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Photoshop one-Tone brown portrait Photo tutorial

For the users of Photoshop software, share one-tone brown portrait photo tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Original 1, open the material picture, create an optional color adjustment layer, the cyan adjustment, parameters and effect of the following figure. This step turns the cyan in the picture into green. 2, create hue/saturation adjustment layer, yellow, green, green adjustme

Photoshop gives portrait photos a light brown complexion

Indoor portrait picture General skin tone is not too strong, need simple grinding and enhance the color of the high light, so can quickly enhance skin texture. Background and the main color can be adjusted according to actual needs. Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free download | Photoshop CS5 Chinese free Download | Photoshop free Download Original Final effect 1, open t

Illustrator a tutorial on geometric background portrait effects of vector-style design

To give you illustrator software users to detailed analysis to share the production of vector-style geometric background portrait effect of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: First, the WPAP of the drawing process Today we want to learn to use AI to make Wpap portrait, then, before this, we need to briefly understand the WPAP drawing pro

PS Portrait Pull Map to change the background tutorial detailed

magnetic lasso of the first and last nodes coincide, the tail node into the first node, in order to form a closed zone After the point, forming a closed constituency 7, Layer--new--through the copy of the layer 8. Click to close the "eyes" in front of the background image on the level Panel, so that the portrait will be plucked out. --Use the zoom tool to enlarge--che

How to change the background of portrait photos

How do you change the background of portrait photos? Background elements have an extremely important effect on the picture. For single portrait photos, a clean, simple background can indeed play a role in keeping the picture simple and eliminating interference. In addition,

Photoshop gives messy portrait background processing

This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to the messy portrait background processing more beautiful, we often encounter the picture background very messy, appears the wrinkle, even has some stains, this greatly affects the picture the overall effect, then how can let the photograph background to be more good-looking, does n

Photoshop portrait post-revision for star background steps tutorial

For Photoshop software users, share a tutorial on how to change the background of a portrait with a later image. Tutorial Sharing: No matter what the picture, the first step to open the image is to analyze the picture (flaws, wear, tone, and the desired effect, the mind should have a general direction) The following is the ACR transfer section, the original picture is good, I did not move a lot, specif

Simplify the processing of portrait picture background

Background processing tutorial to simplify the processing of portrait images Due to the impact of the environment, when the camera can not change the background, and some people picture pictures after the background and so on feel very messy, processing time can be appropriate to change the

Portrait photo processing: PS Analog Large aperture Dim background effect

There are many methods in the post-processing of portrait photos, in which the background of large aperture simulation is most commonly used, and the effect is most obvious and beautiful. Here we will illustrate by concrete examples. Original artwork (see Figure 1) Figure 1 The first step is to open the original artwork in Photoshop, copy the layers, and set the layer bar on the layer you want to co

Photoshop adds a fantastic background and enhances the texture of portrait photos

Indoor portrait beautification is relatively difficult, because the character skin color is not very uniform, feeling will compare flowers. The processing needs to be carefully polished and polished, but also to portray the texture. As for the background section can be added according to their own preferences. Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free download | Photoshop CS5 Chinese free Download

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