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C ++ unit testing framework: a boost test tutorial -- Part2: Using boost Test

Original address: Part = 2 Following the crash-course introduction, let's see how to install and use boost, plus some references. Installing boost Now that you have an idea about the benefit we'll briefly see how to install boost. On WindowsVisual c ++The simplest way (and also the way promoted by

C ++ unit testing framework: a boost test tutorial -- Part1: boost test crash-Course

ArticleDirectory Runner. cpp Myfootest. cpp (same goes for mybartest. cpp) Address: So define C ++ unit testing framework exist, so why boost Test Library? The excellent but outdated Article locking ing the C ++ unit testing framework jungle showed a nice comparison. Since then, the boost Test Library evolved a. Let's see if it

C++boost serialization (serialization) Library tutorial __c++

introduce the simplest case of the library application from this demo excerpt code. #include Include headers that implement a Archivein simple text format #include #include ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// GPS coordinate // Illustrates serialization for a simpletype // Class Gps_position { Private Friend class Boost::serialization::access; When the class Archive corresponds into an output Archive, the operator is def

Poechant quick installation and configuration Tutorial: Windows + cygwin + boost development environment

Operating System: Windows Welcome to: 1. Download cygwin and boost (1) download cygwin: omitted. (2) download boost: Download the boost. bz2] version. 2. Install cygwin Note: Select GCC, G ++, GDB, and make. 3. Install boost (1) copy the downloaded

5-minute official tutorial on XML boost operations

Five minute tutorial This tutorial uses XML. note that the library is not specifically bound to XML, and any other supported format (such as ini or JSON) cocould be used instead. XML was chosen because the author thinks that wide range of people is familiar with it. Suppose we are writing a logging system for some application, and need to read log configuration from a file when the program starts. The file

PHP Open Opcache Boost code performance, PHP open Opcache Code _php Tutorial

PHP Open Opcache Boost code performance, PHP open Opcache code The configuration directives are as follows: [Opcache]zend_extension=opcache.soopcache.enable_cli=1; shared memory size, this is adjustable according to your needs opcache.memory_consumption=256 Actual Performance comparison: The following is the data that is not open opcache in the actual test: [Root@localhost ~]# ab-n 10000-c "Http://" This is

WordPress prohibit call official Gravatar Avatar call SSL avatar link boost loading speed, wordpressgravatar_php tutorial

WordPress prohibit call official Gravatar Avatar call SSL avatar link boost loading speed, Wordpressgravatar Add the following code to the end of the functions.php file in the theme (Appearance > Edit >functions.php) 1 // official Gravatar Avatar call SSL avatar link 2 function Get_ssl_avatar ($avatar) {3 $avatarpreg_replace ('/.*\/avatar\/(. *) \?s= ([\d]+) .*/', ',$avatar); 4 return $avatar ; 5 } www.bkji

[Boost] Detailed description of the boost library ASIO 6 -- boost: ASIO: Error Usage Analysis

1. Overview Generally, most of the types we create for receiving errors are declared as follows: boost::system::error_code error We use this type to accept Errors generated in functions, such: socket.connect(endpoint, error); If the connection fails, the error type will be saved to error. For example, if the connection to the host fails, this error may be returned. boost::asio::error::host_not_found; If (er

[Boost] example of a down machine generated by using boost: function and boost: bind

ServerCodeThe function and bind dependent on boost are used for callback. This type of down Machine occurs during asynchronous calls. Let's talk less about the Code: VoidFN (STD ::StringStr );Char* Temp_str =New Char[24]; Strcpy (temp_str,"1212");Boost: function f=Boost: BIND (FN, temp_str );F (); The f function object here stores a temp_str pointer. If it is

Thread multithreading in boost boost library 8--call_once only run once __stl, templates, boost

, which ensures that it is initialized during compilation rather than runtime. So there is no problem with multiple threads initializing it at the same time. The Boost line threading provides boost::call_once to support "one implementation" and defines a flag Boost::once_flag and a macro boost_once_init that initializes the flag. List6 is an example of using

[Boost] boost Summary

It has been several years since I started to get started with boost, but it is hard to get familiar with it. The analysis of some of its source code is also a bit of water. Have time to sort it out.1. Overview [Boost] C ++ boost library Introduction[Boost] list of C ++ boost

Boost. asio Study Notes 1. Installation of the boost library in linux, boost. asioboost

Boost. asio Study Notes 1. Installation of the boost library in linux, boost. asioboost You are welcome to reprint it. Please enter the original address for reprinting.: Http:// The first step to learn about open-source libraries is to compile and install the libraries, and then run a demo to complete subsequen

Codeblocks + wxWidgets + boost steps for building a C ++ development platform | how to add a boost library file to codeblock

Compile wxWidgets and boost in windows and add them to the codeblocks path (Visual C ++ 2008/mingw32)Compile wxWidgets1, to the official website to download the source package (MSW), install to X: \ wxwidgets-x.x.xxx2. Install visual c ++ express 2008 or install mingw32 (we recommend that you download automatically update the environment variable)3. Use the console provided by VC (the system is not available, and the syst

Go to Boost [getting started with Boost]

0 Abstract There is always a saying that to become a master, you must read more highly handwritten source code. Which codes are good materials? C ++ standard library source code? No, if you have read it, you will find that either a variety of expressions that are unique to implementation are confusing, or a horrible code style (such as an underline everywhere) is uncomfortable. The Boost library code is quite clear, reasonable comments, and naming con

Boost-Getting Started Guide and boost Getting Started Guide

Boost-Getting Started Guide and boost Getting Started Guide What is boost The boost library is an open-source and free third-party library. It is a very good library and one of the best practices of the C ++ standard. Therefore, it is often used for commercial development. Therefore, if you are engaged in C ++ and have

Boost. Asio c ++ network programming translation (24), boost. asio Network Programming

Boost. Asio c ++ network programming translation (24), boost. asio Network ProgrammingMultithreading In the Asynchronous Server I have displayed on the client and the server in Chapter 4th. The Asynchronous Server is single-threaded, and all things happen in main: int main() { talk_to_client::ptr client = talk_to_client::new_(); acc.async_accept(client->sock(),

[Boost] thread multithreading in boost Library 1

concurrently, and developers have to carefully construct applications to support such concurrency. Multi-threaded programming knowledge has become increasingly important in the multi-core system era.2. Thread Management2.1 scenario 1 (test_thread_wait1) The most important class in this library is boost: thread, which is defined in boost/thread. HPP and used to create a new thread. The following example sho

[Boost] ASIO explanation of boost library 5 -- Resolver and Endpoint usage instructions

TCP: resolver is generally used in combination with TCP: resolver: Query. You can use the word "query" to obtain the corresponding information of the socket, generally, we care about the address and port of socket. through TCP: resolver, it is easy to set and query. It uses query to set the IP address in string format, such as or the Host Name HTTP: // The localhost and port "8080" are converted into the internal representation format of the socket, so that we can directly use the

VS2008 compiler boost::p Ython Boost::serialization Method __python

First, the preparatory work: 1. Download Boost 2. Decompression Boost 3. Go to boost catalog, run Bootstrap.bat Second, boost::serialization compilation: 1. Start Menu run: Visual Studio 2008 Command prompt, go to boost directory, run the following command: B2 --toolset=msv

[Boost] boost time and date Processing-(1) date operations

The boost. datetime Library provides time-and date-related computing, formatting, conversion, input/output, and other functions to facilitate C ++ programming. However, it has the following features: 1. Boost. datetime only supports any Gregorian calendar date after January 1, 1400. If you need to calculate another date, you need to seek support from other libraries. Date and time are common operations in p

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