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Cordys BOP 4 Platform Development Walkthrough--Process Modeling development (BPM)

1. Start of Process modelingIn the workspace project, this article name is: Training_wsapp. Create a BPM folder in the project root directory, then right-click on the new->business process model component in the pop-up menu for process m

Business process development based on the MEF interface of Wxwinter. BPM

Business process development based on the MEF interface of Wxwinter. BPM Wxwinter was released in the Group in March. after all the code in the second version of BPM is well reflected, although the platform can design business processes, forms, formulas, and triggers witho

How does BPM business process management and SAP better integrate and integrate?

Shenzhen City Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-focused on the internet of Things wireless communication products and services of national high-tech enterprises. Science and technology focus on wireless application needs of the mining and implementation, with product planning, industrial design, structure, hardware, software, testing, ID, logistics and other complete research and development and design system, the company currently employs more than 500, research and development and other engineeri

Chinese BPM business Process management for international companies how do I get to the ground?

Cornell can participate in the international market competition pass, not only to learn from the headquarters experience, and to maintain a high level of consistency, but also to combine the business requirements of China's business management, so the requirements of the BPM manufacturers are two-way, their own products, and the original system of adequate under

Csharp: workflow and bpm (Business Process Management), csharpworkflow

Csharp: workflow and bpm (Business Process Management), csharpworkflow Http://ccflow.codeplex.com/ Http://nginn.codeplex.com/ Https://github.com/lafar6502/NGinnBPM Http://ringleflow.codeplex.com/ Http://bpm2.codeplex.com/ Https://workflowengine.codeplex.com/ Https://github.com/optimajet/WorkflowEngine.NET Http://objectflow.codeplex.com/ Https://sourceforge.net/pr

Business modeling use case diagram of software project requirement development process Practice

on the run-in after the discovery of problems, nature to change. "Drastic changes in demand" is only an illusion, many changes in demand are false changes, the real demand has not changed, but the developers at the beginning to capture the demand is false. If business modeling skills are used correctly, most fake demand changes will be eliminated from the invisible.A b

New SOA business language new system architecture-SOA and BPM

Document directory New SOA business language new system architecture-SOA and BPM SOA new business language New System Architecture -- in the wave of joint development of SOA and BPM, we must first clarify that the nature of BPM and SOA is completely different: SOA is an

BPM Process Management Software comparison

workflows focus on approval flows. Their differences are as follows: 1. Business flows often span multiple business systems, while approval flows usually involve one system. 2. Business flows often involve multiple business functions and multiple business objects, while app

H3 BPM Community: Learning Exchange Platform for process developers

along,BPM as a set of professional enterprise management software system, development and configuration threshold is higher. H3 BPM is easy-to-use, with strong scalability and integration capabilities, and low cost, and is suitable for process developers as a process development tool. H3

H3 BPM Community: Learning Exchange Platform for process developers

higher. H3 BPM is easy-to-use, with strong scalability and integration capabilities, and low cost, and is suitable for process developers as a process development tool. H3 BPM configuration process is efficient, such as data modeling

Innovative features of BPM process management software

Business process management software is not only a kind of carrier, but also a tool to emerge. Business Process Management (BPM) software is an important tool for most enterprises, which helps enterprises to integrate and automate the internal

The development of BPM industry in China from the perspective of domestic process management software market share

With the support and guidance of the Internet +, China Manufacturing 2025, Industry 4.0 and other national strategies, enterprises in the digital economy era of information performance is amazing, more and more enterprises realize that for the development of enterprises, information automation is far from enough, enterprise strategy, business and it need to maintain a high degree of consistency, At the same time of hard-working it drilling, strengthen

Eliminate execution gaps bpm to help enterprises view their current business conditions

BPM is actually a management philosophy, not just software. What BPM helps enterprises do is to think about how to develop and where future market opportunities will be, looking at what will happen in the future is what BPM is going to do. BPM is actually a management philosophy. It is not just software.

AEAI BPM Process Integration Platform V3.0.2 version open source release

, Rights management, coding management, statistical analysis; process simulation management A common process testing tool that enables administrators to quickly switch roles, act as actual business operators or managers, initiate processes, approve processes, perform suspend, resume, Cancel business operations such as

AEAI BPM Process Integration Platform V3.0.2 version open source release

mode process modeling; Provide a wealth of practical process nodes, flexible support of a variety of Chinese characteristics of business process scenarios; The process simulation simulates the

The timeless path to the process (iv) the implementation phase of the BPM lifecycle

In the previous article, we talked about the lifecycle of BPM including design, modeling, execution, monitoring, and optimization 5 phases, and this article gives a detailed anatomy of the implementation process of BPM in the main line of the pre-sales license approval process

Business use case diagram of EA Business Modeling Practice

This article focuses on business modeling practices, as well as the modeling tools EA Primary use process log.Previous documents have been written to describe the business modeling from different angles, but the rationale and the

The timeless path of the process (iii) design of BPM lifecycle four steps

BPM is the chief of staff, responsible for the tactical aspects of the work, its lifecycle includes tactical design, tactical development, tactical implementation, tactical evaluation and tactical adjustment. For the above 5 phases, BPM has five phases throughout its lifecycle: design, modeling, execution, monitoring, and optimization, as shown in Figure 6.1.

Build your core business processes with BPM

Author: BPM and Management informatization The core business system of manufacturing enterprise is management system of ERP, finance system, SCM, even CRM as core operation; Trade enterprises have invoicing; Service-oriented enterprises have CRM and call Center; What is your core business system for small businesses (size of 20 people)? Customer manag

BPM process visualization development and configuration, research and development objectives (i)

Database Modeling, 3, visual form development, 4, visual report development.With the 4 parts above, we can quickly implement flexible business processes, and now let's talk about what each part does. What functions can be achieved? What is the development process for a specific process? So we go into the world of

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