browser compatibility css code for firefox

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Div + CSS browser compatibility

When designing a website, you should pay attention to CSS style compatibility with different browsers. Especially for networks that fully use Div CSS design, you should pay more attention to IE6 IE7 FF's compatibility with CSS styles. Otherwise,

IE and Firefox firefox in JS, CSS compatibility differences

1.firefox cannot support innertext.Firefox supports innerHTML but does not support innertext, it supports textcontent to implement innertext, but it also retains the extra space by default. If you do not need to textcontent, if the string contains

JavaScript compatibility Summary for IE and Firefox [recommended collection]_javascript Tips

JavaScript compatibility has long been a major problem for Web developers. The differences between formal norms, factual standards and various implementations make many developers suffer day and night. To this end, mainly from the following aspects

CSS compatibility tips for IE and Firefox browser finishing

Transferred from: Compatibility Common tips (1)  More exciting related articles recommended:Browser CSS3 and HTML5 compatible quick check tableIE6/IE7/IE8 Three versions of the CSS

Strong compatibility with CSS hack browsers ...................

All browsersHeight: 100px; Dedicated for IE6_ Height: 100px; Dedicated for IE6* Height: 100px; Dedicated for IE7* + Height: 100px; Share IE7 and FFHeight: 100px! Important;I. CSS compatibilityThe following two methods can solve almost all of

CSS style (compatibility issues with Firefox)

1.DOCTYPE Impact CSS Processing2.ff:div set Margin-left, Margin-right is auto when the center, IE No3.ff:body when setting text-align, Div needs to set Margin:auto (mainly margin-left,margin-right) to center4.FF: After setting padding, Div will

Firefox IE6 IE7 css compatibility

IE6, IE7: Display: inline; IE is not compatible with Firefox! ImpOrtant CSS hack: differentiate IE6, IE7, and firefoxDifference between different browsers, CSS hack writing:Difference between IE6 and FF:  Backgroundrange; * background:

Reproduced IE6, IE7, IE8, firefox compatibility css hack code + example--browser

1. Distinguish between IE and non-IE browser CSS hack code #divcss5 {Background:blue; /* Non IE background blue */Background:red \9; /*ie6, IE7, IE8 background red */} 2. Distinguish ie6,ie7,ie8,ff CSS HACK"Distinguishing

Sorting out the most comprehensive CSS browser compatibility issues (ie6.0, ie7.0, and Firefox)

CSSPairBrowserThe compatibility is sometimes a headache. when you understand the skills and principles, you may feel that it is not difficult to collect IE7 from the Internet, 6. Solve the problem of compatibility with fireofx and sort it out. for

DIV+CSS IE6/IE7/IE8/FF Compatibility issues Summary

1.IE8 compatibility issues, this best deal, converted into IE7 compatible can be. Add the following piece of code to the head, and then as long as it is compatible under IE7, IE8 below is also compatible2.flaot floating caused IE6 double margin

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