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The browser platform will be the tipping point of HTML5 mobile games

The browser platform will be the tipping point of HTML5 mobile games HTML5 technology is just a few days away from full maturity, but the ever-changing gaming industry cannot "wait ". Taking aoyou as the representative, how the technology-leading manufacturers perform will determine whether the browser can be the tipping point of HTML5 mobile

Jinshan Poison PA: Browser Password Thieves aim at web games and enterprise network management

, as long as hackers get encrypted text, through the internet on the public crack algorithm or tools, can be ordinary netizens use the browser saved password easily decrypted. Figure 2 Easy to use internet exposed tools to crack browser saved password Jinshan Poison PA Safety experts said, from the current monitoring data, browser password theft of

Solutions to adaptive browser size changes in the location of common game elements in web games

A common feature of web games is that when you change the browser size, some element locations, such as chat boxes, automatically change with the browser, how can this function be implemented? Ha, the solution is to listen to the changes on the stage and obtain the wide height of the changed stage. stagewidth, stage, stageheight), and then change the positions of

Unity simple online games (using Websocket to support browser running), unitywebsocket

Unity simple online games (using Websocket to support browser running), unitywebsocket Opening I always wanted to create a Unity online game. I just studied Websocket for a while and then practiced it on Unity WebGL. The effect is good, so I wrote a complete game.Gameplay There are a variety of foods for players to pick up (pumpkin, corn, watermelon, cabbage, etc.) in the scenario, the food will make pla

How can I open multiple accounts simultaneously when playing games in the IE 10 browser?

Use IE10 to play games on both sides. You do not need to install any plug-ins, add-ons, or toolbar. You only need to log on to the game in the new session window. Open Method: press the "Alt" keyboard to open the menu bar, click "file" and select "New Session ". There is no limit on the number of session windows. You can create any number of windows, but remember to cancel remembering the account password. Why are you so

Some experiences and personal opinions on the backend Management System of large-scale browser games

Preface: People who have worked in Game Development know that client games can use c ++ and web games can use sl or as3. Given the knowledge of web game development, I have some opinions. Take the web game of as3. Generally, the front-end of game development can use as3 as the front-end, and the back-end can use erlang. If you are not familiar with these two things, you can use Baidu or google. What about

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