features examples _javascript tips

The example of this article describes the way JS uses regular expressions to implement keyword substitution and bold functionality. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The screenshot of the running effect is as follows: PS: Here again for you to provide 2 very convenient regular expression tools for your reference to use: JavaScript Regular expression online test tool:Http:// Reg

Search keyword Bold function code

Keywords | functions | bold A function that uses regular expressions to highlight words that are queried in a string, streamlined and practical! Public Function Boldword (Strcontent,word)If word= "" ThenBoldword = strcontentExit FunctionEnd IFDim objregexpSet objregexp=new REGEXPObjregexp.ignorecase Objregexp.pattern= "( Word )"Strcontent=objregexp.replace (strcontent, " Set objregexp=nothingBoldword=strcontentEnd Functi

Fantastic visual experience 26 excellent bold design style sites

A good idea can be impressive ' a refreshing feeling, good site layout and good creative design at the same time in a page to achieve, you can imagine how wonderful the visual experience and the operation of the fun, these 26 excellent creative Web site bold design style, performance in similar sites outstanding, I believe you can also get a lot of different from the common idea. 1.2 am Media 2. Chrome Bags Store 3. Club Juicy 4. Elan Chicas

Fill criptbold () to bold the font

In html, we can use the strong label or B label to bold the font. In js, we can use the bold () method to bold the font. This article describes how to use the jsbold method. For more information about the coders, see. Bold Method The bold method adds HTMLMark the two ends

How to set text bold and italic in Word2013

Method 1: Open the Word2013 document window and select the text block you want to set to bold or italic. In the start ribbon, click the Bold or Italic button in the Font group. Method 2: Open the Word2013 document window and select the text block you want to set to bold or italic. Right-click the selected text block and click the

How to add bold text to CSS

CSS bold text In total there are two ways, one is to use HTML bold tag, one is to use CSS bold, today we introduce two different methods of bold, and the difference between the two methods CSS Bold style word for Font-weight Use syntax: Div{font-weight:bold} Represents a

CorelDRAW can not use bold, italic text feature in each version?

Q: CorelDRAW versions can not use bold, italic text features? A: CorelDRAW This function is not not to support Chinese, but also to support the Chinese language font for its own font support to properly perform this operation. For example, we can often see the following text font styles: Times New Roman Times New Roman Bold Times New Roman Italic Times New Roman B

Tips for bulk bold words at the beginning of a Word document

At the end of each period, I had to sort out some documents for students to relearn. I encountered a difficult problem when I used Word to explain the terms. There were hundreds of prepared terms, you need to set the nouns at the beginning of each paragraph to black to highlight (1), but it is too troublesome to set them one by one. Ask Master Dong for a quick setup. Www.2cto.comIt is found that the glossary you have compiled has one thing in common, that is, there is a colon after the nouns tha

Windows Live Mail changes the default font size in bold color when writing emails and news

In Windows Live Mail, you can change the font size in bold when creating a new widget and a new one. When I get tired, all the messages appear at 10 o'clock. Arial in Windows Live Mail? What is Song's Mail on Windows Live? When writing news and mail messages where HTML mail sending is enabled, you can change the default font to Times New Roman, Georgia, Impact, or another of your choosing. when loading the HTML sending function of the New and New part

Getting started with JavaScriptbold (displaying specified text in bold) _ basic knowledge

This article mainly introduces an example of the bold Method for JavaScript string objects. The bold method is used to display the specified text in bold. For more information, see JavaScript bold Method The lastIndexOf method returns the bold string defined using the HTML

Text layout-Bold (Font-weight)

We can also use CSS style to change the style of the text: bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, you can use the following code to implement the formatting text in bold style display.P Span{font-weight:bold;}As you can see here, if you want to set the bold font for text to be implemented with a separate CSS style, you don't have to use the H1-H6 or strong tags

On pdflib Chinese output (v)--artificial generation of bold and italic font

In general, each basic font will have additional fonts that change the glyph on its basis. For example, the font Arial has its additional font Arial Bold (bold), Arial Italic (italic), and Arial Bold Italic (Bold italic). Generally you can find or purchase the appropriate additional fonts. But sometimes there is no st

The best system is to make people bold

1Living in such a noisy world, if the trembling without a bit of guts, not a bit of meaning. Of course, the courage to live, play rough or even rough way, it is really boring.You have to be afraid of something, and you have to be afraid of something. Not to frighten others, nor to be intimidated by others. This is almost the most appropriate expression of a man's guts.2Courage is associated with the hemorrhagic. Timid people tend to have some cowardice. When people are cowardly, they will appear

Konsole and highlighted colors in bold

Recently, when using konsole, we found that the string was inexplicably truncated during display. It looks like: I searched a lot of documents at night and found that it was caused by konsole's "Draw highlighted colors in bold" (the English is "Draw intense colors in bold font. If the font is wenquanyi micron black and, the font style is normal, and the "emphasize color with

SQLite database in iOS uses bold type to store and read dictionaries

When I was doing the app collection, I found that my data is a dictionary, how to save the dictionary to the database? Read a lot of blogs, the dictionary should be used in the database of the bold type to save, but added to the database, not read out, for this to break the brain, in order to solve this problem, it took a good time.Previously thought that the bold type is used to store binary, can store pic

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