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Master of Headroom--"wisdom and wisdom"

A note on the wisdom and wisdom of the SutraMaster of HeadroomLiu Cheng Furgus KeeThe clearance Mage spoke for a week at the CUPERTINO Society of Goppotino, California, on March 1, 1994. The Zhang Dexieng to give a seven volume of the tape, after listening to the summary notes, remitted into the chapter, to support readers.Dear Classmates:Today we have such a good chance, in the United States net of the soc

The full text and explanation of the Sutra of wisdom and wisdom

eight knowledge into four wisdom, not teaches us to distinguish what name phase, turn eight knowledge namely empty five aggregates, four wisdom namely Buddha sex, namely is Bodhi heart.' The time of the deep wisdom of the ' when ' the word also to explain: all the law is changed, the idealism is now, when the past, the present time, the future, the past is now the future is a deep wisdom, the so-called past can not be, the past there is wisdom, the f

The swing in the temple

.] [Sit is not sit, Zen is not Zen. How can Zen sit out and sit out? Master, are you using this mess to clean him up ?] [No, I asked him if he had hemorrhoids .] [Master, you see this cloud Shuyun volume. It's just half-white, and suddenly it's dark. Alas, the Dharma is illegal and has impermanence, and the Buddha is always like this, master, even you cannot know what the future is like?] [Do you want to

Diamond Prajna Paramita Sutra

is Jing. Credit and hold. Is a person, that is, first hope. Why. This person is not mine. Unattended. None. The person with no life cycle. So what. I am a non-phase. A person is a non-person. Why. From everything is called the Buddhas. Buddha Sue Bodhi. If yes. If there is another person. The news is Jing. Don't be surprised, don't be afraid. It is known as a person. It is quite promising. Why. Bodhi. For example, the first paramdid. That is, it is n

Origins of LABA porridge

legend that said that Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, had eaten porridge made by a girl playing the goat with Apple glutinous rice on the day of August 1, lunar December 8, and had to become a Buddha under the bodhi tree. For those who believe in Buddhism in future generations, on October 16, lunar December 8, they read through the scriptures and eat porridge, which adds a religious color to the lable

Challenge Lu Qimin

My blog has seen a sharp increase in the access volume of Mr Lu and soft media. the reprinting of soft media has become the most visited part of my blog. What makes me more worried is that Mr. Lu was driving in person.Cheng bit the three axes, and I am also daring to ask Mr. Lu to answer my three questions and show Ugliness! 1. Does the soft media have wage arrears?2. Have the soft media dismissed the emp

Top 10 classical Zen scripts of the Buddhist family

by laughter? The longer the age, the deeper the understanding of this sentence. Classic 8: there is no limit to the sea, and the bank goes back. The swordsmanship becomes a Buddha. This is the case that the Buddhist Family recommends against evil. Translated by Song shipzi, the "Five-lamp yuan" volume fifty-three: "The broad amount is just a killer man without blinking at the bottom of the Han Dynasty ." I

Linux system LVM (Logical Volume Manager) Logical Volume management

performance, manageability, compatibility, functional support, etc., achieve a good balance.LVM supports two modes of logical volumes, as shown in. One is the concatenation mode (concatenation) and the other is the Ribbon mode (Striping), and the system defaults to serial mode. What is the difference between these two modes? For example, there are two IDE interfaces for 30GB hard disks/dev/hdb,/DEV/HDC, which together form a volume group VG1, which c

Buddha worship and medicine

Buddha worship and medicine Summary After introducing the benefits of Buddha worship in the tapes and books of caterpillar butterfly (Set of 'cancer cells become happy foads'), many people have asked about the methods of Buddha worship, we recommend that you publish a special set of introductions and raise various physical and mental problems when you study and

"Zen Beginner's Mind" reading notes (3)

The third part is to understand 1 meditation is not for enlightenment (1) as long as meditation, enlightenment is in it. Whether you are meditating or not, Buddha-nature is your self-sufficient. Because of your Buddha-nature, you will be enlightened in your practice. We emphasize not the attainment of the real

Today, Labe invited people in the group to the Dacheng party. I am very happy!

into practice, all the temples had to hold Buddhist scriptures, and follow the legend of the female offering a kind of "milk" in front of the Buddha to cook porridge and worship Buddha. This is the origin of LABA porridge. Song Dynasty Wu zimu prepared "Dream Liang Lu" Volume Six: "eight days, the temple called the 'labar '. Dasha Temple is equipped with five-f

Not to mention, not to mention-from Baidu to know

1. If yes: ① like this. ② Buddhist. Mark the words that are acceptable and permitted. 2. Wen ru: Buddhist scriptures. I still hear it. It means "I heard this ". 3. For example, I heard the following: ① Buddhist scriptures. Legend has it that after Sakyamuni was destroyed, the disciples gathered his comments. Because arms was the Buddha's waiter and heard the most, they pushed him to sing Buddha and said tha

Buddha bless never modify bugs, and Buddha BUG

Buddha bless never modify bugs, and Buddha BUG //////////////////////////////////////// ///// // _ OoOoo _ ///o88888o // // 88 ". "88 // (| ^_^ |) // O \=/O ////____/'---'\____////. '\\| | //'. /// // \\||||||////////// _ |||||| -: -|-\ // | \-/| // | \ _ | ''\ ---/'' | ////\. -\__'-'___/-. /////___'.. '/--. --\'.. ___////. "" ' Shagamuni Buddha bless Sakyamuni

A complete understanding of life

I asked Buddha: Why don't I give shame to all women? Buddha said: it is just a flash in the flash, used to blind the eyes of the secular, There is no beauty that can win a pure and loving heart, I gave it to every girl, but someone has made her gray. I asked Buddha: why are there so many regrets in the world?Buddha sa

100 words to improve your culture

1. Choose the good, and choose to read the book, choose Good Words and listen to, choose goodness and from.2. A person's happiness is not because he has more, but because he cares less.3. To be angry is to punish oneself by taking others ' fault. To forgive others is to treat yourself well.4. Not necessarily more money, more fun, more and more tired to recruit trouble. The poor lock is really comfortable, unencumbered le carefree.5. Outing often think

A real display of the spectrum when playing music with Flash9

Show (Need to first convert MP3 to SWF, and then processing the converted SwF to correctly display the sound spectrum), it can be said that Flash8 and the following version of The voice support is limited, and FLASH9 in this regard has been upgraded, the ability to deal with the sound greatly improved, Below is a small example of how the spectrum is actually displayed when playing music with FLASH9 (refer to other people's experience), and the interface is shown in Figure

One flower, One World, One leaf, one Bodhi

1. Buddha said: "Forgetting" does not mean that it never exists. Everything comes from choice, rather than deliberate. It is better to let it go. The more you put it down, the more you feel you have.2. Buddha said: Life is made by oneself, and life is born by the heart. Everything in the world is the same, the heart is the same, and everything is the same.3. Fo Y

2008 Collection of New Year's Day blessings New Year's Greetings message _ Classic NET Pick

New Year's Greetings 1 Do not experience the wind and rain, how to see the Rainbow, no one can casually success! Come on! The new Year is more different! I may forget the man I laughed with, but I will never forget the one who cried with me. Happy New Year, my friends in weal and woe! Rose is my passion, candy is my taste, the stars are My eyes, moonlight is my soul, and sent to you, my love, Happy New Year! Make a good wish to wish you a Happy New Y

Buddha said: Don't be confused

I used to see an interview with Shi Yongxin, the abbot of the Shaolin Temple. At that time, I felt that I was a deep monk, but he did not look vulgar. He looked a little like Fu Biao. He talked very well and went deep into the times. His point is: "The world is globalized and facing the strong economic and cultural strength of the West, Shaolin temple must respond. Shaolin Temple can no longer maintain its influence in this society without changing it. " About the abbot:

Theme and Content of Tangka (figure)

, departure from the customs, meditation, King Kong Bodhi, destruction of magic, achievement of righteousness, wide conversion of magic wheel, gwangne? 12 major achievements. This kind of thangka is significantly different from the holy statue thangka. The holy statue thangka is centered on various types of Buddhas and monks, while the Buddha's original thangka is still placed in the center of the screen in a large volume, but the theme to be present

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