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"Two-way bubble sort" of OJ brush problem

input621 45 85 47 3 15Sample output3 15 21 45 47 85The code is as follows:#include Operation Result:The morning up on the project has been plagued by more than half an hour, no matter how to modify the need to add the code is not the correct results, with a single-step debugging to suddenly find the problem ... Originally I changed the wrong place at some time before, the original code in the loop to change ... Crying drunk ...What does not understand is that CNT has what function, did not init

PhotoshopCS5 changing paint brush tutorial-dream bubble background-PS tutorial

In this tutorial, the shape of the brush is changed to a circular shape with a transparency in the middle. the setting of the brush is similar to that of the previous tutorials, but the only difference is that the mixed mode of the brush is set, in this case, the paint brush with clear layers and bright colors will be

Line brush treasure easy to use line brush treasure a key to save the brick brush machine tutorial

What is the advantage of wire brush brush machine? 1, soft brush that is, the use of software brush machine, now there are many brush machine software can help users to do a key brush machine, very suitable for those who are comp

How to brush Samsung G9008W? G9008W flash brush tutorial (online brush official system package)

The Samsung G9008W flash brush tutorial has come. I have shared with you the Samsung s5 flash brush tutorial, but many people do not know it is universal, so here we will share with you the flash brush tutorial for this mobile phone. The flash brush method for this mobile phone is also divided into card

PHP Write bubble sort php array bubble sort php bubble sort principle php to bubble sort Excellent

$arr [($j + 1)]) {//Next greater than previous $temp = $arr [($j + 1)]; $arr [($j + 1)] = $arr [$j]; $arr [$j] = $temp;}}} else{//Descending for ($i = $last _key; $i >= 0; $i-) {//get sorted Key$sort_key = $last _key-$i; for ($j = $last _key; $j > $sort _key; $j-) {if ($arr [$j] > $arr [($j-1)]) {//Next greater than previous $temp = $arr [($j-1)]; $arr [($j-1)] = $arr [$j]; $arr [$j] = $temp;}}} return $arr;} $sort _arr = Getrandarr (); Var_dump (Bubblesort ($sort _arr)); The above describes

"Mobile phone brush Machine Package making" how to make a line brush package? One-click production line Brush Package detailed tutorial

How can little white make a line brush package that belongs to her own? What is the difference between making a line brush package and making a card brush package? How to use the production tool to quickly create a line brush package?Production line Brush Package detailed tu

Red Meter 4 mobile phone How to brush machine Brush Machine Master to 4 brush machine method diagram

1, Download Brush master "Click to download" on the phone to open the USB debugging mode and then the mobile phone and computer connection (recommended: USB debugging mode How to open the _usb Debug mode open method). 2, click "More Tools" and then click "Root Master" and then a key root, at this time waiting for the phone to automatically restart. 3, click on "More Tools"-"Backup Master" so you can back up the data in the phone, then th

Samsung mobile phone brush machine Samsung mobile phone brush machine How to brush?

First: The preparation work before brushing machine: 1. At this address pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=324549uk=2164678797 go to free download i699 Brush Machine Package 2. At this address to download the Brush machine tool PAN.BAIDU.COM/S/1I3WVWZR This is Odin Brush machine tool 3. Install mobile phone to drive Samsung mobile phone can install Kies software

[MFC] CPen Brush class, CBrush Paint brush class Use Introduction

First, CPen Brush class 1. Brush Style: 1) All the line functions are drawn using the brush specified by the CPen class, and the default is a solid line of 1 pixels wide and black; 2) to make the defined brush take effect (that is, you can draw a line) you must first create a CPen

To the road in the brush machine to go rough friend-brush machine failure Solution

Brush machine has a certain risk, improper brush machine method may bring a lot of unnecessary trouble, such as failure to boot, boot, function failure and other consequences. So we should carefully brush the machine, try to avoid unscientific operation. Let's start with the line brush to explain the failure of the

The eraser brush size and brush color of the Android artboard feature

The first display sets the color of the brush, the second shows the color of the brush size, and the third shows the eraser function, which sets the icon color to blue, and adds the leftmost button (in fact, adds an item to the GridView).Here are the main ideas for the eraser, setting the brush size, setting the brush

Notepad for Android Project (9)-----eraser, brush size, and brush color for artboard features

The previous section has implemented the drawing in the artboard, delete, restore into the empty function, as well as the eraser, set the brush size and brush color is not implemented, this section will be implemented one by one.Look first:In, the first shows the ability to set the color of the brush, the second shows the color of the set

Share: About before the hammer mobile phone brush miui, now something ups and downs of the brush back to the Smartisan os!

Preface:  It's been 1.5 months since the last time I brushed the hammer phone into MIUI, and I am a brush-machine party, 1.5 months enough to adapt to a system, to understand a system. The brush machine is risky, but I am willing to take the risk because of interest, nothing else. After the brush machine, there must be a problem, not a ROM package in the adaptati

Red rice 1 Line Brush Save Brick tutorial V5 version (mobile Unicom applicable, line brush package permanently effective)

Red rice 1 Line Brush Save Brick tutorial V5 version (mobile Unicom applicable, line brush package permanently effective)The original is from: http://www.miui.com/thread-1890972-1-1.html?mobile=2, added some of his own experience.(I saved a red-rice brick in this way) The forum saw a lot of Rice noodles in the brush machine can not

Notepad for Android Project-----Setting the brush size and brush color of the handwriting function

The previous section realizes all the functions of the artboard, including setting the brush size, setting the brush color, eraser and other functions, while handwriting, you can also add the ability to set the size and color of the handwriting, this section of the trend to achieve handwriting adjustment handwriting size and adjust the color of the handwriting.First look at the picture:In fact, the handwrit

Existing paint brush and create your own paint brush 6 zhonggdi

Windows will use the "paint brush" selected from the device environment to draw a straight line. The paint brush determines the color, width, and style of the line. The style can be solid line, dotted line, or dotted line. The default device environment of the paint brush is black_pen. The paint brush draws a solid bla

Brush Machine Master Mobile version of the v2.0.6 version of the optimization of the brush machine process

Brush Machine Master Mobile version of the Brush Machine Master team launched a set of key brush machine and root, management of mobile phones and one of the brush machine tools, brush Machine Master Mobile version of the recent upgrade to 2.0.6 version,

"Brush the list"--mobile phone Trojan Google Play malicious brush list

At present, with the explosive growth of application in the market, app marketing and promotion is becoming more and more difficult, and the brush list is widely regarded as the best shortcut for application promotion, which can greatly increase the amount of downloads and users in the short term, and increase the exposure rate of the application. The increase in exposure has led to a spike in downloads, and the surge in downloads will guarantee a top

How to brush the apple 5S/5? IPHONE5S/5 Brush Machine Tutorial Diagram

Apple will regularly release the iOS system, some of the Apple mobile phone user system upgrade process is abnormal, upgrade failed to display the itunes link, some users escaped after white Apple, firmware damage need to brush machine, this article focuses on the Apple tool software through the Apple mobile phone brush machine method Tutorial. Computer System Preparation Computer operating sys

Android phone how to brush into ROM package Andro brush into ROM package method

Andro brush into ROM package method flow: First, the identification of the ROM package is a card brush or a wire brush bag Want to brush the first of course is to download a ROM package, then we should find out before downloading the brush bag is a wire

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