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CentOS 6.4 modify the time zone

CentOS 6.4 modify the time zoneAfter installing CentOS 6.4, I found that the default time zone is the time zone in Boston, United States. In order to install hadoop in the future, errors may occur due to time problems, so we need to adjust the time

Introduction to data guard (I) new features, introduction, and configuration of physical standby

This article mainly summarizes some related knowledge from the official Oracle 11g Data guard concepts and administration and other documents to help you understand the architecture of Data guard. RAC 11.2 architecture (iii)

Linux Time Conversion

Introduction: Write code today to encounter a time conversion of the sudden change of the function is not too sure to open the record before looking at it and then by the way to send hereOne: Data structureLinux storage time is common in two ways,

Linux time and win7 Time Synchronization Method

Windows 7 is UTC time, Linux is GMT time, Beijing GMT = UTC + 8 Boston time EDT-4,Beijing time CST + 8What does Boston time four hours earlier than Windows Time and eight hours earlier than Beijing time?SetSystemTime changedGreenwich Mean Time GMT

CENTOS7 + mysql5.7 Modify select Now (); Problem with time display error

Yesterday, developers suggested that when using the MySQL database, the database time to see the problem, and local time is inconsistent;One: View issues1. In the database: view time;Mysql> mysql> Select Now ();+---------------------+| Now () |+-----

Notes for Oracle beginners (1)-basic content (updating in real time ..)

1. view the Host Name: SQL>Select host_name from V $ instance; Host_name----------------------------------------------------------------Mycomputer-PC 2. Data in the three main tables: (1)EMP employee tableSQL & gt; Set line 120;SQL> select *

Modify the Linux system time EDT to Cst__linux

I saw a machine this morning. Time does not match, this thought the system time and the network Beijing time is not synchronized, on the terminal command performs the network time synchronization [Root@localhost ~]# ntpdate

Kung Fu Son, am--the life of Donnie Yen-actor information

Donnie Yen was born in Guangdong, 2 years old to Hong Kong until the 11-year-old immigrants to Boston, United States. Mother Mabao is a world-famous martial arts and Taijiquan, in the local founder of the Chinese Wushu Research Association. Donnie

Fire and Motion

By Joel Spolsky Sunday, January 06,200 2 Sometimes I just can't get anything done. Sure, I come into the office, putter around und, check my email every ten seconds, read the Web, even do a few brainless tasks like paying the American Express bill.

Oracle Dataguard Network Best Practices One

Oracle Dataguard Redo Network Best practices (simplified translation)Oracle Dataguard Benefits:1 minimal impact on system performanceHere are two maximum available architecture (MAA) scenario configurations, with sufficient bandwidth to draw the

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