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Ebook download: classic book of computer science (41 books in total) (Part 1)

The following is a dedicated download link for eMule. You must install eMule before clicking download. Bytes Bytes Bytes Bytes Bytes Bytes [Classic book on computer science]. Addison. Wesley.-. Valid tive... More. Valid tive. c ++. []. CHM Bytes Bytes Bytes Bytes [] ]]].John.lions.unix.v6.commentary,.typescript.1977.[].pdf .pdf [Classical Boo

Computer Science Books

Applications for Microsoft Windows Title (Chinese): Microsoft Windows application Design Original Jeffrey Richter Title (English): Programming with Microsoft Visual C + +. NET (sixth Edition) Title (Chinese): Visual Technical Insider (6th edition) Original George Shep Herd/david Kruglinski Title (English): Dissecting MFC Title (Chinese): In layman's words MFC Original Houtie Other (others)Title (English): Computer systems:a Prog

Ebook download: classic book of computer science (41 books in total) (Part 2)

helped his students understand many ideas and themes in the source code, and frankly explained his confusion about some parts of the Code. the reprinted document has been educated by a generation. It is the largest copy of a book in the computer industry. it is a good thing to keep this public record.---- Dennis. M. RidgeFinally, I would like to mention that the most widely-spread underground computer

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, 4th (Bilingual Version) Computer Programming art-4th volume 1st (draft) Computer Programming art-4th volume 2nd (Bilingual Version) generate all tuples and arrange Computer Programming art-4th-3rd-book (Bilingual edition) generate all combinations and plans Computer Programming art-4th volume 4th (Bilingual Version)

Recommendation of excellent books in computer science (C ++ LANGUAGE)

Recommendation principles:It is better to be honest and never mix in the dregs (a good book may not be suitable for everyone, but it must be a good book for its target readers ). Book selection principles:There are foreign ones, not domestic onesThere are original versions, not translatedView master's Works It is best to read textbooks from abroad for computer books, because the classic textbooks are all fr

Computer Science and technology learning methods

the formula calculation. And for computer science, the most useful thing in mathematical analysis is precisely the part of the theory that was deleted. To speak a little bit, to the computer department students, the pursuit of the calculation of the so-called "engineering mathematics" has been thoroughly into the wrong place. A pile of curved area of the formula

Computer science and technology learning experience

calculation is based on the number value. This course has two extreme lectures: a classical "Numerical Analysis", a complete lecture on mathematical principles and algorithms; the other is the increasingly popular science and engineering computing, which simply teaches students to program with software packages. I people think that students in the computer department must understand why students in our

Earth motorcycle watching the world: an in-depth tour of the world by science reporters, an annotation of Raymond's trilogy of human history

to the natural environment of the destination, including the characteristics and origins of animals and plants. This is often lacking in Travel Notes. 3: The information is trustworthy. As a science reporter, we naturally pay attention to the credibility of the materials. This is also different from the easy excerpt of Common Travel Notes. 4: The author was deeply influenced by Jared Diamond's trilogy of the hist

Where the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and history books do not match

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms (70% true, 30% fictitious), most of the plots are based on the normal history structure, and even a copy of the history book is not missing, and interspersed with some strange gods to attract readers. Because this book is so red, some people regard it as a Bible. [This is not an exaggeration. There are quite a number of military commanders in

Books that every programmer should read-a list of famous computer programmer books

. By the time you prepare to read this book, you should have known and practiced 99% concepts in the book. -Esac2. programmer CultivationRecommendation: 1504This is an excellent book for programmers who have learned programming mechanisms. Maybe they are still in school, but they do not feel very safe about what they want to do. Just like the difference between sketch and architecture. Although you learned drawing in school classes, you can also draw beautiful pictures, but if you don't know whe

The best books in history are here!

appetite.Five, poetry is essential. People are emotional animals, so in order to enrich the emotional growth, must read poetry. There are only two things in this world that are close to God, one is poetry and the other is music. The domestic poetry recommendation "Haizi poetry Selection", foreign poetry recommended Tagore "Bird set."Six, first-class reading in the field of science is also to be read. Scientific thought and humanistic thought are the

Top 50 computer science blogs

ArticleDirectory Computer Science Computational Complexity and Theory The juncture of physics and Computer Science In 2007, computer science lecturer Neil McBride argued that

[Reprinted] Computer Science and Technology Review

: one is classical "Numerical Analysis", which fully describes mathematical principles and algorithms, and the other is the increasingly popular "Science and Engineering Computing ", simply teach students to program using software packages. I personally think that students in the computer department must understand why our students in the computer department want

Why is computer science?

designNetwork transmission protocol, network processor technology, Integer Calculator, floating point calculator, matrix computing processor, grid, computing history, computer history, software industry history, programming thoughts ........... The future of computer

16 Books to change world history (worth reading)

: Ernest Hemingway Press: Wuhan University of Surveying and Mapping science and technology Press5. General theory of employment, interest and money author: John Maynard Keynes Publishing house: the Commercial Press6. Existence with void Author: [FA] Jean-Paul Satte Publishing house: Life, reading and knowledge Joint Publishing7. On the way author: [Beauty] Jack Kerouac publishing house: Shanghai Translation Publishing House8. Silent Spring Author: [Me

Computer science in my mind

language predecessor B, one of the inventors of Unix (the other is Dennis M. riche leader, honored as DMR), one of the authors of Belle (a powerful chess Program), the main author of the Operating System Plan 9 (the other is Rob Pike, recently, it was dug by Google ). Grandpa Ken is also a man in the history of computer science. In the prehistoric era of

[Switch] computer science is not programming

technology researchers do not understand programming. The hype on the Internet and the good working conditions in the real world make programming the work mysterious. In fact, every programmer understands that they are not difficult to learn these things than other majors, so naturally they will not go anywhere. Kong Yiji: I have met a girl's "Computer Network Principle" textbook. This girl is full of books

One-year study of Computer Science: (04/1-04/12)

to do FLASH stuff before I understood AS2) April December:Finally, I started my long journey to C ++. Although the lecturer compared me (he actually said that the BASIC language was invented by Bill Gates ?!! Fainting ~~~), I have long been unable to care so much. I want to learn C ++. I want to learn C ++ too much. C ++ is like a tree with countless beautiful fruits, every time you pick a fruit, you will be stabbed by thorns to the skin. However, when the fruit is delicious and put into your m

Original Design: Reflection on Frederick P. Brooks, a computer science master)

Design originally -- Reflection on Frederick P. Brooks, a computer science master)Original Title: the design of design: essays from a computer scientist Author: Frederick p. brooks, Jr. translator: Gao Bo Zhu Lei Wang Haipeng Press: Machinery Industry Press ISBN: 9787111416265 Release Date: April 2013 publication date: 16 open pages: 300 versions: 1-1 category: m

What you have to do for four years in college-those that learn computer science and four years in college

What you have to do for four years in college-those that learn computer science and four years in college Kai-fu Lee mentioned in "the world is different from you" that Google's requirements for undergraduates were: The University has compiled at least 0.1 million program lines in four years; High emotional intelligence, team spirit, and willingness to cooperate with others. We will not talk about emo

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