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Recommended books for the communication Physical Layer

processing advances in wireless Mobile communications volume 1 Trends in channel estimation and equalization.The book describes many of the most popular methods from blind faith to prediction, such as those based on subspace and precoding. However, the theoretical explanation in this book is very obscure. The main content of each chapter is based on some IEEE transcation paper. The book is quite new.In addition, the book I want to recommend may be more suitable for reading a few

10 Java Featured books to help you quickly advanced Java top Programmers

Book is the ladder of human progress, in a sense, a person to read how much, with this person in the future can have how much success has the inevitable connection, but reading is not only the process of quantity, but also need to read, selective reading, The previous article introduces you to five books from the zero-based learning Java programming to the mastery of the road, but after the introduction of Java learning, want to go to a higher level o

Special Functions of android help communication problems.

Special Functions of android help communication problems. In actual project applications, a recent requirement is that a function of the system cannot work after a special application is entered. Of course, there are many ways to achieve this communication. I can think of at least the following types 1. Use the familiarity of property to implement it. In this cas

Expensive in good communication: How to get the SEO help you want

included, then how many external chain should be sent every day? Third, keep polite language, ask the basic courtesy when asking questions, sometimes the reply of others to your post is based on a word. Of course, a good question is just a start, does not mean that you get a satisfactory answer, if someone replies and tell you the specific method, you can think to do, and do not go to simple questioning, if you really need to further consult others, the same to the question clearly, cross-exa

PHP Socket communication-UDP communication instance _ php skills-php Tutorial

This article mainly introduces the UDP communication method of PHP Socket communication, and analyzes the related skills of php socket-based UDP communication, for more information about PHP Socket communication, see the following example. Share it with you for your referenc

Effective communication skills

foundation for your cooperation. Effective feedback skills (1) Definition of Feedback In the communication process, the last step is information feedback. What is feedback? Feedback is the backflow of information that both Parties expect. I will give you information, and you will also give me feedback. Feedback is what people do. What they say is that this information aims to make behavior change or stren

One of the top 7 soft skills necessary for a leading freelancer: communication

. My personal advice is to select the "To Do List" app Wunderlist. For calendars, I use Google calendar. Whether it is paper or electronic tools, you must make sure you use it handy. 2nd, please ensure that the project communication will be conducted regularly with your clients.This may not be easy from the start, but it's the simplest and quickest way to improve your "communication" soft

Team communication skills

Project Teams in the software industry rely on communication. In the project, there is no difference in how to emphasize communication. In fact, we can find the root cause of most problems in communication. For example, many of us have a feeling at work that there are always gray areas in our work, these fuzzy points lead to discord in our work. It can be clearly

Ten skills to help web designers lead the trend of the Times

framework for most web pages, so skills will help you build your style in the long run. 3. writing and editing skillsWeb designers should have the ability to play with text. In fact, words can be even more important than using Photoshop . As a Web Designer, you should be able to communicate information clearly and effectively and persuade users to take action if necessary. In addition, the choice of keywor

How to improve emotional quotient and communication skills

abroad.The art of communication is a communication guide based on the results of psychological research.The core of "learning questions" and "critical thinking" is basic logical thinking. You can even use the knowledge points to write a thesis.Other books are not introduced, have put the watercress link, there is a catalogue has the public comment, useful useles

18 PS text special effects tutorials and ps text special effects that help you improve typographical skills

18 PS text special effects tutorials and ps text special effects that help you improve typographical skills The Photoshop text special effects tutorial is of great help for basic learning and advanced typographical thinking. In this article, you will find a set of latest text effects tutorials. These high-qualityPhotoshopThe tutorial helps you design amazing 2D,

To do operations, you need to know these communication skills

way the customer receives the user about the activity aspect consultation and the feedback, may respond according to the customer service document in time, but is not again to seek the operator to communicate the inquiry.Summarizeand different departments of communication skills, although there are differences, but basically there is the same, is clear their purpose, stand in the other side of the point of

Ten websites that help you improve your font usage and typographical skills

Document directory I have always felt that it is difficult to master the font usage and typographical skills. I have shared with you a lot of font resources, including handwritten font, retro font, AD font, LOGO font, and many other font resources. Among these many fonts, it is learned how to use appropriate fonts in appropriate places. The following is a collection of 10 font usage tips and typographical websites, which can

Six communication skills that every child should know)

Http:// "One night I attended a party and was intercepted in a corner. This person kept talking to me. I tried to give him a signal, suggesting that he would not continue, but he did not receive it. It's annoying ." It is one of the most important tasks for parents to teach their children how to communicate politely and effectively. It is a big mistake to think that a child can learn correct communi

Career Success factors: 1 goals, 2 basis points, 3 skills, 4 ideas, 5 points of luck, 6 requirements, 7 points of study, 8 points of communication, 9 habits, 10 points of confidence, 11 traps, 12 points of effort "excerpt"

to overcome your failure, negative mentality (1) Find a place to drink. (2) Find a disco to dance (3) Looking for a friend Regaling mountain (4) Active action Chapter III: three Skills 1. Management time: Where your time is and where your accomplishments are. A man who sees an hour as 60 Minutes is 60 times times more than an hour. 2, you do not finance, wealth ignore you 3, self-management, ease (1) Entrepreneurship is not afraid of the small, the

Job Search vs recruitment-communication skills

allows the other party to feel that you have fully managed your time. More importantly, you have provided yourself with a preparation time and direction by asking about the interview content. For example, you can repeat your resume and think about the highlights of each work experience, what are the disadvantages of your resume? (for example, if there are too many job-hopping jobs, the most common problems for young people nowadays). How should we deal with them? If it is a technical intervie

How to improve communication skills

The so-called improvement of communication ability is nothing more than two aspects: one is to improve the ability to understand others, and the other is to increase the possibility of others to understand themselves. So how can we improve our communication skills? After research, psychologists have proposed a general program to improve the

Talk about interaction designers and development communication skills

In a project or version development process, the interaction designer 50% of the time in communication, 40% of the time in thinking, 10% of the time in writing documents. Of course, just a ballpark figure, different workflows may be slightly different. Thus, communication is a very important skill for the interaction designer. Prophase with Product Manager, visual commu

Project Manager desk manual Study Series [20]-improve your communication skills

Communication is not just about speaking, but about speaking and listening. Therefore, it only involves one aspect of communication issues, instead of listening skills. There are five factors that affect whether a person is a good communicator or a poor communicator. They are self-concept, listener, clear expression, anger and self-disclosure. 1. Self-concept One

User Experience Design: on the skills of communication in usability testing

Article Description: how to quickly release user preparedness? --talking about the skills of communication in usability testing. In general, in the process of product design and development, different user research methods are used in different stages. For example, usability testing is usually done before the product is officially released. Usability testing is to allow a group of represent

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