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Browser cache insider and getlastmodified Method

The httpservlet class defines a getlastmodified method. Its complete syntax is defined as follows: Protected long getlastmodified (httpservletrequest req) The returned value indicates the number of milliseconds that have been calculated since 00:00:0

Web page Production Tips Tutorial: Learn about the browser's own development tools

Article Description: How much do you know about the browser's own development tools? Conventional Find development tools Shortcut: "F12" (Windows) "CMD" ⌘+ "Option" + "I" (MAC) Right-select "Inspect element check elements"

[Z] in JSP, the browser does not cache pages and does not cache the pages to solve the problem of access to confidential information when the browser returns.

Normally, the browser caches the page. In this case, you can access the page just after exiting. For example, you can access the page just cached after exiting, in some cases, this is not safe enough. The solution to the problem is as

Sharepiont Page Model

This article mainly includes the following aspects: 1. Page Layout and master page2. Page Layout Model3. Page Model4. field controls and control templates5. Page Processing Model1. Page Layout and master pageThe master page and page layout are

How to check the history of IE browser

In many cases, when we browse the Web page, we accidentally turn off the page that we are looking at or see a website that is very good now want to find out what the Web site is, then how to find these sites? The first thing we think about is the

In-depth understanding of browser compatibility mode

Abstract:There are already many documents and materials on the Internet about various browser models, but few of them can fully explain several concepts. Most of the information is outdated, and some content may no longer be applicable. In this

Use BHO to customize the Internet Explorer browser

I. IntroductionSometimes, you may need a customized browser. In this case, you can freely add some novel but nonstandard features to a browser. As a result, you finally have a new but nonstandard browser. Web browser controls are only browser

Sogou Browser How to check air quality real-time query PM2.5 tutorial

Nowadays, environmental problems are more and more concerned by people, many of the corresponding environmental software applications have been developed, Sogou Browser also on-line air quality inquiry function. Sogou Browser How to check air

Mobile Browser Page Knowledge Collection

  WAP Mobile Web CSS (WAP CSS)Most phones now support XHTML browsers, which means we only need to set the stylesheets type to "handheld"1 * {23position:static!important; 4 5 Float:none!important; 6 }Because the current mobile phone screen

Introduction to mobile web development-browser and web development Browser

Introduction to mobile web development-browser and web development Browser Some time ago, I learned about the mobile Web manual and thought that this kind of book is really needed. It is just a simple explanation of the most basic knowledge about

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