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Troubleshooting of computer hard drive abnormal sound

Sometimes the hard drive is in use, will suddenly "when" straight ring, and then can not continue to read and write, restart the computer again, in the BIOS can not find the hard drive. The more typical fault is just boot hard disk use normal, but when the use of one or two hours, the hard disk suddenly appear this abnormal sound phenomenon. From the surface analysis, this seems to be a hard drive of a chip instability caused hard disk work paralysis

A solution to the WIN8 system with no sound problems

You can follow the following three steps to troubleshoot problems. The first step: check the hardware Many sound problems are caused by incorrect hardware settings. This step includes checking the sound card, inserting the cable into the correct location, ensuring that the hardware is powered on and checking the volume. Check your sound card Check to make sur

Why does the computer not sound after reloading the system?

Fault phenomenon: Today's computer to a friend of the system after the computer has no sound, not installed before the computer has a voice. Troubleshooting: The initial analysis is the computer reinstall system is not installed after the sound card driver, causing the comp

Win2003 system to play video when the screen is poor without sound solutions

After you upgraded win 2003, you found that the video was playing poorly and there was no sound. This article has collated the video function optimization skill to let the win 2003 system to be more perfect, meets the similar question friend to be possible to refer to under Select the system, the first choice is its stability, relative to win 2003 more stable th

Use WinME's "Troubleshooting" to solve system soft faults

faults, follow these steps:1. Click "start" and then run the "help" command to start the Windows ME Help system.2. In the displayed "Windows Help" dialog box, select the "directory" tab.3. Double-click the "Troubleshooting" and "Windows ME troubleshooting" options in the help project list to start the "Windows ME troubleshoo

Win7 system under the headset does not sound how to do?

Today, the Win7 system under the headset does not sound how to do this issue to share the solution and detailed procedures. Step-by-Step troubleshooting is as follows: First step Troubleshooting headphones, two methods. The first is to use headphones on other devices (other computers or MP3) if the headset is norma

Troubleshooting of common Windows operating system faults (1)

When using a Windows operating system, there will always be one or another failures. How can we solve these faults? It is a difficult problem. This article lists some common troubleshooting methods and hope to help you. I. Blue Screen failures often occur in Windows This type of fault may occur in a variety of ways, sometimes when Windows is started, and sometimes when some software is running in Windows. T

XP system volume small troubleshooting and resolution

90 's, people through the Walkman, small speakers, such as playing music, since the computer into people's lives, more and more users browse the network news information when playing music, to our life has brought a lot of convenience, recently a user of Windows XP system asked me a lot of people often encounter problems, The computer voice is very small how to do? Computer voice is very small not only affect the music, voice chat, video playback func

Summary of common troubleshooting methods for Win7 Operating System

Summary of common troubleshooting methods for Windows 7 Operating Systems 1. Blue Screen failures frequently occur in Windows in a variety of ways, sometimes when Windows is started, sometimes some software runs in Windows. This kind of fault is generally caused by improper user operations that may damage the Windows system. This kind of fault is manifested in the failure to enter the

Windows7 system PC Headset no sound

After troubleshooting hardware issues such as headphone failures and host headphone holesPossible conditions:1. Make volume settings2. Update the sound card driver(Use driver for detection and update) 360 Drive Master Driver wizard 3, Windwows related settings exist problems(1) Open the Control Panel(2) Open疑难解答(3) Audio playback settingsFor testingIn this case, insert your ear into the relevant

Linux Troubleshooting (ii) Changing the root password and repairing the file system

%/temp3 , detect hard drive bad channelThe bad path of the disk is divided into logical bad and physical bad, the former mainly due to improper software operation, you can use software repair, the latter is physical damage, can only be changed by changing the disk partition or sector occupied location to improve, excluding the disk space containing the bad block. The disk device emits an abnormal sound when the following behavior occurs on the disk.

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