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Internal video buffer management and transfer mechanism of FFMPEG

This article mainly introduces the principle and process of the FFMPEG decoder's internal management of video buffer. The videobuffer of FFmpeg is an internal management, and its process is roughly as follows: register the processing function->

FFmpeg internal video buffer management and delivery mechanism

This paper mainly introduces the principle and process of internal management video buffer of FFmpeg decoder, the videobuffer of ffmpeg is internal management, and its flow is basically: Register processing function, frame level release, frame level

How to use Java Io stream to write read byte [] buffer into an image file?

Package example;Import java. Io .*;Import java. SQL .*;Public class test {Public static void main (string [] ARGs) throws exception {// Write ();Read ();}Public static void write () throws exception {Connection connection = getconnection ();If

8259a address 0x21 and 0xa1 's role

0.12 Complete analysis of a little discrepancy, the following is the positive solution: Turn from: Http://cs.smith.edu/~thiebaut/ArtOfAssembly/CH17/CH17-3.html In addition this series of articles looks good, after the collection slowly look: The

Sina micro bo OAuth2 nodejs hair Weibo

Want to use Nodejs to write a microblogging client Weibo, helpless Sina Weibo Nodejs SDK is OAuth1.0. can only oneself according to OAuth1.0 change. Only write Statuses/update and Statuses/upload, the other implementations are basically

HTTP communication: Get image JSON format and convert to download

#include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include "CJSON.h"http://image.baidu.com/channel/listjson?pn=0&rn=30&tag1=%E7%BE%8E%E5%A5%B3&tag2=%E5%85%A8%E9%83% A8&ie=utf8#define HTTP_REQ "Get/channel/listjson?pn=0&

Proc file system-z (Great description of Proc)

Pxe2 writes 'proc file system as a pseudo file system, which only exists in the memory without occupying the external storage space. It provides interfaces for accessing system kernel data in the form of a file system. Users and applications can

RedHat open source University hardware resources

Hardware resources Https://osu.redhat.com/content/courses-zh-cn/rha130-4/section_0002/tag_lessons/section_0002/section_0001/tag_resource The X86 architecture provides a common mechanism for communication between hardware and Linux kernel. When

Design and development of Linux player

This article is based on the development experience of Dawnlightplayer. Dawnlithtplayer is the beginning of today March, and maddrone together in the spare time development of a cross-platform, multi-threaded player, mainly under the development of

Example of dealing with a ora600[4194 in Oracle]

SceneThe database throws the following error at startup Ora-00604:error occurred at recursive SQL level 1Ora-00607:internal error occurred while making a change to a data blockOra-00600:internal error code, arguments: [4194], [7], [7], [], [], [], [

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