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Port Scanner--zenmapkail Linux penetration test

3.3-Port scanner--zenmapkail linux penetration test?The Zenmap (port scanner) is a tool for open source network probing and security audits. It is the graphical interface front-end of nmap security Scan Tool, which can support cross-platform. Use the Zenmap tool to quickly scan large networks or individual hosts for information. For example, a scan host provides

A Linux directory scanner

function - { the Char* topdir=".";//the Topdir that defines the char * type points to the current directory. + if(argc>=2)//if the input parameter is not empty Atopdir=argv[1];//assign the path you want to print to Topdir the //Argv[0] Represents the program itself, if the input parameter is empty, it is the default print directory is Topdir= "." +printf"Directory scan of%s\n", Topdir);//Print a word -Printdir (Topdir,0);//Call function to implement loop printing $prin

Port Scanner--zenmapkail Linux penetration test

3.3Port Scanner--zenmapkail linux penetration testzenmap (port scanner) is an open source network detection and security Audit tool. It is nmap zenmap zenmap Use of the tool this article is selected from the kail linux penetration test training manual the instance 3-4 the Use Zenmap Tool Scan

Getting started with Linux: Installing a brother printer in Linux

Getting started with Linux: Installing a brother printer in Linux Q: I have a brother HL-2270DW laser printer and I want to print documents from my Linux machine. How can I install a proper driver on my computer and use it? The brother's brand is famous for its affordable co

Linux essay-bird Brother Linux Server Chapter learning Summary (FULL)

Bird Brother Linux Server Chapter learning SummaryDanbo Time: 2015-7-17The network mount (AUTOFS) mechanism is started by default at the Runlevel3 startup level, and we can turn it off by command: Chkconfig autofs off or/etc/init.d/autofs stop.Query start service on network listening: Netstat-lntup[Email protected] ~]# NETSTAT-LNUTPActive Internet connections (only servers)Proto recv-q send-q Local address

"Brother's Linux Private cuisine" Reading notes: Linux kernel compilation and management

detailed options configuration reference "Brother Bird's Linux private dish" 3. Kernel compilation and installation 3.1 compiling kernel and kernel modules Kernel and kernel modules need to be compiled first, you can use make help to look up all the available compilation parameters, you will know that there are basic features below: Make Vmlinux #未经压缩的核心 Make modules #仅内核模块

"Brother Bird's Linux Private Dishes" chapter III, host planning and disk partitioning-2. Planning prior to installing Linux

, such a complex environment, especially VirtualBox environment, many of the hardware are simulated, it will make it difficult for beginnersUnderstand the system control principle. Basically, brother Bird does not recommend that you use this way to learn Linux Oh!A. Creating an environment where Windows and Linux coexist;B.nat (To achieve the function of the IP-s

Learn about the--linux plan for Linux with brother Bird!!

, hardware +linuxIn this section, the author explains hardware-based hardware devices that linux,linux systems typically require, and mentions that all devices in a Linux system are represented by a specific file. The author analyzes the partition principle of hard disk, the file representation of hard disk in Linux, t

2013 Horse Brother Linux full video tutorial, HD non-encrypted

2013 Horse Brother Linux full video tutorial, HD not encrypted, transfer. Non-sincerity do not disturb!Contact Person: Lovelinux qq:3109523055Course Catalogue:First, Linux System Foundation and System Management1, operating system history, System architecture Platform overview; Linux origin, philosophy, history and dis

Learning from Linux for the elder brother Bird (5)--linux file permissions and directory settings

to represent the rights of the three identities, and a for all identities. Therefore, for example, the instruction chmod U=rwx,go=rx 1.txt means that the user can read and write the file, and the group and others can only be readable and executed. CHMD A+w 1.txt That is, everyone can write.6. The ability of the next file in Windows to execute is determined by the extension, such as. Exe,.bat, and, in Linux, whether the file is executed to see if it h

Install a free antivirus software clam for your Linux server! Brother K

October 17, 2016Brother K's servers are external services to do web businessSo they're often harassed by some hacker.It's not a success, but it's very worrying.If you understand the hack.You must know how often a Web server is attacked by being attacked almost all the while.Of course there are many ways to attack, and K has played for years.But ultimately the ultimate goal is to upload the Trojan to control your machineThen a free and powerful anti-virus software is very importantThis

Experience of Linux learning from brother-in-the-Birds (--linux) account management and ACL permission setting

supported by this group7. We can use the groups command to effectively and support group observationAdded User: Useradd,useradd user1,useradd-u 700-g users BirdDelete User: Userdel8. Set the password to use passwd on the line, passwd user is to set the user password9. List user's detailed password parameters: Chage-l user10. In addition to adding and removing users, Linux also provides instructions to fine-tune account-related data, which is usermod.

Brother Bird's Linux private dish (server) Chapter III Introduction to the local Area Network Architecture chapter fourth connected to the Internet

Brother Bird's Linux private dish (server) Chapter III Introduction to the local Area Network Architecture chapter fourth connected to the Internet[TOC]3.1 Online of the local area network 3.1.1 Local Area network cabling planning 3.1.1-1 Linux Direct networking-same status as PC3.1.1-2 Linux Direct Networking-separate

Learn about Linux with the bird brother--Summary of learning

The whole view of "bird Brother's Linux private food-Basic article" to learn a lot of knowledge, from basic Linux preliminary understanding, to some of the file directory understanding and operation, the use of some basic commands, and finally a preliminary understanding of the Linux process operation and control methods. At this stage of the basic understanding

"Brother Bird's Linux private dish" NOTE 1

), shipowner hideaway called him copyleft (relative II and Lee software copyright! )。6. GNU has developed several important software, such as:? Emacs? GNU C (GCC)? GNU C Library (glibc)? Bash Shell causes many software developers to develop their programs from these basic tools!7. Mark, the core site of the Linux establishment:, Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu is a

Brother Bird's Linux private cuisine (basic learning, server erection)

Commemorate the next: 2014 Dalian's first snow, December 1, the morning to see the sky floating snowflakes, in fact, is still very beautiful! Self-taught Linux students should be "bird Brother's Linux private dishes" will not be unfamiliar, bird brother divided into two parts to write, the first is "bird Brother's Linux

[Linux] Tips-linux Kernel parameter adjustment method "Brother Lian Technology sharing"

has an exception. It's a great help for the investigative procedure.For other important configurations, here are the method demos:Net.ipv4.tcp_syncookies=1net.ipv4.tcp_max_syn_backlog=81920Net.ipv4.tcp_synack_retries=3Net.ipv4.tcp_syn_retries=3Net.ipv4.tcp_fin_timeout = 30Net.ipv4.tcp_keepalive_time = 300Net.ipv4.tcp_tw_reuse = 1Net.ipv4.tcp_tw_recycle = 1Net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range = 20000 65000Net.ipv4.tcp_max_tw_buckets = 200000Net.ipv4.route.max_size = 5242880To see if the configuration ta

Brother Bird's Linux private cuisine Linux file permissions and directory management (a)

directory nameA, file name: input command: basename pathB, Directory: input command: dirname pathSecond, the contents of the document inspection1. Cat: Starting from the first line displays the contents of the file: Cat [-abentv] File-N: Print the travel number, along with the blank line will also have line number-B: Print travel number, blank line does not print2. TAC: Starting from the last line, just the opposite of the cat command: TAC3, NL: Display time, by the way output line number: NL [

Brother Bird's Linux private cuisine 7-------14 Chapter Linux account management and ACL permissions settings

validation (unsuccessful or otherwise) back to the passwd program. NBSP;6.PASSWD the next action based on the return information of Pam. (ref. P437) 11. User's information transfer query:w,who,last,lastlog User talk:write,mesg,wall Write user account [user's terminal port] Write Root tty2 infomation crtl-d end input nbsp When you do not want to have a message immediately interrupted, can execute MESG N, will not receive any messages, except the root user. Vi

Younger brother, I will be ZEND, LINUX, and can be a magic horse

I will be ZEND, LINUX, can I be a god horse? Brother 30 nbsp; 5 nbsp; now... PHP nbsp; ZEND, TP, SMARTY nbsp;, LINUX nbsp; under the Configuration nbsp; APACHE nbsp;, can be used as a magic horse? Can I find a development job when I am 35 years old? I will be ZEND, LINUX, can I be a god horse?

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