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"Go" http-equiv= "x-ua-compatible" setting IE browser compatibility mode

File compatibility is used to define how IE compiles your Web pages. This file explains file compatibility, how to specify the file compatibility mode for your site, and how to determine which file mode a Web page uses.ObjectiveTo help ensure that

Browser setting the UA value

The Optionmenu in the SWE browser is displayed by the controller through onkeydown monitoring keycode_menu. public boolean OnKeyDown (int KeyCode, KeyEvent event) { if (keycode = = KeyEvent. keycode_menu && Event.getrepeatcount () = = 0 //

Mobile UC Browser How to modify UA logo

Mobile UC Browser How to modify the UA logo? for many people, it may not be possible to understand what a cell phone UC Browser UA logo is. However, some users are asking, mobile UC Browser How to modify the UA logo? Next, and small weave together

Mobile phone QQ Browser UA logo How to modify?

mobile phone QQ browser UA logo Where to modify? What are the steps to modify? UA identification Do you know what that means? In a mobile phone, UA is a way for users to determine how a device is accessed, and UA in the mobile browser says it can

Mobile QQ Browser UA logo in which to modify

UA in mobile phones is a way for users to decide which devices to access, usually if we set the UA logo as a computer, then the Web site on the phone will be a web interface, and UA says it is often used by web developers to judge the way users use

Jump based on browser UA information (mobile and PC)

How to use PHP to determine whether a client is a mobile phone or a computer? In fact, developers know that when visiting a website through a browser , the browser sends a UA to the server, the user agent. UA for different browsers, different

Nginx prohibits specific UA access

First, what is UA?The user agent is referred to as UA, which is the proxy. Usually we use a browser to access the site, in the site's log, our browser is a kind of UA.Ii. prohibition of specific UA accessRecently, there is a website (

New UA judgment

VaR OS = This. OS ={}, browser = This. browser = {}, WebKit = UA. Match (/WebKit \/([\ D.] + )/), Android = UA. Match (/(Android) \ s + ([\ D.] + )/), IPad = UA. Match (/(IPAD). * OS \ s ([\ D _] + )/), IPhone =! IPad & UA. Match (/(iPhone \ SOS) \

A very close tutorial on displaying browser client information in JavaScript basics

1. Firefox Gecko is the Firefox rendering engine. The original gecko was developed as part of a generic Mozilla browser, and the first browser to use the Gecko engine was Netscape6; We can use the user agent detection: The following JS code:

< meta HTTP-EQUIV = "x-ua-compatible" content = Meaning of "ie=edge,chrome=1"/>

x-ua-compatible is God horse? X-ua-compatible is a proprietary attribute of IE8, which tells IE8 which version of IE to use to render Web pages in the HTML tags. You can get more information on Microsoft's official documentation.Why do you use

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