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Detailed introduction: Broadband Wireless Access Network Based on Wireless Mesh Technology (1)

The broadband Wireless access network of Wireless Mesh Technology brings new opportunities for our Wireless networks. It breaks through the bottleneck of traditional Wireless networks a

WDM-PON technology will become a new direction of Wireless Broadband Access Network

Wireless Broadband Access Network is more commonly used, so I studied the WDM-PON technology will become a new direction of wireless broadband access network, here to share with you, I

Wireless Broadband access technology and its application analysis

1. Overview Limited by the ability of 2G, 2.5G Wireless network, the development of mobile internet business is restricted. Recently, the rapid development of mobile network technology, 3G has been widely used, HSDPA technology has been gradually applied, mobile

Wireless competition: the development of wireless broadband access technology

Broadband is undoubtedly one of the network standards that people are pursuing. When dial-up surfing is adopted and broadband is gradually popularized, we can predict the development of today's wireless networks, wireless Broadband

Comprehensive analysis of the specific configuration of the wireless network card in the Wireless Broadband Router

Nic is an important part in the configuration of a wireless broadband router, and also affects the performance of the Wireless Broadband Router. Generally, you can use wireless Access Point (Access Point) and Wireless

Hot spot and analysis of broadband wireless access technology

Mobile communications in the world's great success, driving the development of a variety of broadband wireless technology, the world's wireless technology is stepping into the broadband universe. At present, 3G

On broadband wireless access technology

Access network refers to the "user interface and Business node interface between the implementation of the host function of the entity." Access network basically includes transmission system, multiplexing equipment, user/network interface, digital crossover equipment, etc., usually access network transmission system ac

Analysis of broadband wireless access technology in local multi-point distribution service

network, that is, the so-called "last kilometer." Narrowband access mode has become the main bottleneck of high-speed Internet and broadband service development. At present, it is urgent to provide high-speed broadband access technology for user access section. Compared with other access technologies,

WiMAX wireless broadband technology is difficult to split into frequencies (1)

defined it in 2 ~ What is the 802.16e Distribution frequency in the 6 GHz band. The ITU is also discussing the future frequency of broadband wireless access, coordination issues with other businesses, such as satellites, and international roaming issues. Theoretically, WiMAX wireless broadband

Application of LMDS Broadband wireless access Technology

This paper first introduces the general situation, system composition and network structure of LMDS technology, then discusses several typical applications of LMDS system in the field of access, and finally, combining the experience of constructing LMDS test or commercial system at home and abroad, some problems needing attention in constructing LMDS system in our country are put forward.Application of LMDS

Category 5 Broadband Wireless Access Network Devices

speed can reach N × 64kbit/s to 2 Mbit/s, or even up to 155 Mbit/s, and the bandwidth in the working band must be at least MHz. LMDS is a new technology, the Application of LMDS in Internet and high-speed data communication should be paid attention to by people in the industry 。 Broadband Wireless Access Network Devic

Wireless network not connected only shows find a wireless broadband connection

Now the wireless network is more popular, notebook mostly with wireless function, computer screen display to find a wireless broadband connection, but wireless network is not connected,

Application Technology of OFDM Broadband Wireless Access System

The goal of network development is to achieve better performance, wider bandwidth, and lower costs. I am wondering if I want to introduce a broadband wireless access technology and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM). The birth of this technology will bring new

Broadband Wireless Access Technology Based on DOCSIS Protocol

circuit service may be different in different segments, so the delay is not fixed. In addition, because the wireless network has different characteristics, DOCSIS is used for broadband wireless access technology. The existing DOCSIS standard limits large-scale

Comparative analysis of broadband wireless access technology

The broadband wireless access technology represents a new and noticeable development trend of broadband access technology, not only the network opening fast, maintenance simple, the user is more dense when the cost is low, and cha

D-link Community Broadband Wireless Network Solution

, such as: Conference Room, Hall, large bay and so on. This program can also be applied to hotels, trade fairs, temporary venues or large storage supermarkets.D-link Wireless Application Solution topology MapFrom the perspective of the entire project architecture, this scheme can not only realize the flexible, mobile, low-cost and easy installation of other wireless solutions, but also make the whole

11n Technology for high-quality wireless broadband transmission

With the rapid development of wireless network technology and the rapid growth of Internet access requirements, wireless broadband services are booming, and the demand for high bandwidth and high coverage is getting stronger and stronger. The 11n

Mimo technology for wireless broadband mobile communication systems

MIMO technology can be used as a bridge to connect old and new wireless technologies, so that the two can develop and integrate harmoniously. So it is already an important technology in the next generation of wireless broadband mobile communication systems. The following wil

The Wireless Broadband Router setting technique completely solves the problem of Home Network Security

How can we make the home network more secure? In particular, users who use wireless broadband routers often experience virus attacks, network users, and account theft. In principle, we introduced the security threats faced by wireless home networks and how to reinforce the s

Design of MAC layer for broadband fixed wireless access network

First, the introductionThe broadband access network is regarded as the last kilometer of the information superhighway, which will become the key point of the future national information infrastructure development. At present, there are several broadband access modes, such as optical fiber access, XDSL, broadband fixed

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