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PHP obtains the Proxy Server ip address used by the user, that is, the real ip address.

From $ _ SERVER ["REMOTE_ADDR"] in PHP to obtain the Client IP AddressHowever, if the client uses a proxy server to accessThe IP address of the

PHP obtains the proxy server ip address used by the user, that is, the real ip address.

PHP gets the proxy server ip used by the user, that is, the real ip from the Use $ _ SERVER ["REMOTE_ADDR"] in PHP to obtain the client IP ad

How does the DHCP server detect IP address conflicts that pass through the relay proxy (gratuitous ARP is definitely not acceptable)

, the help address is Helper address) it can help DHCP clients apply for IP addresses and other TCP/IP parameters across routers, so as to solve the problem that DHCP cannot work properly due to the separation of broadcast domains. Figure 9.23 shows how DHCP relay proxy work

Example of trying to capture the IP address of the proxy server using Python multi-thread

This article mainly describes how to capture the IP address of a proxy server using multiple Python threads. despite the existence of GIL, Python cannot truly implement multi-thread parallel processing, A friend can refer to here to capture the site proxy

Nginx Reverse Proxy Backend Web server records client IP address

Nginx in the reverse proxy, the back end of the Nginx Web server log in the address is the address of the reverse proxy server, unable to view the real IP access of the client.Configure

PHP get the proxy server ip address used by the user, that is, the real ip_PHP tutorial

PHP obtains the proxy server ip address used by the user, that is, the real ip address. Using www.phpchina.combbsthread-12239-1-1.html in PHP, use $ _ SERVER [REMOTE_ADDR] to obtain the

Example of trying to crawl a proxy server IP address using python multithreading

Here is an example of a proxy server crawling the site, with the following code: #!/usr/bin/env python#coding:utf-8import urllib2import reimport threadingimport timeimport MySQLdbrawProxyList = [] Checkedproxylist = [] #抓取代理网站targets = []for i in Xrange (1,42): target = r ""% i Targ Ets.append (target) #抓取代理服务器正则p = Re.compile (R ' "(\d+) (. +?)

How to crawl the proxy server IP address?

Self.dbcurr:Uk=str (Uid[0])Id+=1If id>50000:Id=0Self.count_errno=0Test_url= "" +uk+ "limit=24" #我用来检测的链接print "Download:", http_ip+ ">>" +ukreq1 = Urllib2. Request (Test_url,headers=i_headers)Response1 = Urllib2.urlopen (req1, none,5)Content = ()Except Exception as ex: #抛异常后的处理#print "Ex2=",> content!= "":Json_body = json.loads (content)errno = json_body[' er

Set proxy server access and static IP address in Ubuntu LAN

1. Use the proxy server to access the Internet To use machine A to access the Internet through machine B, use the following methods: 1. First, make sure that machine B can access the Internet. 2. install squid software on machine B, $ sudo apt-Get install squid. After installation is complete, a squid configuration file squid is put down on the Internet. conf, and then overwrite the file with the same name

How can PHP accurately obtain the Server IP address? [non-proxy]

In PHP, we generally use $ _ server ['HTTP _ host'] to obtain the domain name or IP address of the website in the URL.The explanation in the PHP manual is as follows: "Http_host": the host of the current request: the content of the header information. In general, this will not cause any problems. In some common PHP frameworks, such as pfc3 and flea are also bas

How to change Win7 to proxy server hide computer IP address protect Internet Security

If it is a proxy server, the IP address is not a leak, so we can change their computer to proxy server to achieve the directory of hidden IP addres

Agent Hunter The meaning of IP address format _ Proxy Server

Take$6132,810,811# Shandong province Yantai an agent for example. is represented as a proxy server with an IP address of : 80 ":" The following 80 indicates that the proxy server's service port is 80 (21, 23, 80, 1080, 3128, 808

The server uses Nginx proxy, obtains the request user real IP address through the HttpServletRequest

First, add the following configuration in the Nginx configurationserver { listen ; server_name Www.wenki. Info ; #要访问的域名 charset UTF8; / { proxy_pass http://wenki_info; proxy_set_header Host $host; Proxy_set_header X-real-IP $remote _addr; Proxy_set_header X-forwarded-for$proxy _add_x_forwarded_for; }}Reload the configuration using the follow obtains the real IP address code of a proxy or cdn acceleration server customer.

Example:Using System;Using System. Collections. Generic;Using System. Linq;Using System. Web;Using System. Web. UI;Using System. Web. UI. WebControls;Using System. Text. RegularExpressions;Namespace DiLian{Public partial class _ Default: System. Web. UI. Page {Protected void Page_Load (object sender, EventArgs e) {Label5.Text = GetIP (); }# Region bool IsIPAddress (str1) judge whether it is an IP format/**//// /// Determine whether the

Python scans the proxy and obtains the instance of the available proxy ip address, pythonproxy

Python scans the proxy and obtains the instance of the available proxy ip address, pythonproxy Today, I wrote a practical tool to scan and obtain available proxies. First of all, I first Baidu found a Website: as an Example This website has published many available

Python regular expression gets the IP address on the proxy IP site

Importurllib.requestImportRedefopen_url (URL): Req=urllib.request.Request (URL) req.add_header ("user-agent",'mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) applewebkit/537.36 (khtml, like Gecko) chrome/55.0.2883.87 safari/537.36') Response=Urllib.request.urlopen (req) page=Urllib.request.urlopen (req) HTML= (). Decode ('Utf-8') returnHTMLdefget_img (HTML): P= R'(?:(?: [0,1]?\d?\d|2[0-4]\d|25[0-5]) \.) {3} (?: [0,1]?\d?\d|2[0-4]\d|25[0-5])'IPList=Re.findall (p,html) foreachinchIPList:Print(eac

One-click setting script for network IP address/MAC address/network proxy (automatic configuration)

One-click setting script for network IP address/MAC address/network proxy... It is always in use, but not exclusive. Share it... @ Echo offRem #----------------------------------Rem # interface IP configurationRem #----------------------------------Echo ####################

(VB) timed replacement (IE) proxy IP address (proxy rotation)

Recently, I wanted to help my colleagues brush their online votes, so I wanted to find a software for rotating agents. I didn't expect it to be available online! It's hard to find a few pitiful resources, either fake or virus ....... You can only do it yourself .... Make up for the gaps in the network ...... Now, in the name of Langfang normal 8 class upgrade, I am releasing a software for regular proxy replacement for free here. You can add and impo

Nginx reverse proxy Get IP address

Nginx reverse proxy, the IP obtained in the application is the IP of the reverse proxy server, the domain name is also the reverse proxy configuration URL of the domain name, to solve the problem, you need to add some configuratio

E-commerce issues: Client IP address forgery, CDN, reverse proxy, and Acquisition

20120917@ Zheng yu Summary The common Java/PHP server obtains the Client IP address as follows: PseudoCode: 1) IP = request. getheader ("X-FORWARDED-FOR") Forge. See Appendix. 2) If the value is null or the array length is 0 or equal"Unknown", Then: IP = reques

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