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See how the Boston Globe uses HTML5 to implement responsive design.

Note:Some fundamental breakthroughs must be made before HTML5 truly changes the development models of various platforms. One major breakthrough this year is the development of "responsive design. Basically, responsive design requires that the

CENTOS7 + mysql5.7 Modify select Now (); Problem with time display error

Yesterday, developers suggested that when using the MySQL database, the database time to see the problem, and local time is inconsistent;One: View issues1. In the database: view time;Mysql> mysql> Select Now ();+---------------------+| Now () |+-----

50 stars 3 in NBA history

22 James Worthy English name: James WorthyBorn on: February 1, February 27, 1961 Height: 2.06 meters NBA career: Title: Forward Honors: ① Won the NBA championship three times② Won the NBA championship MVP in 1988James wossi was born in.

Use VMM and Operations Manager to dynamically configure the administrator role

Running one of the world's largest System Center Configuration Manager 2007 installations, the Microsoft Operations team has nothing special than you. However, we are witnessing the continuous development and changes of our data centers, especially

Kung Fu Son, am--the life of Donnie Yen-actor information

Donnie Yen was born in Guangdong, 2 years old to Hong Kong until the 11-year-old immigrants to Boston, United States. Mother Mabao is a world-famous martial arts and Taijiquan, in the local founder of the Chinese Wushu Research Association. Donnie

Family Album CD2 dialogue

Where's Kevin? I don't see him.He's in the second row, Aunt Molly.Will the graduating class of Boston Latin High School, please come forward and receive your diplomas?... Music school? Are you going to be a music teacher?Maybe... or a timer MER or a

Ten-year change history of Seomoz:google algorithm

Recently SEOmoz released a new topic about Google algorithm changes. From 2000 to 2011, each upgrade has been detailed enumerated, as follows:    Google's algorithm changes 500-600 times a year, but many changes are small. But every few

Thinker: Talking about the four learn of College Students

Zookeeper Core tips: Which four learns? Learn to learn (learn how to learn), learn to be (learn how to behave), learn to do (learn how to do things), and learn totogether (learn how to get along ). Small pass by thinker Xu Jilin is a

19 programming masters

Link: Editor's note:This idea of conducting a series of interviews with the most prestigious contemporary programmers was proposed by Min S. Yee of Microsoft press. In the interview, we asked the following

A Quick Guide to VoIP on-the-cheap with asterisk

Document directory ABCs of VoIP Keeping with Protocol Private branch exchange PBX hardware and software Can you hear me now? Codec compatibility Application in the real world Workplace Integration Best practices Conclusions

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